Comments for Disney Park Proves Half the Guests Can Still Bring In Billions, Full Capacity May Never Return

mickey and minnie in front of tokyo disney castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Too much

    It proves Disney’s concept of “capacity” is completely insane. Build more parks, stop overselling.

  2. Kate

    It sure didn’t feel like park capacity was limited at all when I was at WDW in January. I would guess if capacity was down, so was the staffing so that it took longer to get on rides. Also add in that if a ride is busy, the cast members will go to as many as 10 Lightning Lane guests for 1 “regular” guest – making it feel like a much more crowded park.

  3. Pete

    After hearing So Many complaints of Guests waiting in lines forever, people skipping lines, large crowds, and rude behavior from people who are frustrated, Disney needs to Reduce the Park Capacity, so that Everyone can Enjoy their Once in a Lifetime Vacation.

  4. R

    Sooner rather than later, the pent up travel bubble will burst as the economic slow-down continues. Something will eventually have to give.

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