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  1. Turtlebug

    I have bad asthma that is always exacerbated by heat and humidity and have had attacks in both DW and Universal. In Disney I was told I needed to move from the knee wall I was sitting on as in Be gone when I come back in 5 ( tachy HR 150 on watch. He saw)Universal went above and beyond and provided a seat and cold water plus an EMT check. They found signs of a TIA starting and I spent 3 days in the hospital. That is why I no longer go to DW. Rules and $$$$ override customer concern.

  2. Cristina

    This is stretching for a Universal story, don’t you think?

  3. Heather morgon

    I fell after getting off a ride at Epcot. They stopped the ride made sure I was fine. They asked if I needed paramedic I declined. They took a statement at the same time again asking if I needed anything. We left the park shortly after that. I was surprised that no one checked on me after that as a follow up. They had my name address and phone number. I sent a short note asking if they would offer another ticket. They said no as my band had been used several hours later. My daughter used it as they were all connected to her credit card. They never bothered to find that out. Just assumed I was still at the park. Disappointing experience.

    1. Meh

      Why would they offer you another ticket after you fell and told them that you were okay? You chose to leave shortly after, so that’s on you. I can see if they declined to give you an extra park day after the paramedics checked you out. But that wasn’t the case. I don’t see what you wanted Disney to do.

    2. michael kadid

      Why did you think you were entitled to a free pass just for falling down over your big feet!!.some people feel like there poop doesn’t stink

      1. Lucy

        You spelled “their” wrong!

    3. Carmen1

      I was in a car accident a few years ago. When the cop asked if I wanted to go to the hospital I said no. How come he didn’t check up on me? He had my name and address from my DL. I called the station to see if I could get a ride in the police cruiser they said no. Horrible experience.

      You are an entitled Karen. No one owes you anything.

  4. Gm m

    For sure Cristina. I agree

  5. Renea

    None of this story has anything to do with Universal. People fall and get sick every day and Disney nor Universal affects anything. Bunch of BS

    1. Elizabeth

      Writing an article without someone’s consent with a questionable title seems a bit unethical.

  6. K

    She does not approve of this article. Sad you guys just publish articles on people without asking

  7. Gary

    Let me tell you something about universal LOL a few years back I worked at universal I was there 6 years and after the pandemic find to a mobility scooter I worked in now mind you you’re back in the back where nobody can see you and they said no one could sit down to work I even brought a note in from the doctor that I needed to use the scooter but they told me I would have to transfer or either be terminated I tried to transfer the lady in HR was very nice but all because of one hard-headed supervisor in the wardrobe I lost a job but that was though okay I didn’t I don’t hold it against them but there’s other instant things like that you have a supervisor who’s a married man and a young lead who was caught playing around the young lady gets fired but the supervisor keeps on being a supervisor do you think that’s fair what’s up when I’m trying to make is the same supervisor wasn’t being a hard ass if you’re sitting where nobody can see you and I’m talking about only employees has access to the wardrobe why can’t you sit and phone on a mobility scooter this has been bugging me for 2 years but I tell you all in all I would recommend most of I would recommend you universal the company in a different department to anybody it’s a great place to work but I’m just upset about doubt one supervisor

    1. Officer Comma

      Holy run on sentences Batman. Have you ever heard of punctuation. Did you type that in one breath?

      1. Laura

        I got dizzy just trying to read that. I think there are 3-4 different stories going on at the same time….and none of them really have anything to do with the original topic.

    2. Nurse Vickie

      My daughter got hurt at the Pacific resort at Universal and needed stitches. I went to the guard station and all they did was hand me a freaking bandaid. Seriously glad I’m an ER nurse and knew she’d need sutures because they didn’t give a damn.

    3. Lucy

      Sadly, I had a hard time following your comment. It’s like you took a box of words and just threw them up in the air and let them land in whatever order they wanted to.

  8. Sue

    Who writes this crap need to get a real job

  9. Ellen

    I was working pass sales and had just finished my cash out when I thought I was having a bout of IBS. After a bit of time sitting at the table and getting increasingly weaker, being watched by a supervisor, Health Services was called and apparently my bp was low, I had a fever and was dehydrated. Off to the ER I went in the ambulance. My supervisor didn’t give me an option. Turned out to be Diverticulitis not IBS. It was the last weekend of HHN 25. Rotten timing!

  10. The song and dramatic effect for something personal like hemorrhaging seems a little over the top. Why does everything need to be turned into a social media post this day and age? The style is definitely searching for views and likes, which is sad when this was a health issue.

    As someone who suffers from severe health issues, I cannot imagine setting a personal health problem to music and posting it for the world to see.

    This had nothing to do with Universal and was all about the individual seeking attention.

  11. Big Man

    What in the world has the internet come to ??!! Some woman was hemorrhaging at Universal and because of that the article is about Universal? No wonder society is going down into the toilet quickly, grow some thicker skin people !!!!

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