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Universal Orlando Resort

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  1. Steve

    Replace it with more Harry Potter, nothing to lose.

    1. Robert P

      This ride should been like the Rock’n’Roller Coaster

      1. Yvonne

        I agree. It was a total disappointment!

        1. Kt

          On Instagram one time someone wrote that they should scrap the ride for more Coca Cola Freestyle machines, and honestly, that is an excellent suggestion (though the queue is cool, but not cool enough.)

    2. Jessie F Phillips

      I wish they would make another land and put all the original stuff in it

  2. Rode it once and that was one time too many. Insipid story, mediocre graphics, boring layout. The cars in the cue were the only good part.

    1. Moto

      I agree. Earthquake should have remained in place, and F.F. never installed. Such a waste of space, materials, and resources! 🧐

      1. Mia

        From what I’ve heard, the unfortunate thing is that they can’t get rid of E.T. Steven Spielberg has threatened to get rid of all of his other IPs from the park if they were to get rid of the only remaining E.T. ride in the world. Universal just doesn’t want to risk losing Jurassic World and whatnot. I agree though, it could DEFINITELY be changed. F&F as well!

  3. Patrick

    I was a team member at Universal Orlando when this was added. I had high hopes for FF, but the first time I viewed it and rode it, I was so disappointed! What a half-fast “attraction!” They really built this cheaply, and it shows. Poor effects and projection. I can’t think of any reason to recommend it.

  4. Lisa

    This is the worst ride, (if you can call it that) ever! Boring and stupid are the kindest words I can think of to describe this lame failure.

  5. josh

    The only thing nice about the ride the queue and the pre show the rest is just wasted space

  6. tprime

    Keep it. One thing Universal needs is more FAMILY rides. As it sits, there are far too few rides our whole FAMILY can ride. I mean, why call yourself a FAMILY park when you don’t have many rides accessible to the entire FAMILY. I guess UO just isn’t the place to go if you care about FAMILY things to do.

    1. Terry

      That’s what the rides in Seuss Landing are for.

    2. Steve

      You are a very odd person if this ride is what you consider a rare family ride at universal.

      1. Bob Chapek

        I guess the folks reading this aren’t familiar with the FF “family” jokes….. The actors in the FF ride pre-show and ride say the word “family” an obscene number of times. It’s a running joke and is the reason that the word is capitalized.

        1. Steve

          I see. Never mind, then. I apologize for any disrespect to the FAMILY.

    3. Bob Chapek

      I guess the folks reading this aren’t familiar with the FF “family” jokes….. The actors in the FF ride pre-show and ride say the word “family” an obscene number of times. It’s a running joke and is the reason that the word is capitalized.

    4. Dan

      Go to SeaWorld then…they have a very nice sized Sesame Street area and tons of water related areas with sea life. However, if you want a TRUE family park…take them to the zoo. Theme Parks are for riding wild rides. Most have kid-sized coasters and small scale versions of the adult rides. Then one day when they grow they take on insane coasters like Iron Gwazee at Busch Gardens….my favorite.

    5. Jarvis

      Do you always capitalize FAMILY ?

    6. frank

      You are right universal is mostly for 13 to 30. You want family go to Disney World.

      1. I beg to differ.. I’m almost 60 and still a huge coaster fan. So maybe 13-70?

    7. Max

      Bring back Back to the Future ride!

      1. Leash

        Yessssss. I totally agree

    8. Jennifer

      I get it! We joke about the same thing. LOL I swear if they would have said “family” one more time I would have screamed!

    9. Liz

      If you want family rides go to Disney they are all slow and boring and kid friendly with the exception of space thunder and splash mountain… universal is for grown ups who are kids at heart thats my 2 cents

    10. SirRichard

      Would you prefer the WOKE world of DISNEY? I seen plenty of family rides there this summer!

      1. Acidreign

        Dang. Don’t u dinks have a government to overthrow. Why are you wasting time on comment sections

    11. I agree with you! I think that family all riding together is something all parks should create more of. Also, if you can’t ride roller coasters, it is pretty expensive to just walk around all day while everyone has fun!

