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The Haunted Mansion sign at Disneyland Park

Credit: Disney


  1. They don't care about you

    Disney wants to be the destination for the elites.

    1. Repeat

      They already did that. Are they doing it again?

    2. Reese Letcher

      WDW needs to be SHUT DOWN for letting some one of this type, telling people that they are good enough. WHO PAYS THE BILL ?
      I have said it before and will say WDW and the Big ASS HOLES who run it, don’t run the United States, otherwise they would be in the White House and in Congress. BUT is WDW Sleeping with Congress and filling their Pockets with Contribution to get what they want. The people should have the last say, the people do more for this Country, than some Clown in a RED MONKEY Suit and some Skinny women, who is showing all that she has in a SEE-Thru Costume. WDW is going more down this is type of BS. But as they say; Money Talks and BS Walks

      1. Trevor

        First off, Disneyland is not at Walt Disney World.

        Second, WTF are you babbling about congress and all that nonsense? Disney is a private company and can do whatever they care to do on their own property. They do not need approval from any agency or “the people” or anyone else. If you do not like that, you do not have to go there.

        Finally, the events reported in this “article” never happened.

        1. Chuck Shartz

          Yeah, that’s it… smooch that Disney ass. And that clown in the suit who names himself after something that he’s clearly much too delicate to handle. Give me a nice SMOOCH on my butt as well

        2. Chuck Shartz

          From the words of Tame Impala… “F$@K TREVOR”

          The less we know, the better

        3. Mary E Taylor

          Amazing that all the little trumpies come out of the woodwork where ever they can. DeSantis,Trump clone lol

        4. Yoooooo

          They should request them to pay everyone $100 if they want to shut down the ride just for them. Since they feel entitled they should be able to pay up

      2. Grizz

        I mean, this isn’t a new thing… Jennifer Lopez did this at Rock n Rollercoaster and was rude to the entire staff… You give Disney enough money they’ll let you do anything pretty much

    3. Marlene

      Noone ever heard of him and she’s a has been actress.

      1. VS

        They’re obnoxious to have done that. Years ago, we saw Dennis Rodman & his kids at Disneyland. He was buying the kids balloons. He didn’t shut down rides, to my knowledge, but he did ask that people not take pics, which was a fair request.

    4. Shawn

      In this country money buys you privilege. The more money you have the more privilege you gain. How is this situation any different from someone buying a FAST-PASS? I buy a reg ticket I wait in line. Someone spends more $$ buys a fast pass and they don’t have to wait in those lines. That’s the privilege they paid for. So now the fast pass people and the regular ticket people have to wait because the rich people have more privilege. It sucks and it sends the message money can buy anything or anyone.

      1. Marier

        I hope people Karen’ed up when that happened.

      2. Jane

        Anyone who chooses to pay for fast pass can do so. Someone could save pennies for 2 years if they chose to do so. Even with fast pass, you wait your turn. It may be faster, but you don’t bully others. What he did was disgusting.

  2. Laura

    Quando sarebbe accaduto? Oggi?

    1. Dre

      This isn’t new or exclusive to celebrities. If you have the money, you can pay Disneyland for private rides. It’s not cheap, but don’t y’all act like you wouldn’t do it either if you could. Jealous scrubs.

      1. Travis Weberling

        @Dre, WHY would anybody want to pay extra $ to ride the rides “exclusively”, WHEN the ticket you bought already says you can ride the rides?

      2. JPop


        1. JPop

          Dre I mean. Boss comment

  3. Walt

    The woke celebrities should have to wait in line like everyone else, and I mean the standby line, the real queue.

    There shouldn’t be paid shortcuts and VIP services at the parks, period.

    1. Brandi Edwards

      If places are gonna give this kind of treatment to “celebrities ” then it should at least be required on their behalf to give a notice on what day they’d like to attend and request for it to be closed to the public that day… To just walk in and demand this and actually get it is absolutely disgusting and is enough to make someone out there really flip! That’s ok, keep enjoying this world you sick psychos!

      1. April Baker

        We will not shut the park down when I’m there.

      2. Vee

        THIS whole comment!!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself

      3. Dawn

        They do have to make prior arrangements and pay for the personal plaid to walk them around.

      4. SirLucifer420

        Then quit this world, dearie! Hail Lucifer

      5. JPop

        How freaking hateful you are. Jesus is proud.

