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  1. Anti-abuse

    This woman is a horrible parent. These requirements exist for a reason. Further, allowing your child to be that far over-weight for their age is child abuse. Hopefully the state will investigate her. The child should be removed from that home.

    1. Anti-abuse

      I’m sorry, I misread that. This man is a horrible parent and a male Karen.

      1. Ohnobo

        It’s unfortunate that she is overweight but the state getting involved is ridiculous. You have no idea why she’s overweight.

        1. Anti-abuse

          I know that your 13 year old daughter being 205 pounds requires an explanation. The fact he wants to endanger her further by extorting a park to break safety rules shows he is an unfit parent.

          1. Tim

            The problem here is that at 13 the girl maybe 5’7″ already. While 205 is still on the heavy side it is not that far out of the range and for all we know she could be an athlete at that height and have a 10% body fat and not be over weight at all. Now I am not saying that is the case but there is no evidence to back up your claim either. So while I think about it how much do you weigh so we can judge you as well.

            1. Austin

              My 13yo stepson is 5’7” 160lb and severely overweight. I couldn’t imagine him with 45 more pounds on him. This is abuse and the parents should be embarrassed about her weight, not how the park rules were enforced. Perhaps literacy is part of the problem since signage was not, as the father suggested.

              1. cgray

                “Severely” overweight? No. Get a grip.

                1. Anti-abuse

                  205 lb is morbidly obese for an average 13 year old.

          2. Mark L Sheldon

            obviously this guy learned nothing about the three hundred and eighty pound kid that died on the last ride

        2. VittoriaHubbord

          Yah you are right we don’t know if she is obeas. and we shouldn’t be mean to people we don’t even know!!

      2. I been heavy almost my whole life ,over350. No one wants to be heavy,had stomach bypass. Now 215 . That little girl deserves compassion and the family. Best if they say we made a mistake. Let her back in and go on the ride. Short time will not have any lingering effects.My apologies for some ignorance on some comments,
        God bless

        1. Austin

          And when the ride malfunctions and someone gets injured?

          1. Chris

            Exactly! We just had a young man die here in Florida, because the staff didnt follow guidelines.

        2. Parent who parents!

          Roger, so what happens when the child gets injured? You do realize weight limits are set for a reason, right? It clearly stated in the article that more “parts” were needed to allow for an increased weight limit requirement. So this clearly means that the structure as it stand currently stands cannot hold more than 200 lbs without the potential for failure. Why does everyone go to the “it’s not a big deal, don’t embarrass people”? Not one single person setting the weight limit sat back and said “oh boy, I can’t wait for the heavy person to get disappointed!!!” This and everyone’s elevated sense of “feelings” is getting beyond ridiculous!! They are simply trying to make the ride safe!! That’s it!! No one wants someone injured!! get over yourself!! The father blew this out of proportion and is causing more damage by letting this child think that it would be ok for her to ride the ride and people are just picking on her because of her weight. Why not say “honey I’m sorry but the structure is supported well enough for you to ride but don’t worry when they have installed said “parts” then we will come back but until then I love you and wouldn’t want anything to happen to you! It is for YOUR safety!! There done, let’s move to the next ride!

        3. Be Nice

          I understand your compassion however letting her ride when there is a weight limit is NOT SAFE. Have we not learned from the tragedy with the death of the young man in Florida when he was allowed on a ride with restrictions?
          I am not excusing the employees if they in fact treated her badly but watch for the warnings they are there for a reason!

        4. Slimboy

          No mistake was made. These rules are there for a reason. She shouldn’t be so fat.

      3. Sandy

        Are you kidding me? Remove the child from her home for being overweight? There are several medical reasons a child can be overweight, so to say she should be taken away is outrageous! You make me sick, you are probably one of the people who would fat shame a child! I hope you don’t have children, because if you did, they should be removed from your care for raising them to be racist!!

    2. K

      You do know people weights can fluctuate based on health issues out of their control don’t you? 🤦‍♀️

      1. Julia

        Regardless of WHY she was overweight, the employee did the right thing by following the safety requirements.

      2. Carol

        Then maybe everyone should be weighed before riding. Most people know their average weight and should comply with the guidelines. There has to be a cut off somewhere ~ do you make it 200 lbs., 202 lbs., 207 lbs. ~ whatever it is, that’s the limit!!!!