    12. That’s a lie. Scantily clad females and innuendo hardly make this garbage a “family “ attraction.

  7. Carla Diaz

    I was expecting an indoor roller coster that would simulate drifting and each coaster would be a street race car.
    Similar to Gardian of the Galaxy ride but… cars. This was crap and a complete disappointment. Fast and the Furious Family deserve a better ride to honor Paul Walker. Don’t scrap the idea of a F&F ride… get real skilled people with imagination and engineering skills and fix it.

  8. Terry

    It’s garbage.
    Sit on a bus and look side to side at 80s arcade graphics.
    No safety needed for this ride.
    (No seatbelts or straps.)
    Like driving down a road and hitting a small pothole every 5 seconds. Really?

    1. Nic

      The biggest issue is that rides like Avatar and Rise of the Resistance and Guardians at Disney have moved on the concept of simulators. It needs to have top notch resolution as well as movement in multiple directions.
      Universal needs to offer thrills while Disney can get away with theming

  9. Trent

    People shouldn’t have said they liked the new King Kong ride at IOA and maybe we wouldn’t have gotten this junk.

    1. Andy

      The line getting into the Kong ride is more entertaining than the ride itself. Really disapointing!!

  10. Tb

    Agreed, boring. I was very disappointed. I also didn’t like King Kong skull island.

    1. Candy


  11. Amber

    We rode this just once, and have no desire to ever ride again. Its the only ride in all our trips to Universal Studios, we do full week at the parks each time, that we have been evacuated from, and we were so glad to get the ride tickets so we could go on something better

    1. Sarah

      That was the best thing to happen to us too. F&F broke down, we got special tickets to ride Hagrid… Bonus! Definitely the only thing it was good for, utterly terrible! King Kong also very poor imo

  12. Rteker

    I was in USO this past October and I just skipped this ride completely, part of the reason why was cause the park scrapped 2 attractions for the space for ONE and of everything else I had seen of this attraction had me saying that this had a good idea but a poor delivery. To me the ride theming doesn’t even fit the park, they were just trying to cash in of the FF franchise, which btw is OVERDONE!

  13. CJ

    Fast & Furious: SuperCharged is a Fast & Furious FAILURE!

    Even Universal Studio Hollywood’s version is a joke!

    Want a better Fast & Furious Ride?Rollercoaster? Simulator Attraction? Then everybody needs to Tweet out to Universal Studios Orlando , Universal Studios Hollywood , Vin Diesel with hashtags!

    Make it trend in the hundreds of thousands!
    (make it trend in the millions!) Team Universal can’t ignore a vocal fan base on Twitter! Even Vin Diesel would have to acknowledge those Tweets!

    No need to be rude, just say that Paul Walker’s Legacy deserves better (we deserve an experience on par with Transformers, please!)

    1. Harry

      It needs to be changed to the “Knight Bus” from the Wizarding World. World.

  14. Candy

    The ride is sucks. Boring as hell.

  15. Ted

    I’m hearinf it described as “insipid story, mediocre graphics, boring layout.” Sounds like it is recreating the experience of the movies perfectly.

  16. Kat

    F&F ride needs to be scrapped; I enjoyed earthquake and disaster rides, but I miss the “Jaws” ride, so iconic.

  17. Simplejack

    The first time i went on this, the way it started with the dancing bikini party girls, I thought they were mocking them, must be a joke. But it was no joke. Just idiotic. The ride it replaced was the most interactive and unique in the park. Started with a backstage experience and audience participating in making a movie. Then eveyone shuffled into the subway for a very cool earthquake experience, complete with fire and explosions. After that, they played the movie trailer that you or your family may have been actors in. Both my kids got a chance to play the kid in the movie (didnt hurt that i asked the workers to pick them before the show), and the ending always cracked us up. Was just an awesome experience that packed in so much. The ride was a perfect fit for a movie studio theme park. Nothing else like if at universal or disney.

  18. Bob

    I wish someone would scrap this website.

    1. Jarvis


  19. Joe

    We went on it once but have never gone on it again. Utter, utter garbage. Total waste of money.

