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  1. Bryan c

    Disney is not responsible if you catch COVID 19

    If you are scared of it don’t go to crowded spaces

    I caught it a while ago luckily it wasn’t too bad because I’m vaccinated.

    Gotta stop posting news like this. This isn’t news anymore it’s getting old. Wear a mask or don’t wear a mask or whatever.

    1. Anonymous Person

      Just call Covid done with. The virus is here and it’s here to stay period.

  2. Tom

    If you go to Disney, you should expect to catch something. Sorry, it’s too crowded to escape it. If you aren’t vaxxed, it could easily be covid. Please be careful

    I’m still planning on going this fall, but I’m also planning on isolating when I get home just to be safe regardless.

    1. Michelle

      If you are vaxxed, it could easily be covid. covid vaccine injuries .com

  3. Chris

    And? Why don’t we have reports of how many get the flu, strep throat, etc. from going to Disney World the same way this is being reported?

    The simple answer is because we understand that there are risks in life and getting sick is one of those risks.

    At this point, Covid shouldn’t be treated any differently than any other illness. The symptoms are becoming much milder, we have treatment options and vaccines available. The bottom line is you have to determine how much risk you are willing to take and not worry about others.

    1. Douglas Vitrano

      I got a sore throat last time I went to Disneyland in March of this year!! AND YES I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!

  4. Malik

    Having close to 100,000 people on a small area can do that. If you are afraid of getting sick, just wear a mask indoors, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face.

  5. Anonymous Person

    I’m sick of this Covid-19 bullcrud. I don’t wanna hear it anymore. I got Covid 2 months ago and it wasn’t even that bad. Just body aches and with a cough and runny nose. And guess what?! I’M UNVACCINATED!!


    Enough already! Haven’t you heard COVID is last year news, now it’s monkey pox 🙄
    Covid is no more than a bad cold now.
    If people are afraid to go then, here’s a thought, don’t go.
    Unvaxxed, non mask wearer here and have not gotten it once from being out and about. We go to the parks almost every week. Guess how I got it, I got it last year from my mom in laws soup! And I got the first strain. Still dealing with long haul.
    You can get it anywhere from anyone, any way. Do you go to the grocery store, the mall, any stores for that matter? Fly, take transportation? The list is endless. As long as there are public places there are viruses, bacterias etc! Are you gonna live in fear your entire life or live your life?

  7. Gj

    Have been twice since 2020, once was when Delta strain came out, no Covid, luckily. But went way back in 2009 and our whole family got norovirus. Lost 5lbs in 24 hours. That’s a nasty bug, I’ll tell ya what! I thought my stomach was going to twist into a knot, sure felt like it! Disney is germy, there’s tons of people. If you go, it’s a chance you take. Not just for Covid, a number of things.

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