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Credit: ABC (Left), Cedar Point (Right)


  1. Luke Bryan is my favorite country music singer. He loves country music, his country, his fans, and his family. I hope that both he and his wife get over their injuries soon. It’s too bad that they didn’t have a pleasant experience at Cedar Point, it’s such a great park!

    1. Kathleen Norris

      They did not say anything about an unpleasant experience. The mishap happened outside the park.

      1. Jer

        Never been to Cedar Point..here in Western PA we go to kennywood

    2. H.R

      Never heard of him, who the hell is Luke Bryan?

      1. SRose


        1. Raquel

          How famous is he that his Wife feels the Need to make up an Injury Claim, which he denies.Did she want Publicity?

          1. Luke is an amazing country music star and an amazing man. He is handsome and has a beautiful family. Also he has a caring heart! Great family man.

      2. adrienne martin

        Really ?? Google him! That was rude

        1. Benniefred Fred

          You kids nowadays are rude with your woke crap. Yall don’t know sarcasm. He ain’t no country singer he is pop music with a country twang

      3. adrienne martin

        How bout you trolls GTHOH. Just saying a place you’d feel better at. 😉

      4. Jess

        Who the hell are you?? Never heard of you. Keep your damn rude comments to yourself!!!!!

      5. Bryan

        as simple as searching in google

      6. Angel

        😳😲😲 wtf

      7. Angel

        I was initially shocked at your comment of never hearing of Like Bryant but after some thought Im understanding that you’re up there in age and not hip to current events, music, or the internet n That’s ok.

      8. Well incase you don’t know he is a famous Country Singer. That everyone loves

      9. Marie


      10. Donna Donna Donna

        What planet have you been living on?

    3. SRose

      At least his raunchy wiggle waa not harmed🙄🤔😂😂

      1. binnie

        So Luke is denying any injuries? Why would his wife say that there was??

        1. Brian

          Ndas are a power thing.

  2. Marie

    Actuality got to meet Luke and the family at the park! Amazing guy, even more amazing family. We meet him towards the end of day 3 at the park- seems his accident happened after leaving and not at the park..

    1. Tbone

      Who the heck is Luke Bryan?

      1. Nancy

        😆 🤣

      2. H R

        I never heard of him

        1. TCZ

          Why keep saying that. No one cares that you don’t know him.

          1. Heidi Heidi.reese16@gmail.com

            Well he is one of the Beat Country Music stars.. hers so humble and down to earth it’s crazy!! Look him up everyone who lives music should know him!!

        2. Rhonda Stapleton

          Why can’t people just leave him alone. He said nothing happened.

      3. Sharpeye

        He is a famous Marine Sniper

    2. Bunches

      He want even there!!

  3. Bubba Davis

    Hopefully Luke and his wife werent drinking , lately since coming out of pandemic videos show Luke has been a little intoxicated quite a bit and so has Caroline.

    1. Darlene

      That could be what happened. Although we have a beer or 2 there and never got hurt

      1. Brent

        Country music sucks. I wish he broke his tongue.

        1. Edward Enterline

          You are the one who’s broken….

        2. Ssnders Adrienne

          You suck!

    2. Michelle

      Why do people assume drinking was a factor when someone gets hurt wow what is this world coming to

    3. adrienne martin

      No need for your b.s. that you choose to file these comments with. U s*ck.

  4. Prayers to Luke and his wife for a speedy recovery!

    1. adrienne martin

      How bout you trolls GTHOH. Just saying a place you’d feel better at. 😉

  5. Chris

    Cedar Point is the best coaster park on the planet! Steel Vengeance is by far a thrill seekers must do. I glad the got to experience the best of the best!

    1. Where is the story ?
      How did the injuries occur ?

    2. Jay amburn

      Hi Luke this is Jay from north Carolina hope you have a very nice day

      1. amburn

        Hey Luke this is Jay from north Carolina I enjoy your country music please text me
        336 932 9432

      2. Hey Luke this is Tom from Minnesota hope you and your wife get well soon. I am a fan of yours and like your music also have watched you and Jason hunting on the outdoor channel. Wish I could meet u and Jason face to face like Jason music also.

        1. Kylee

          You do realize that he won’t see this right?

  6. Diane Moore

    I am so sorry that Luke and his wife were injured leaving the park. He is an incredible Country Music Star and I do hope while he and family were at the park it was a wonderful experience for them. May the have a speedy recovery.