        1. JPop

          Brandi Edwards

    2. Michael

      100% agree.
      These celebrities always say. “We are like everyone else “. If that’s the case, put every celebrity in line with everyone else.

    3. Dude

      Why not work harder and you can get the same type of access

      1. Chuck Shartz

        Yeah… that’s all it takes. And to just now know that I could have been famous all this time living the easy life… if only I worked harder

        To not be famous and handed everything… is to be a lazy turd

      2. Travis Weberling

        @Dude, hey bud, I hate to break it to you, BUT in order for the average guy or woman to have the kind of $ to burn for basically their entire lives in order to have that kind of “access” or “priviledge”.

        1. Rormachine

          Most people who are in movies or music are either super talented, sucking d!ck or have rich parents with connections. These two @sshats probably ly sucked a lot of dudes off to get qhere they are lol

    4. Grizz

      Why would Disney, a company in the business of making money, not want to make money like that? VIP tours have pretty much always been a thing… You give them enough money they’ll bend over backwards

    5. Evangeliman

      Woke? What does that have to do with it? Do you live by buzzwords or something…

  4. Brooke

    None of the people in this article are celebrities. They’re all D list, C list at best. Disney shouldn’t allow this behavior. Either show up before the park opens or after it closes. People are paying more than ever to go to the Disney parks, and they shouldn’t lose their rights to rides because of these trolls.

    1. Barbara

      This right here is the truth!! Best comment! I couldn’t have said it better!!

    2. Morgan

      I think shutting down the ride is unnecessary, but it’s ridiculous to say these people “aren’t celebrities”. Machine Gun Kelly has over 17 million listeners on Spotify. I’m not a fan, personally, but a lot of people are.

      Again, I don’t think that the ride should have been shut down, but that statement – that these aren’t celebrities – is just incorrect. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      1. Your mom

        Who is Machine Gun Kelly? I remember Megan Fox from Transformers but that was a long time ago. Bet she is still fine though.

      2. Laurice

        I have been to Disneyland several times when there were celebrities there and they didn’t shut down rides they did get to go to front of the line . And I mean some real celebrities Mark Wahlberg and his family, Wayne Gretsky and his family and Nicholas Cage when he was married to Patricia Arquette and their kid.

        1. Sandy

          John Tesh, Connie Seleca and their family. It was the matterhorn. They were with the plaid Disney cast members and they just went through the exit to get on the ride. Didn’t stop the ride or prevent others from riding.

      3. Rormachine

        They aren’t. MGK is talentless. Fox got by on her looks and who she could suck off.

        1. JPop

          Guess you don’t know all of the types of music he can and the way he can rap and sing. He loves his fans.

      4. JPop

        Thank you.

    3. Shanna

      Yes couldn’t have said it better myself

    4. Kat

      100% agree with you.

    5. JPop

      You need to do some damn research. MGK has been a musician since he was an adolescent. The beef with Eminem is the reason labels sign him.
      His concert was brilliant.

      1. JPop

        Wouldn’t sign him – for years.

  5. Liars

    Again, Disney pretends to be socialist until someone with a pile of cash to spend shows up. Then all the families that went into debt for a vacation there are kicked out for a couple of rich pricks.

  6. Scott

    And these people are relevant because?

    1. Sharon

      Exactly Scott, they are not relevant 100%🤔

  7. Florida Man

    I don’t think it’s fair at all to those who paid to get into that overpriced hell hole. Those rich people can rent the whole park in their own time, such as overnight when their cocaine kicks in and the rest of the customers are sound asleep.

  8. Rj

    My biggest gripe with this is the fact tickets aren’t cheap. I would demand a refund.

    1. Sharon

      RJ 100% correct.

  9. Tom

    In 2003 my now ex-girlfriend and I met Larry The Cable Guy while riding the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. He was very charming (if somewhat obnoxious) and decided to be our friend for the remainder of the evening, approximately another hour and half. We finally “lost” him when he had to have a cigarette oddly right in front of The Haunted Mansion!
    He didn’t have any rides shut down for him and was just another human being, waiting in lines with the rest of us. A fun memory to look back on.

  10. he a piece of s!@@t..! a wanna be ! shame on Dizy land!!!