        1. JS

          Despite the reasons for the child’s weight there are weight limits for a reason. That boy in Orlando who died on the ride exceeded the weight limits. They let him on anyways and now he’s dead because of it. It is unfortunate that she cannot go on the ride, but it is for her own safety and for the safety of others.

      3. Sandy

        The park should have signs posted at the entrance to the ride and maybe post on the maps they give out, the limits for each ride and slide! That would save a little girl from the humiliating scene of being kicked off the ride, as well as the next person this happens to!

    3. Ronda

      Your a little dramatic there….

    4. Bill

      You’re an idiot.
      I like to look into your perfect world.

      1. Anti-abuse

        Calling me an idiot isn’t going to convince me that having a 205 lb 13 year old isn’t a sign of bad parenting that should be investigated by CPS. Society needs to be done with this kind of abuse. You’re a horrible person for defending this parent.

    5. L

      If the ride has a weight restriction it’s for the riders safety. Maybe this experience will help the parent and child to take action and do something about the girls weight. But i don’t see that the park done anything wrong

    6. Diesel

      If you’re humiliated by your own weight then that is a personal issue. Rules are put in place to save lives. Look at the ride at Icon Park that the oversized teenager fell almost 100 feet. Not his fault due to lack of good personnel and a fully operational ride. But if the ride was ro standard he would not have been able to ride.

    7. Sandy

      Are you kidding me? Remove the child from her home for being overweight? There are several medical reasons a child can be overweight, so to say she should be taken away is outrageous! You make me sick, you are probably one of the people who would fat shame a child! I hope you don’t have children, because if you did, they should be removed from your care for raising them to be racist!!

  2. Sari

    I hate being *that person*, but maybe don’t let your child’s health deteriorate where it is an issue?

    A person’s metabolism only slows down as they get older, and if they are overweight as a child, they will have a terrible adulthood.

    1. K

      I hate to be that person but don’t you know that peoples weights can fluctuate based on health issues outside their control…and how do you know they DONT already have a plan made with their family physician or that they are already fixing what they can 🤦‍♀️

      1. Girl Mom

        K, that may be true but totally irrelevant on that particular day.

      2. Julia

        I was skinny until I had to take steroids. Now I’m overweight. If I want to go on a ride that cannot support my weight, it is the responsibility of the park to prohibit me from endangering my life and the lives of others.

      3. Anti-abuse

        The behavior of the father tells me everything I need to know about this situation. CPS needs involved NOW.

    2. Ryan

      That park employee, and scale, might have saved this girl from a horrible accident, or maybe even from being killed. Attractions have height and weight limits for a reason. You can’t just ignore them because you want to get on.

      1. Amanda

        This is what I thought too. I understand her pain, but if she would have gotten hurt, the parents would have sued. It is a truly terrible situation for the staff and the young lady.

      2. Ronda

        The dad is being a cry bag.There are signs posted about weight limits.The ride operator did nothing wrong.Im sure she was embarrassed but she didn’t have to get in scale.She could have chose to.leave
        AND ALL the people on here saying It’s abuse for her parents to have let her get that size at 13.Instead of being so mean and negative think for a minute before ya write your opinion.You don’t know these people.

        1. SHARON LENNOX

          Whatever the reason, she did not make the cut off. Had there been a scale and a limit in Orlando’s Icon Park, a 14 yr old would be alive today. Remember the limits are there for a reason, they aren’t there just to make someone unhappy

  3. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

    The issue here has nothing to do with the parents or the weight of the child. It is the fact that they think that a safety issue is not as important as self-esteem. We saw the video of what can happen when an over the weight limit rider rode a theme park attraction and were all horrified.
    Safety limits are there for a reason. And if you value their self-esteem and their ability to ride an attraction over their actual safety, Shame on you.

    1. Kevin

      Well said. For once I agree with you 100%.

    2. Brian

      Yep. They don’t have the scales there because they want to humiliate anyone. In fact, I imagine they are quite expensive and wish they weren’t necessary, but they are as a matter of safety!

  4. EricJ

    They could use signs, like all safety regulations–

    But oh, I’m sorry, did violating the safety restrictions of a public ride for all the other guests HURT HER FEELINGS?… 🙁

  5. Trav

    And if she was seriously injured or killed he would be the first to sue and blame the park. Do you know how I know? Because Tyre Sampson died because he was too big for a ride and all that was needed to safe his life was an employee to tell him the truth

    1. Trav


    2. Gloria Graham

      Exactly, Just like what occurred in the ride in Orlando when the worker was afraid to stop the overweight “child” from riding. So sorry that she is humiliated but her parents have an obligation to get her healthy not complain when there could be an accident if rules were not followed

  6. Julie

    Totally agree
    Reminds me of the Boy that wasn’t harnessed, seat-belted in correctly.