  20. Rodger

    I like it as a chill ride to take a break from the outside weather and walking all day, that’s it.

  21. Jarvis

    For those of us who actually rode BART back in the day, Earthquake was an experience.

    This dancing hookers, shaking tram, water spritzer thing did not make any sense to me.

  22. Jeif

    Y’all actually wrote a good article for once. Cuz that ride is the definition of trash. I have an AP, I live in Orlando, and my friends and family ask me for advice, I always say, “Skip F&F!!! Don’t waste your time. Don’t even try to ride it if you have time and have ridden everything else. Just. Skip. It.” I also suggest they skip the Jimmy Fallon experience. But that’s a suggestion. Skipping F&F is sagely advice.

    1. Pancho_Sansa

      Do Fallon if there’s little waiting time, I actually enjoyed it in a silly way and the AC is a nice break from the sun.

  23. Tracy

    We rode it once and never again. Been back to the park a few times since and we just walk on by.

  24. Kat

    Went for the first time to universal this summer with my kids and we hated the f&f ride. It was our least favorite ride between all of the parks including Disney. It was too loud for one thing, my ears literally hurt after, and it was boring af. I have a 7 yr old and 13 yr old and neither enjoyed it. We liked the cars in the line better than the ride by far.

  25. Bob

    Sorry to have enjoyed it. It was a good, basic ride. There aren’t enough of them any long. Quit being sooooo picky.

  26. Nancy

    King Kong is awful as well and needs to be scrapped.

  27. Pancho_Sansa

    The worst ride in Universal by far. Just boring and infuriating, because why couldn’t they put effort into it?

  28. Jenny Beiersdorf

    My family and I only rode it once but my kids enjoyed it. Wasn’t our favorite but we didn’t dislike it either. I don’t think it was terrible, there was definitely a ride we disliked more so I can’t complain.

  29. RaeAnn McCardell

    Universal really missed the chance to make F&F a stunt show or something similar to the Harry Potter or Transformer rides. The original car show portion is great spot for before the ride set up in a situation like the cars shown off before a street race.

  30. Lynn

    Too many of Universal’s great rides have closed and replaced by the same basic ride. You sit in some type of vehicle that moves you around as you look at screens. Different theme, different vehicle but same basic ride.

    1. Pancho_Sansa


  31. Nick

    As much as I can’t stand this ride, it’s only four years old and there’s a new F&F coming out next year, so we’re definitely stuck with it for at least 2-4 more years.

  32. Aurelius

    F&F was a disappointment no doubt. More if a headache inducement than anything else. Took my wife and kids last month and no one in our group cared for that ride.

    But they do have worst there. MIB and the revenge of Poseidon’s fury had to be far and away the worst attractions at both parks.

    Spider-Man and Borne were easily the high points and Jimmy Fallon was a very good.

    F&F should probably stay but with a reboot of updated story at the very least.

    MIB and Poseidon?

    MOST GO!!!

    1. Travel Pirate

      Skull Island: Reign of Kong is the WORST ride in Universal’s Islands of Adventure

    2. MIB and Spider-man are very similar rides. Interactive rides are fun for the kiddos. All of my family rides them whenever we go to Universal.

  33. Thomas Trehy

    If Universal ends up getting rid of this awesome attraction just because people hate it I swear I’ll never visit a Universal theme park ever so to the people who say they hate it just keep it to yourself please.

  34. Vicky B

    Definitely agree!! No one in my group last year or this year liked it. Unanimous decision!! Least favorite by far. Huge disappointment!

  35. Ladyredrider

    Our very first F&F experience was with our 8 and 9 yr old grandsons first big theme park visits – they were as disappointed as we were. My first thought was – “This is the worst attraction Universal has ever had”! When an 8 yr old and a 9 yr old who love F&F find a ride to be disappointing then that speaks volumes.

  36. Branden

    Too bad you guys don’t have a back-lot with plenty of awesome things to see while just sitting and chilling.. just before being horribly disappointed. Oh well the Studio Guide usually tries to leave you on a high note before disembarking.

