Comments for Fans Disappointed With Disney’s Major Change to Tomorrowland PeopleMover

tomorrowland peoplemover

Credit: Disney


  1. I’m a Disney purist and I’m okay. Have a great big beautiful tomorrow!

    1. EMM

      Why did Disney renew this guy’s contract. He and the people he has implementing all these changes clearly don’t get what made WDW a place with so many repeat vacationers. Fix the things that need fixing, but stop it already with the things that don’t.

  2. Another wrong way path to destroy more of Disney under the miss guided direction of Bob! Leave everything alone! Just STOP already!

    1. Shilo

      Agreed Jerry!!!

  3. Bill

    Will they ever update the track so that doesn’t go chunk, chunk, chunk around the track.

    1. I love the chuck, chuck, chuck. Lol

  4. Rroe

    Would love to comment on the People Mover, but haven’t been to Disney in 2 1/2 years now (live in Florida)………CAN’T AFFORD IT!!!!

    1. Steve

      Florida resident passes are $400.

  5. Shell

    At least the people mover is still there. The one in California was taken out completely years ago and is really missed

    1. kurt

      Yeah, it’s a drag it will never come back. Once the tracks are removed, maybe the monorail could go straight through the center or Tomorrowland after they clear Autopia (if it doesn’t go electric), for Tron. So many oppertunities. Poor Tomorrowland, so due for a make over…

    2. Maggie

      Absolutely missed in California.

  6. lorraine

    my husband and I rode the people mover twice yesterday…………..I do NOT like the new narration on it…….A little bit of it is ok, but the rest is down right not good. Put it back or quit talking to space ships or whatever they are talking too and call it what it is, a people mover.

  7. I love that ride . Just to turn the corner and see the Castle. Great place to people watch!!! I don’t really care about the narrative.. either way if you are on the ride you are in Disney World. The happiest place on earth.

    1. Beth W.

      I agree! I rarely pay much attention to the audio. Course, having ridden it dozens of times might have something to do with that, but…. But yeah, Bob C does need to quit “tweaking” things that aren’t broken, and fix the real problems. Oh, and quit removing all of the Disney feeling from the hotel rooms!

  8. P. Terry

    The worst part of this ride is that you ride so long in complete darkness!! In the old days, they had some dim lights on so you could see space mountain guests. It’s ridiculous to spend all that time in the dark.

    1. Bangin@Diz

      Love the dark! Great place for a quickie.

      1. Steve

        They have IR cameras, you know.

  9. Peter

    Bring back the ORIGINAL version of the narration! All these unnecessary
    changes, the wokeness, the relaxed guidelines for cast members appearance, and supporting sinfull sodomites has almost exterminated all of the “magic” that the parks had.

    1. Manny

      Wokeness? Really? How about you understand what it is before you embarrass yourself. Every other comment has to insert some “woke” mention. Guess what the social justice movement is not going away. What is going away is Klan 2.0 by any means necessary.

      1. Steve

        Nah, the woke left is on the way out, especially now that Biden’s regime is finished.

      2. Manny

        Klan 2.0? Must be a new ride in woke “Democratland”. Who knew!

  10. the peoplemover is a great place to catch a 10 minute 40 wink nap after fighting the lines and crowds all day. It’s dark, it cool enough and the voice droning on gets you in that midafternoon slumber fast. Follow me for other places in WDW to do Dad things.

    1. kurt

      Agreed! Nice opportunity to cool your jets….

  11. Sam Claflin

    You have three random tweets as your evidence that overall most fans don’t like it. Not exactly data-rich stuff here.

  12. Fay

    This has always been one of my favorite rides, even as a kid. Grab a smoothie and take a nice break people-watching from the sky

  13. Jerry

    Is this still a D ride? I haven’t been there for a while

  14. Sally Ann

    Disneyland has turned into a business, $$&$& rather than the happiest place.
    They continue to change & making rides like magic mountain roller coaster rides! Sad!
    I’ll remember it as once upon a time. Never going back!

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