    1. FF

      Good grief, he broke a finger. I think he’ll survive.

    2. C.V.

      Can’t believe everything you read on the internet. People are to quick at being judgemental.

  7. Yes Luke needs to start growing up a little and be a good example for his kids. Stop with the alcohol. . He is drinking all the time now.. he got drunk on stage and fell then tried to play it off that he tripped.. then he took to being raunchy on stage. Since when does a good country music artist have to be drunk and raunchy on stage to put on a good show.. very disappoin ted in him.

    1. Waylon Would have walked it off and Kept Goin! These New Breed of Country Pop Stars are Sissy’s..Jesse To..

      1. Amber

        Yes! This is so true! And they aren’t even true country they are Pop country 🙄 😒

    2. Mary

      Were you there?How would you know If he was drinking or drunk. people do trip also. Don’t judge someone’s drinking! none of your business!!

      1. Where is the story ?
        How did the injuries occur ?

        1. DDrr

          Ff, it’s important his finger heals correctly. Luke and his guitars work together.

      2. Kay

        Not even actual country music like in in older days. The music now so commercial.

      3. Joanne

        Honestly it is our business . These people are role models for our youth .

    3. Get over URSELf this is the 20th century hunnie and I think he did a great job ! What was he supposed to do… stop singing and feel like an ass, no he made it part of the show and most of us woman loved it .,, maybe your gay or old im not sure but Luke u keep being raunchy 😘

      1. Cindy

        It’s actually the 21st Century. Has been for a while now.

    4. CafeChic

      Diana, Are you always judgemental of people you don’t even know? I bet you are a lot of fun. Last time I checked he’s a grown man & you’re neither his wife or mother nor a member of his family. I’m sure you have your own things to worry about besides a perfect stranger.

    5. Shane King

      You have no idea what kind of a role model he is to his children. Just Saying.

  8. Darlene

    I’m a frequent flyer at cedar point yet I have never injured myself. I would like to know how it happened. Been going there for years never broke anything. Not even on steel vengeance which is the toughest ride of all.

  9. Christopher Bodin

    Luke has asked everyone to stop reporting on this. His finger is not broken and this story isn’t true. (You can check his Instagram)

    1. I saw that too!! False reporting.

    2. Jay amburn

      Hey what’s up Christopher this is Jay from north Carolina I’ve been Luke Bryan’s fan for a few years now wbu
      Let’s be friends 336 932 9432 text me

  10. peter covino

    Is this a story or plug for a theme park. Yes there finally is mention of injuries but first you have to read a press release about how great cedse point is. You can add all that stuff at the bottom not near the lead paragraph. Is it just bad editing or propaganda?

  11. Thankfully everyone ok.Luke told on Kelly and Ripda show that Tate was counting down to ride this ride.Happy Birthday Tate!!

  12. John

    YES! I was getting more and more pissed every single paragraph. It’s a 12 paragraph explanation of a 10 word Instagram post

    1. Trent

      I’ve gotten to the point where I skip the first two or three paragraphs since they’re generally just fluff history.

  13. Joe

    Dude. You don’t post the birthday of a minor. Not trying to be a nitpicker or someone who is being negative for nothing, but that’s such an obvious DON’T. It’s irrelevant and can only create risk for this guy and his family (passwords, personal ID information), it’s a security issue and publishing that can only hurt the guy. Come on!

    1. Jamie

      Luke told everyone on a public show?? Don’t think this person did anything worse than that.

  14. Alex

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it does sound like normal human injuries so that being the case the unfortunate events had nothing to do with the park with is probably why the family is being “chill” (so I’ve read in other articles) about the situation because it can happen to anyone. The park would only be worried because of who he is and even he knows thays wrong. Any decent human being would.

    1. I went to Cedar Point this summer and got a nasty blister on my toe! Where’s my press release?

  15. CJ

    Never had a problem with Cedar Point / Cedar Fair …. just great roller coasters (the only thing I could ask for is more flume rides!)

    I sincerely hope all who were injured get well soon, however, it’s my understanding said injuries did not occur at the theme park / water park …

    1. Sandy

      Luke Bryan came on social media and said he did NOT break his finger and to stop reporting that he did.

  16. Jeff

    Probably broke a finger nail, not a finger. It’s no problem, Aldean will bandage it up for him.

  17. Luke Bryan has a video on Instagram. He says he did not break his finger and to stop reporting that he did.

    1. Roo

      My wallet got injured at Cedar Point. So expensive but great park.

