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Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) in 'Scream 2022'

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  1. ricky

    They should pay Neve she been there since the beginning..Becareful you might just hurt the franchise i would renegotiate with seriously cus i didnt like the halloween’s without jamie lee

    1. Blu

      I agree. I’m a scream fan but I’m not watching the new movie if she won’t be in it.

  2. Karina

    No Neve no way! She deserves whatever she’s asking !

  3. Rebecca Martien

    Have to echo the two comments above. They wouldn’t make a ‘Die Hard’ w/o Bruce, a ‘Fast and Furious’ with out Vin. Female actors are not expendable. The secret to the 3 new ‘Halloweens’ is the seamless blending of old and new and no, none of the ‘Halloweens’ w/o Jamie Lee were palatable. I am a long time ‘Scream’ fan and own all of the movies. However, 5 was only ok. I didn’t love that Dewey was killed and I definitely won’t watch a ‘Scream’ that doesn’t include Sydney and that is produced by people who clearly don’t respect women.

    1. Ben

      For one the best Fast and Furious movies are the ones without Vin Diesel. Also I honestly think they should have killed Sidney off on Scream 4, the character is played out and not interesting to me anymore.

  4. Robin Peebles

    I keep telling myself NO FREAKING WAY!!!!! WILL I WATCH WITHOUT MY GIRL NEVE!! But come march 2023 I hear myself saying ( 1 for scream 6 please 🙂) I know I probably won’t be able to help myself,, Never please come back!! Pay her what she wants she deserves it,, If they can pay the 6 friends cast a million dollars a piece per episode 😲 I believe this franchise can pay this one talented young actress what she wants!! Damn!

  5. Hunter


  6. Maitram

    No I probably will not be watching scream 6 without Neve Campbell. They should give her the money she ask for. She the one that started the first 5 movies and I love it. Without her it will not be the same. I am very disappointed that she will not reprise her role.

  7. Julian

    Yes I definitely will

    Halloween 4,5,the curse of Michael Myers didn’t have Laurie Strode Michael Myers’s sister nothing wrong with her staying out just for Scream 6 hope she comes back for Scream 7

  8. Ahkequilla

    I wish neve campbell could reprise her roll as Sidney Prescott in the new movie scream 6 without her the movie wouldn’t be the same after surviving through all the scream movie and I know she can survive the new I just wish she could come back one last time

  9. Victor

    I wasn’t going to watch it, after Neve not being in it, she’s the Jamie Lee Curtis of Scream as far as I’m concerned.

  10. Rebecca

    Movie wouldn’t be the same without Never Campbell…

  11. Jeremy Drew

    The whole core of the franchise revolves around Sydney. The first 3 was Sid’s half brother getting revenge on Sid for their mother turning him out and Sid getting all of the attention. Pretty much the same with 4. She is the core of the franchise and Paramount should pay Neve Campbell what she is asking for. I don’t see what direction they could go if the core of the franchise is removed.

  12. Danelle Hedges

    Please neve come back for scream 6 the movie would not be the same without u and I would not watch scream 6 without sidney in it none of us will

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