Comments for “We Will Call the Cops,” Movie Theaters Threaten “Minions 2′ Fans After Disaster Viewings

Minion Stuart in 'The Rise of Gru'

Credit: Universal Studios


  1. Steve

    Don’t clap at the movie? Seriously?

  2. Dave

    It’s one thing to go see Rocky Horror and see things thrown at the screen and all the other wackiness that happens there, as that is part of the experience, but with this movie and people start acting like idiots, that ruins the movie for others who came to enjoy a movie without things being thrown and noise interrupting the movie. Yeah ban them, thats entirely within their purview to do so….they are a private business, and they reserve the right to refuse service…people forget that is afforded to ALL businesses. It’s not an issue of freedom of speech, as freedom of speech only means the government cannot suppress you, but otherwise you’re SOL. Grow up people

    1. Steve

      Unless you don’t want to bake that cake.

  3. Mr White

    This is what happens when we tell kids they are special and can do whatever they want without consequences.

  4. Brandy

    I think that if this is a thing then the theater’s should use it as clean fun for all ages. Have a set time for the movie where they can come and dress up. Act silly. Give rules like no throwing food and braking things. But, have fun. Sing, clap, dance, dress up. Sometimes taking away stuff makes it worse instead of better.

    1. Laura Donmoyer

      Love this idea! – like Rocky Horror – give he newbies a checklist of items they’ll need to view the show then call it an ‘Interactive experience’ – 25 years down the road the studio will appreciate the cult classic nature of it and may consider a re-release… who knows, I’m feeling like someone is missing a GREAT marketing angle here!!!

  5. Jamie Coughlin

    No the antics of a few weirdos are not why Minions is doing well at the box office. The vast majority of viewers are normal people. Jeesh.

  6. Dj

    Wrecking the theater and interrupting the movie for others to enjoy should never be tolerated! Make the entitled twits clean the theater!

  7. Jason

    So with that evidence do you back up this statement,
    “ the Minions’ success is mainly due to an online trend consisting of moviegoers, particularly teenagers, donning black tuxedos and bringing bananas to sold-out viewings”
    That’s ridiculous! It’s success it’s mainly due to a popular family friendly franchise having its latest installment released on 4th of July weekend! It almost sounds like this article was written by a Disney shill, hurting over the complete disaster that is LIGHTYEAR & trying to scare people from going to see Minions!

  8. Laura Donmoyer

    So has anyone ever seen Rocky Horror Picture Show? Maybe they should consider hosting specific showings for this behavior and leave the rest alone – how can publicity be a bad thing?

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