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Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure

Credit: Universal


  1. ryan

    Sucks to happen but ride says keep arms and legs in vehicle. Its common sense anyways like what you expect to happen.

    1. When on rides like this one, it is always repeated several times to keep your arm and legs in the car at all times.

    2. Dani

      My thoughts exactly. It is said at the beginning of every ride like that. Why do people think their own stupidity is wroth millions.

  2. Deborah

    Why all the bad press towards Universal/Disney suddenly? People being sick on rides, crying because they are stuck on rides for a short time. The rules are there for your own safety/comfort. Choose to ignore them and you could suffer the consequences. Also if you can’t stand the big roller coasters, try the baby ones in the children’s area and stop moaning.

    1. Mike

      Because it’s making this website lots of money.
      I’m sure it’s been going on for ever but you wouldn’t hear about till someone finds a way to monetize it.
      I keep saying I’m not going to read the articles from this site that keeps popping up because they are so over dramatized but here I am.

      1. Carolyn

        Have to agree with you both. The signs are there to read as you’re entering any ride in the park.

  3. P.C.

    I’ve been on that ride several times during 2021 and found it to be really relaxing. I was so relaxed, I fell asleep during it a few times.

    1. Dee C.

      Literally makes us not want to ride it now. Or maybe not even go back. Losing a body part is no joke!

      1. Hey you realize what you saying is stupid you realize it her fault not universal she dramatic and didn’t follow rules on the rides she was not suppose to put her fingers in exact area she did that her fault….

      2. Robin

        You are right

      3. A

        “Lack of negligence” is a good thing. Lack of accountability is not good.

      4. P.C.

        It’s all funny until someone loses an eye, or finger in this case. LOL. (To soon for you Karen’s out there?)

      5. CD

        She didn’t lose a body part. How are people this ridiculous. If her finger was actually amputated she wouldn’t be going for 100k, that wouldn’t cover the surgery! She probably got a cut because SHE chose to put her hands out of the ride vehicle.

        If you don’t wanna ride a ride because some other person was too ignorant to follow the safety rules, that makes for even more ignorant than them. She did it to herself. I hope she gets nothing.

      6. Lindz

        As a regular passholder there, this is one of my kid’s favorite rides. It is CONSTANTLY having issues from getting stuck, video skipping, shaking at the wrong times. They’ve known about it but never bother to update it.

        I haven’t ever been shaken violently but I’ve been stuck for a few minutes and some people were intoxicated and freaked out. They started banging on stuff bc NO ONE made any announcements about how long we were stuck or why. I was scared they would try to get out and hurt themselves or someone else. We don’t know all the details. Maybe the gate came up or maybe it shook when it wasnt supposed to. I’m sure someone didn’t voluntarily lose an appendage to sue. People are so quick to judge. If my kid got hurt like that on a ride id sue too!!!

      7. Trent

        Don’t ride it. It’s extremely dangerous. Leave it to us pros.

  4. Diesel

    No report of this happening on Universals logs, this is suspect. There is no way Universal would not have made a report if this happened on site. We had care from their team of first aids and they gave top notch assistance. This person suing sounds to be full if BS.

    1. Ali

      I agree 100%! We have been AP’s since 2011, but still only manage to get in a few trips a year due to distance, jobs, etc. Due to my own “over excitement” a couple of years ago, I slipped & fell on the bridge just under the big “dip” under The Hulk. As is usually the case, my pride was way more injured than my actual person, and by the time my husband and daughter had helped me up, there were several TM’s by my side and were all so helpful and kind, even though it was clearly my own clumsiness! We’ve witnessed several small “accidents” at both the parks and resorts over the years and they have always been handled very professionally and kindly, even when it was not the fault of the resort or park. I’m sorry this happened to this young lady, but I don’t believe a word of it.

  5. Neil

    Lawsuit sounds like one without good cause.

  6. Kayla

    Why is she just now suing almost a year and 3 months later? I’m calling shenanigans on this one. It’s reeks of bs.

    1. P.C.

      Video proof or it did not happen.

  7. Mary

    If the ride was shaking enough to make someone want to grab and hold on to something, and this person was seated and not trying to jump around the seats or stand up, then the Park should be liable- even if she grabbed somewhere outside the ride. Hopefully there are witnesses who can testify to her behavior either way before the injury. A lot of these rides are idiot proof.

    1. P.C.

      Nothing is idiot proof. Idiots will find a way and if you doubt me, your faith in idiots is greater than mine.

    2. CD

      If you grab outside the ride, after you are told multiple times not to, you are liable for your own stupidity. Period. Also, I’ve been on that ride, it doesn’t shake that bad. Finally, 100k wouldn’t cover the medical costs of an amputation and why did she wait over a year?

      I mean seriously? How ignorant can you be?

  8. A

    If a part of the vehicle is indeed flexing there could be an issue. Really depends on the facts. I’ve only rode it once when it was newer.

  9. rich v

    As a Disney Cast Member — Attractions — we constantly TELL our guests to “keep all hands, arms. legs and feet inside the seated or standing “vehicle” for their safety.
    NO ONE IS LISTENING —usually!

  10. Sharon

    $100,000 is nothing. She should sue for much more. She grabbed the front of the car to steady herself. How is that her fault? I’m irritated with Disney and have considered going to Universal. Not anymore! They don’t seem to accept blame when their fault. Disney takes better care of guests. I’ll go back when Disney fires Ckapeck!!

    1. Steve

      You are really easily led around, aren’t you?

    2. P.C.

      You’re a Karen, Sharen. How about waiting to see what comes of the lawsuit before you make grandiose statements like that. She could be asking for $100K so US will settle out of court cause she knows she was in the wrong. You are a sad sad woman and I feel depressed just typing to you now. It is all fun and games until someone loses an eye, or finger in this case almost.

  11. Sharon

    $100,000 is nothing. She should sue for much more. She grabbed the front of the car to steady herself. How is that her fault? I’m irritated with Disney and have considered going to Universal. Not anymore! They don’t seem to accept blame when their fault. Disney takes better care of guests. I’ll go back when Disney fires Ckapeck!!

  12. Bob

    Kid named finger

  13. P.C.

    That chicken is finger licking good if I had fingers.

  14. Jeff

    Finger licking good is a good one. It sounds like she didn’t follow the rules and it’s her fault. Just saying.

  15. Jeff

    Not my place judge though.

  16. Tw

    It says ‘put her hands on the metal bracing in front of her’ which I assume is inside the ride vehicle

  17. Marisa Valadez

    Question I have is why would you grab ahold to something that separates and comes back together
    again? Now because of her negligence she wants to ruin the ride for other more wise park goers. This is not a case of a Universal’s unsafe ride it is a case of a park goers own negligence. Sorry I cannot see how this lawsuit is in anyway justified

  18. Dan

    🤦‍♂️ what do you expect when courts allow people to sue for practically anything smh. I mean when you can sue for being burned by hot coffee that you spilled when you ordered hot coffee anything goes smh.

  19. Ash

    I hope the person is ok I genuinely do but I was just there in March and I rode that exact ride let’s put it this way if she got her cut finger cut off it’s her own damn fault cuz that’s literally impossible to do. Follow exactly what they say keep hands and feet inside vehicle and keep your seat belt on someone is always out to make a quick buck so let’s sue universal… pathetic what has this world come to!

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