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Bob Chapek Disney Genie

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  1. Royz

    Disney would see higher profit if they go back to the old school system of park admission, and queue lines. No Genie,Genie+, no LightningLane, No fast pass, no Magic Bands, just old school key card or paper ticket books, which take less maintenance cost, and production cost.

    No per day reservation system for each park either.
    On any given day when parks reach capacity,then Disney can close off the park, other than that if you purchase a icket to the parks should be enough for admission without having to reserve a day.

  2. MisterMouse

    I assumed there would be a limit to the number of genies available for purchase. If everyone bought it that day then there no advantage.

    1. Fuzzy Hamster

      If almost everyone buys Genie+ that’s great for Disney. As for the guests, you’re not paying for an advantage. You’re paying to not have a disadvantage.

  3. Down with Bob! My family is attempting to combat this by going at a time when crowds are lower, February. We are hoping to not purchase genie+; I may pay for us to ride Guardians if we can’t get into the virtual que. Taking my scooter so my family will not have to use the steps of death at Guardians exit. I imagine with the price hikes that families who normally reserve deluxe and moderate rooms will start staying at values.

  4. Bob

    The Disney Genie App is unsecure and it is only a matter of time before hackers find away to hack the Genie App and access the data on your phone. This would include credit cards, bank accounts, and other personal information on one’s phone. Disney Park Guests should be required to make sure their phones are secure before accessing the Disney Genie App. You have been warned!!!

  5. Phoebe L Ho

    50% of guests may purchase Genie-“plus”, but the rest of us who see no point in paying extra money to frantically stare at your phone all day have to get to the park before rope drop and do what we can. I used single rider 3 times on the Matterhorn during my last trip, and I couldn’t see how Lightning Lane was so much faster than standby. I think this whole thing is just a huge money-grabbing scam and just not worth it.

  6. D Whit

    Chapek has to go! I refuse to buy genie strictly on principle.

  7. I’d really love to know what the ratio of annual passholders to ticket holders is… I would think Disney would make just as much money raising ticket prices by the cost of Disney Genie (thus forcing 100% of it’s audience to buy it), and then drop it all together… But may be that’s not true if you factor in annual passholders.. If 50% of AP’s are buying it as well, then this is probably showing up as a way for disney to get more money out of an audience that if using it alot is making them “less” money.

    1. Disney fan

      I cannot believe the arrogance of this man boasting about making huge profits off the back of it’s customers. Am guessing there other 50% of non payers are families who cannot afford the additional cost. Once again demonstrating that the corporation has nothing but contempt for ordinary working class folks trying to give their loved one’s a magical holiday. On what planet is it right to boast about ripping people off. As I say utter and complete contempt for it’s ordinary hard working customers. One day Mr Chapek this will come back and bite you in the bum. Remember when there was a recession and Disney was doing anything and everything to get people to come. Do not treat people like this. It is outrageous

  8. Sean

    The lie of 50% of people buying Genie+ is due to Disneyland no longer having PhotoPass as a separate service. To get PhotoPass you have to buy Genie+.

  9. Tammy

    Maybe trying it for the first time, but never a second. Never got any rides we wanted one minute after 7am. We wasted so much money trying to get Genie+ and LL passes and this was in FEBRUARY of this year! It was soooo crowded, more than any other visit and this is about my 20th. We waited an average of 90 minutes for most rides and sometimes more. Get rid of this system!

  10. J

    They won’t be getting any more Genie + money from us. We tried it for our last trip and won’t make that mistake again. Totally not worth the expense and way too much planning required to use it. I didn’t enjoy having to be on my phone on one ride trying to plan for the next one. I felt like I missed big parts of my vacation having to “work”. The push to try to make you use mobile ordering for food was annoying as well.

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