  37. We went to universal on August 31st 2022
    It was horrible no family rides at all you walk around 4 hours at island adventure and still find nothing when you go over to universal studios the same thing it used to be a lot of rides there now it’s all stores very disappointed but my hubby and I go back no got rid of all the good brides like back to the Future ,twister, the show of Ghostbusters, the show of Beetlejuice there’s hardly any shows either I think it’s just crazy

    1. Ray

      ET, anything in Suesslanding. Gotta look deeper

  38. Travel Pirate

    Skull Island: Reign of Kong is the WORST ride in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

  39. Ray

    As a fan of the shows, I sat there during the ride and just thought, “whhhaaaaaaat”
    I agree to all those that say get rid of it, what a waste. Such a disappoinent of what Universal could do with that space. As they say, “5 min of my life I can never get back”

  40. Al

    They need to being back con-frontation that was a great attraction or jaws

  41. Tracy Barnes

    The ride’s not great. It was kind of a snooze. Did thoroughly enjoy looking at the cars in the queue line

  42. Cave

    The garage part is way too hot feels like you’re you going to pass out.

  43. Mervyn Boliver

    This so called ride was a waste of time queing for much like the King Kong rided they should have built something else

  44. TFW

    It’s a garbage ride based on a garbage franchise

  45. Mike

    Me and my partner, visited back in June. And we didn’t hate the ride, but considering that my partner got smoke in his eyes due to the “special effects” , which caused his eyes to be irritated for the rest of our trip. Definitely means we’re going to ride ever again, so I vote to scrap it for something better.

  46. Adriana Peon

    I agree that the F&F “ride” is a waste of time, space and everything else. For a new ride they should’ve used that space instead of ending Shrek 4D, which was amazing. Never skipped it! Do better, Universal!

  47. Louise

    I love fast & the furious, but this was a complete let down.

  48. S

    Even Beetlejuice was a better attraction than F&F

  49. Eric

    This ride braked so hard, I saw a whole family “including children ” slam their faces into the seats in front of them! Worst ride by far!

  50. Karen

    Utter rubbish. Bring back earthquake AND Jaws!

  51. SirRichard

    I was SirRiabout to ride the FF while I was there in may, But luckily I heard people who were exiting the ride saying how bad it was. So I asked a few others who had also just ridden it for confirmation , It saved me some time and disappoint I hear.

  52. Bhoots

    I agree F&F is a waste of time & money. At first, it’s delayed due to malfunction so we decided to go back to Jimmy Fallon attraction which we did twice because it’s awesome. We went back to F&F, it’s open but in the middle of the line, another delay was announced but we decided to just wait because we’re almost see the ride but then when it’s ok again… we were so disappointed on how cheap it is. The ride is not enjoyable … please get rid of it.

  53. Steve Remollino

    I said when it was announced, “Big mistake,” having ridden the Hollywood version, which is part of the studio tour. FAST AND FURIOUS as a theme will not have the staying power of icons like E.T. The original EARTHQUAKE rude should have been left alone, neither updated as DISASTER or replaced with this. I suggest they replace it, perhaps with a CLASH OF THE TITANS attraction with an encounter with Medusa.

  54. Erika

    Here is a concept.. Make it based around cars!!! Or stimulated cars!! Duh!!!

  55. Jdawg

    Our family always rides it for the deep cringe level. Thay starts at the door at ends in the gift shop.

  56. Mark

    I’m assuming this is about F&F. Yes. Total trash. The queue is better than the ride. Scrap it.

  57. Michael

    I just recently returned from Universal Studios Florida and Road Fast and Furious for the first time there, I experienced it when it first opened at Universal Studios in California and thought it was one of the worst things I had ever gone on there!!
    I knew this couldn’t be any better but I didn’t think it could be worse!! I was sitting on the left side of the tram car next to the door and I could clearly see through the whole ride where the screen ended and I could see the ceiling of the building.. If I’m supposed to be immersed in a sense of reality that I’m supposed to be this race why am I seeing where the screen ends and I can see the black ceiling of the show building !!! SERIOUSLY UNIVERSAL !!!