  7. Jenny

    Let me get this straight, this father said his daughter was humiliated by having to weigh herself in public. Unless the scale had giant flashing numbers at the top, maybe 5-7 people saw her actual weight. So now he is blasting the story all over the media and now the whole country can look up his daughter’s name and know that she weighs 205 pounds.

  8. Persephanie

    … didn’t we JUST have a teen die for being over the weight limit on a ride not that long ago?

    The father here is also small-minded into believing that this ride “embarrassed” his kid when he’s the one blasting the story around. As well as having a problem with safety regulations.

    But tell us again how it’s the park’s fault that your daughter couldn’t go on ONE measly ride?

    1. Gloria Graham

      Exactly, By allowing this “child” to be grossly obese he worries about embarrassment? Does she live in a closed bubble? Is this the only time this girl was informed of her weight? Why hasnt the school intervened? Too afraid of being sued? Sad. Keep truths quiet to avoid litigation but the child’s health suffers and no one is suppose to say a word… ever???

  9. Stephanie

    I was always a big kid. I liked to eat but I was extremely active as well. We are not all made the same! We don’t know why this child was overweight and the fact that she is does not constitute bad parenting. The ride should have had clear signage before the start of the ride regarding weight limits.

    1. K

      Right?!? The small minded folk commenting on this post is a bit upsetting.

  10. Jonny

    That parent should read the report about the Orlando boy dying on a ride because they let him ride it while over the weight limit. Then everyone gets sued and death on their hands. Get over yourselves.

    1. Dana

      Shame on this dad for making a big issue. about this. There are ride restrictions for safety reasons. He should focus on helping his daughter with her weight problem instead of complaining.

  11. Brett

    Shes overweight because her parents dont lnow how to stop giving her soda and candy. The park employee saved this little girls life, the fat black kid wished someone weighed him im sure. When you’re 305 at 13 there’s literally no excuse, if you can slide down a water slide you can walk. Calories in calories out.

    1. Jay

      You might want to work on your reading comprehension. The girl in the article was 205 not 305. We have absolutely no information on this child’s height, medical history, diet. or lifestyle so how do you know why her weight is what it is. Do you seriously think candy and soda are the only things that cause a person to gain weight? Seriously try reading a book or something

  12. Chris

    Not for nothing, but if your 13 year old daughter weights over 200 pounds, that’s not the parks fault. It’s far past time we stop pretending being morbidly obese is a healthy lifestyle and that the rest of society needs to bend over backwards to accommodate their self-entitlement

  13. Tim bradwell

    First any wafter park slide that has weight limit of 200 pounds or less should be shutdown . A vast amount of customers will not be able to use this slide. This shows that owners cut corners when engineering and building this attraction. I can understand a size limit on a pipeslide because they do not want you getting stuck in the pipe but 200 pounds is a relatively low weight for a water slide in my vast experience. Her dad should be mad I would too.

  14. Tim bradwell

    Also to all the skinny little Karen’s posting about this girls weight . I was 220 at 13 5ft6in and could lift a car engine by hand. I was not morbidly obese he’ll I had hardly any fat on my body. And most of my female classmates in 7th and 8th grades were around 180lbs and they were not fat as you call it. Get. Your heads out of Barbie mattels ass. Real women do not have same proportions as barbie

    1. Firstly thank you Tim your comments made my day, second as an overweight person I am always on lookout for weight limits and will not even try if too close. That being said a 200 lbs weight limit does seem very limiting but depending on what the ride does I wouldn’t want to chance injury or death for a stupid ride either. Also just a thought but I wonder if ride operators from icon park even knew there was a weight limit, if nothing on restrictions board about it why would they know, they are just concerned that restraints supposedly lock not if you shouldn’t get on at all. That 13 year old was taller as well as heavier then most adults how were they to know his age just by looking at him. Since this tragedy happened a lot of ride operators are going to get more stringent on weight limits that ride comes with instead of the usual if you fits you sits. Dont know if they would consider having a scale at front of park that let’s you know what you can ride according to weight so you dont waste time in line for rides you ultimately shouldn’t be on, save everyone a lot of time, humiliation and heartache if it was in a discreet location.