  18. Big

    Omg!!! Now he can sue them for millions and build his fortune even more!!!!🤣

  19. Susan

    My birthday is also August 11th happy birthday to you Tate fellow Leo!!! Hope your mom and dad heal soon from their injuries!

  20. Luv

    My money is on the blue streak 🤣.
    That thing will beat you to death but if you can ride that you can ride anything.
    But guick recovery

  21. Michelle

    This all crap he’s fine he never complained and was singing last night at Weefest. Rumor mills good grief!!

  22. Claire

    Dude broke his finger trying to fish out change from the pick-a-penny tray at Circle K.

  23. Bree

    This is the worst article ever written next to CNN’s articles

  24. Harry B

    Not a fan at all. A channel changer for sho.

  25. Crystal

    Who???????????lmfao! So NOT news

  26. Annie

    Cedar Point is a great park .. it’s been around a very looooong time.. LOL … it was there when we were in that part of the country (military brat) when I was a teen .. EONS ago.. I enjoy Luke’s music ..

    Not sure why there are so many hateful comments on here .. must be a lot of miserable people that just want to share theirs :(. Prayers for this world to find more love

  27. byron

    I figured his jeans were too tight split a cajone

  28. Charlene

    We have been making the 11 hour drive from N.H. to Cedar Point nearly every year since 2009 during their HalloWeekends.

  29. Dennis

    You are a country boy, I know you’ll bounce back. Hope everyone is ok. I feel bad, I live in Ohio & love ceder point. 👍👍🥰

  30. Jer

    Never been to Cedar Point..here in Western PA we go to kennywood

  31. Jer

    Luke come visit Kennywood

  32. Dennis

    Who cares? Not me.sorry I waisted time reading the article

  33. Works out they are fine.

  34. Jackie Hanson

    My birthday is August 11th also! Hope you feel better Trent!!

  35. Jimmy

    Ah his DIRT ROAD is hurt. Shouldn’t have messed with bulls.

  36. Steve

    Hey there Mr. and Mrs. Bryan. Hello from Michigan. I’m shouting out to wish you guys all the best for the injuries you sustained. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it wasn’t on your left hand. Still hoping we see you at the Fowlerville concert. THAT WAS A GREAT EVENT. All of your local fans are praying you have a speedy recovery.

  37. Kat

    Yo 4 all those that dnt no
    Luke Bryan y dnt u all.keep ur childish ignorant comments 2 urself .Luke is an awesome country singer i luv all.of his songs .Luke feel better .keep on swaying them hips n shake that ass .❤ Kat

  38. DM

    We just saw him Sat night. If he did break his finger, you’d never know. He played piano and guitar just fine. He’s always amazing to watch live.

  39. I just hope everyone is doing okay now and that no one really got seriously hurt. But hopefully y’all got to have some fun while y’all was there. Happy birthday Tate.

  40. Heather

    That’s not good.Hope he is ok?

  41. Vern Fleshman

    I’m 62 years old and admittedly a country music fan. Even if you don’t listen to Country Music Luke Bryan is on American Idol,
    and has been on many talk shows!

  42. Cedar point is a great place to go Luke Bryan is a favorite singer of mine and I want to wish his son a happy birthday the part is only about two hours from my house

  43. Tim

    I went to high school with him, that brother is tough as nails. We come from South and he grew up on the farm. That song he wrote we wrote in trucks is completely true about his younger days. Good old Georgia Boy, GO TROJANS!!!

    1. Tim

      Stupid autocorrect, that was supposed to be we rode in trucks


    Even the most ignorant 40-something redneck with dentures knows to keep his longa… arms in the coaster. Oh–I guess he didn’t know. A sign entering the causeway should say something like, ‘If your IQ is shorter than this sign, you probably should stick to playing with a potato sitting in a corner.’


    Why did Luke need false teeth? Is it just the part of the country he’s from or genetics? Yee haw, ma. I guess if you stick your knuckles on the highway at 70 mph, there’d be no one to sue, and everyone could agree that you’re just stupid. Whatever a lawyer gets for you, you’ll just waste it on ‘bacci, booze, and hillbilly girls as young as 13.

  46. Kylee

    the amount of bullying on here is so surprising. All because a few people don’t know who Luke Bryan is. Some people don’t like country music so they might not know who he is because they don’t care to know. I love country music, but that is my opinion and everyone is allowed to have their own. So respectfully everyone shut up.

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