  58. Justin

    It’s just ashamed. So many ways you could have made fast furious ride way better then a stupid party bus. Common. The hype is suppose to be racing . This ride needs to ho. Kingkong needs to go and deffiently the Simpson need to go

  59. Vicky

    Was there a couple weeks ago and I agree to replace it. Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Simpson, MIB, and Toon Lagoon would be the reasons to go back. Bring back Jaws!

    1. Vicky

      They should make FF ride like test track at Epcot.

      1. Brussels

        Now you’re talking 👍

  60. Brussels

    Oh thank goodness I thought it was just me. I’m not a fan of the movie franchise and thought I just didn’t get it.

  61. Bobbi

    I was just there this past week, and while I’m not a fan of F&F, I DID love the ride!!! I thought it was exciting and great!!!

  62. Mike

    I love Fast & Furious and would like to see the franchise represented in the parks, but not by this turd of a “ride”. An indoor roller coaster in the vein of Revenge of the Mummy or Rock’n Roller Coaster would make for a much better representation of the “fast” in Fast & Furious. Scrap it, start over.

  63. Yely


  64. It should’ve been more like Disney’s Test Track with actual moving cars not graphics. I would rather ride in a F&F car, not a party bus.

  65. Brandon Bridgewater

    It’s the worst. It needs to go for sure.

  66. Chad

    My family is a BIG TIME Universal fan.. I truly cannot think of a bigger waste of money that F&F..all 3 kids unprovoked said..”Dad, that was terrible” .. definitely agreed with them. Try it each year we go, and yes just as disappointing.

  67. Leash

    Bring back BACK TO THE FUTURE and JAWS. F&F was trashhhhhhhh

  68. Alex

    I’ve been going to US/IoA since I was a kid every year. For at least 4-5days. And while I was scared of the Disaster ride as a kid I grew to love it probably a year or 2 before they took it out. I totally agree that F&F is a terrible ride. The 1st time was fun since it was new but once we rode it a 2nd, 3rd, + time it lost it. These rides can be a good ride (personally like the KingKong ride that uses this model) but it seems they just worked off 1 of their most popular series and just threw something together to draw in that fan base but unfortunately bc of this they are driving away that fan base also for the frequent park goers. I feel they either need to completely scrap their original ride and start fresh with a new F&F ride or choose a new movie to base off a new ride (for example Back to the Future especially since they have the car and a meet and greet which can easily be incorporated and it’s a beloved and classic movie).
    Also they need to stop sticking to 1 type of ride when they do a new concept. Like way too many 3d rides and seems like trying to make many of these type of bus with screens rides.

  69. Terry

    Universal should do a three car triple race track like disneys single car test drive. It gives any FAMILY a chance to do another Men In Black style ride that creates competition and fun. Make it long and with crazy cool turns Oh and it couldn’t hurt to add those videos to it too but make them 4 or 8k. Now that would be bad a**

  70. Don

    The most boring ride I’ve ever been on. The stuff you walk through to get to the ride is way more interesting than anything the actual ride offers. F-

  71. This is the worst ride EVER in universal, absolutely horrible. Please scrap it. I would not go back on this rubbish if you paid me. Utter garbage. The pre show is just nonsense, and the ride?

  72. Angela Angel

    F&F replacing Beetlejuice Graveyard Review- biggest mistake ever! Build appropriate theatre (drac shouldn’t be outside in daylight), invest in WHAT WORKED and bring that show back!

  73. Reid C hall

    I really like 👍, this ride,although l think 🤔, what really would 🤔, help is to have some of the actors, and or actresses, come, and do a meet,and greet, and sign 🤔, autographs, for free, and or a very small fee,maybe Jordana Brewster,and or Vin Diesel,could come 🤔, to try 🤔 help 🤔 save the ride,and keep fans entertained 😀, and excited at the same,time.

  74. Lezlie

    Let’s just say when I go back to Universal I will NOT waste my time on this pathetic ride.

  75. Ian Roberts

    Very disappointed with F&F. Boring

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