    2. NOLA Girl

      Tim, where the hell do you live??? My daughter is going into the 8th grade next month. Not 1 single kid in her entire 7th grade (boys or girls) were 180 lbs, not 1. Hell my husband is 6 ft and only weighs 185 lbs. And we live in NOLA where the food is Hella good and we eat!! Oh, and no we don’t exercise because it hotter than Hades year round!!! 180 lbs is in no way the “norm” for a 13 yrd old!!!!

      1. Tim's A Liar

        He lived/lives in the land of make believe.

      2. Healthy

        When I was 13.i was 105 pds,z small petite and didn’t get to 120pds until I was 18.I have a relative the same age as me who from a very young age was 200at 13.I played tennis,softball,capt.basketball,ran track , capt cheerleader,and ,I roller skate and I ice skate and I was capt of the volleyball team,capt.swim team.my parents kept me active and they never complained if I couldn’t get what I wanted they helped me get what wanted by not getting whatever I want and only giving me what’s good for my nutrition., I she got hurt on the slide then this father would be complaining that she shouldn’t have been allowed on.instead of posting about humility,he should be teaching his daughter to be humble and prepare her to be avoid situations like that in the future by getting mad at a treadmill and not the park restrictions

    3. Tim's A Liar

      Sure you were. Did you also chew iron ore and spit out nails?

    4. Anti-abuse

      Thanks for the report from wonderland, Karen. Never have children.

    5. Emma

      Timmy, my friend, at age 13 at 5’6″ and 220# you were obese. And Hot Wheels car engines don’t count. According to Mayo Clinic Obesity Center (you’ve heard of them, health professionals being doctors and all) at 5′ 6″ the range of 118 to 154 lbs. is considered a normal weight range, 155 to 185 lbs. is over weight and 186 to 241 lbs. is obese. Over 241# is morbidly obese. Now stop the name calling and waddle your mass over to the ice cream shop for a banana split, it will make you feel better.

  15. Kevin

    Weight/size rules are there for a REASON! Follow them (and complain) now or possibly lose your child later by not complying. I’d say the choice would be easy for anyone who isn’t an attention seeking you know what.

    1. Bill

      Kevin the male Karen

      1. Kevin

        Whatever. Sorry you don’t like facts. You can go back to inserting your head up your rectum now.

      2. Parent who parents!

        Bill, please explain the Karen comment!! I am curious how Kevin’s comment is even close to Karen level, lol. I have read a few of your comments. Had the article read … Child was injured in ride malfunction due to excessive weight. What would be your take then?? I have a strong feeling it would have been the park employee that failed to do her job and allowed her on the ride. She should have know better. Clearly their was a weight limit…… Do you Karen much???

        1. Kevin

          Bingo! That’s exactly what I was getting at in my original post. Thank you PWP. Guess some people just want to be snarky and perceive facts as complaining. Parks have these rules in place both for the safety of the patrons and the safety of the park’s well being (Ie not getting sued into oblivion if someone dies on a ride). Also sometimes these rules are out of the parks’ control and are imposed by the manufacturer of the ride and/or the state or local governments where the park is located.

      3. Anti-abuse

        You’re the Karen here, buddy. I hope you never have children, but something tells me that will be easy.

    2. Jay

      Did you bother to think that maybe the problem wasn’t that there was a weight restriction, but rather how it was handled?

      1. ShugD

        How was it handled poorly?! The article said that the employee was also upset for having to turn several people away throughout the day for exceeding the weight limit. The only handling this poorly is the father, for putting his daughters feelings ahead of her safety and then blaming a water park for her being humiliated because she’s overweight!

      2. Kevin

        So how are they supposed to handle it? Ignore it and have the kid get seriously injured or killed? Then have the parents sue the park, the ride manufacturer and whoever else they think they can get money out of? Did you bother to think of the safety of the kid?

  16. Al

    Well, it’s not the water park’s fault, she’s overweight. It’s her fault for continuing to eat. This is so stupid

  17. Jan H.

    People always wanting to blame someone else. Safety is of the utmost importance for all riders. I would say this child is going to have a lot more problems in her future than being able to go down a slide at a water park. But, I do think that the park should post weight restrictions on those restricted rides.

  18. I been overweight most of my life,majority of people who have been heavy wish they weren’t. I had a stomach bypass 350 ,now 220.I’m 70 years old . Some Comment’s were cruel and ignorant.Best if they would consider to let her go on it,5lbs.? Otherwise she won’t forget incident.

  19. Christopher

    Weight limits are there for your safety.
    It isn’t the parks fault if a person is overweight.

  20. Julia

    Hey Dad, If you are so concerned about your daughter being humiliated by her weight, take her to a doctor & a nutritionist, so you can determine why she is overweight & possibly get her DAD, wellness program of nutritious food and exercise.
    I’m sure that the water park is neither the first time nor the last time that your daughter will experience the embarrassment of being overweight.
    Do your part as a parent and stop blaming other people for doing their job by following safety regulations.



  22. Kimberly

    Jeez!! 200?! I’m an adult and don’t even weigh 200!

    It’s not that she’s 5lbs overweight! She’s gotta be 50lbs overweight.

    Big isn’t always beautiful and physics doesn’t care about your snowflake feelings. Start exercising more and eating healthier. She should take this as a wake-up-call. Maybe has an eating disorder that needs to be addressed with a doctor or psychologist.

    I’m betting she isn’t 6’6” and lean with big-bone and muscle weight.

  23. Jules

    Safety first!!! I understand that the girl was disappointed and embarrassed, but there are limits for a reason. I’m sure the scale was there for increased safety- people sometimes try to put different shoes on children or add lifts to meet height requirements, so I have no doubt people would also give an incorrect weight in order to ride. The Father keep saying “it’s only 5 pounds”- sir, you would never have gotten over it if some terrible accident had happened. How about being happy they care enough to prevent injury, instead of humiliating your daughter further by your obvious need to be in the spotlight

  24. David

    Sue them . And have that employee fired.

    1. Kevin

      Sue the park and have the employee fired for what exactly? Enforcing the rules? The employee doing his job? Keeping this kid from getting seriously injured or dying? You are totally what’s wrong with society in our country these days.

    2. Anti-abuse

      Better idea, take the daughter out of that abusive household and place her in one where she will live a healthy life away from Karens putting her in danger.

  25. Common Sense

    Parents should be encouraging their children to go on other rides instead. The weight limit is there for a reason. Can u imagine if she was allowed on it & she got hurt?!
    Employee had the unfortunate responsibility of enforcing the rules.

  26. Needless Drama

    Rules are created & enforced for a reason! It’s parents, adults & humans like this that create the unnecessary drama smh!! He was most likely the one that caused the embarrassment for his daughter 💔 The weight of the water & other parts needed play a factor as well,,, had the slide snapped or some other issue occur due to the exception being made there would’ve far greater reasons to be upset over ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

  27. Brittany

    He should have debated more before posting because all this did was show how terrible of a parent he is. He complains about how embarrassed and upset his daughter was only to turn and blast it all over the internet. How is that supposed to make her feel any better? Now the world knows that his child is obese at 205lbs. That’s not being a supportive parent at all. Rides have restrictions for safety reasons, not just an attempt to single out people. All of the restrictions are on the park’s website, plain as day. She’s a child. He should have taken responsibility to look things up before even going to the park, especially considering her size. I’m not weight shaming in the least. There are countless reasons as to why someone is overweight. But as a parent, it’s his job to look out for her which includes checking ahead of time before even deciding to attend to prevent any incidents like this. A 200lbs weight restriction is rather ridiculous and excludes a ton of people so the park definitely needs to reevaluate why the limit is so low and figure out a way to improve or close the ride. But that’s a whole different problem. No matter how you look at it, this dad is a terrible parent who is only making things worse

  28. Sharon

    Weight limits ate in place for a reason. That boy who fell from a ride in Orlando recently was too big for a 15 year old and entirely overweight, but the ride operator allowed him to ride anyway amd now he’s dead. Yes, this man’s daughter was disappointed but will get over it and continue to live her life. Rules are in place for her safety.

  29. Engineer

    I’m a structural engineer, and if the manufacturer of the slide says the weight limit is 200 lbs until they get new parts to upgrade the capacity then that’s what it is. It almost certainly wouldn’t fail completely at 205 lbs, but design safety factors exist for a reason and pushing the limits is how people get hurt or killed.

    Shame on this parent for believing his child is an exception to the rules, and for wanting to push the limit on a safety requirement. I believe this man is unfit to be a parent if this is his approach to ensuring his children are safe.

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