    1. Sandy

      John Tesh, Connie Seleca and their family. It was the matterhorn. They were with the plaid Disney cast members and they just went through the exit to get on the ride. Didn’t stop the ride or prevent others from riding. M

  11. That’s ridiculous. Maybe the “famous” people could try blending in and act like normal people and no one would notice them. The “famous” people are not the ones keeping Disney alive it’s the normal people who save that do.

  12. Abby

    WHY would Disney, or anyone, shut a ride/attraction down for any celebrity? If the celebrity doesn’t want to be bothered…have them stay home. That was THEIR choice to push the limits to become “famous”. It’s just another publicity ploy…!!!

  13. Rachel

    Haunted Mansion has such high capacity that all that had to be done was send one empty elevator through and then send them on the next one, and them resume the normal.flow of people. This would provide them ample space ro “ride alone” and not back up the line entirely. It’s stupid to think that Disney would clear the entire attraction to accommodate two people that most of the world doesn’t know or care about. I would be pissed if I was in that line waiting and this happened. Do the rich celebrities compensate the people in line for their lost time in the parks? If you take 5% of my day in the park, are you paying me 5% of my tickets for my family? You should be!

    1. Steve S.

      Good point.

  14. René

    Having been a season pass holder for decades, I’ve had to wait the additional 3 mins for celebrities &/or VIPs to ride multiple times… it is literally 3 to 5 additional minutes out of already hrs long waits some days. I think the most I’ve ever had to wait was 10mins. It’s absolutely never bothered me, regardless of whom the VIP was lol. After watching several of them having to have their private security literally hold back crazed “fans”, I realized the safety hazard of Disney NOT giving them private rides (Paul McCarthy around 2005/6 was w/his daughter who was 2 or 3 at the time – practically elderly women were trying to LITERALLY hurdle over shrubbery to get at him, knocking me over w/my own 2yr old… Sir Paul couldnt have been more apologetic + kind to us about it, he was was so embarrassed) Perhaps if people didn’t idolize these people & make fools out of themselves to get to them, there wouldn’t need to be the extra precautions, so I look at it like a societal issue, not a Disney issue.

    1. JPop


  15. Curtis

    So did this actually happen?

    The Carowinds incident didn’t. There was an injury in the pool that causes the pool to be shut down and the guy just happened to be there so some idiot went viral on social media blaming him.

    1. Sharon

      Yes, Curtis, I read the same thing.

  16. I worked at Disney for quite a while when I was younger they have always done that doesn’t matter even fighters and their families it doesn’t matter the ride is always shut down and those people ride alone

  17. Ali

    When I was at Disney World Orlando in 2012 Ice Cube was there with his kids. We saw him at Animal Kingdoms Dino Land and his group had a Disney Employee escort, I suppose to keep anyone from disturbing their time or asking for autographs, but no rides were shut down as far as I know. We saw them all get in line with everyone else and ride along with the rest of the guests.

  18. Ty Kessler

    Disney doesn’t care about the regular people who work their butts off and spend tons of money going to their park. Throw in a couple of wannabe celebrities and they shut down rides for them. Why? I would love for someone at Disney to answer.

  19. Rob

    For a dark ride I can understand this. If everyone didn’t have a camera in their pocket with a flash then there wouldn’t be a problem. On HM you can see the other guests in the doom buggies in some portions so you can imagine how some jacka** taking photos of the celebrities (no matter their ranking) could really ruin the experience for everyone. They probably didn’t shut down the ride, they probably just let one or two cycles of the stretching room go through to give them a ton of space.

  20. Eric Lee Erickson

    Just out of curiosity, is that the outfit that Megan Fox wore while at Disneyland? If so, why wasn’t SHE “dress-coded” — that outfit is far from “family friendly”.

    1. Hannah

      No that’s from a red carpet event, not sure which one though. It looks a lot like the one Rose McGowan wore in the 90’s.

  21. kurt

    Who ARE these people?
    Machine gun what?
    Megan who?

    1. JPop

      If you’re old and out of touch, try Google. Oh, and try his music before you whine. If you don’t like it fine, but he is famous. Then focus on making the world a better place.

      1. JPop

        P. S. I’ll be 49 this year, and I know who they are.

  22. Jan

    We saw Neal Patrick Harris staying on club level at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It did not appear that he was receiving preferential treatment of any kind. No one was making a huge fuss over him, which I think he preferred that way and he had his kids with him. So I guess preferential treatment is in how you see yourself?

  23. Roe

    They dress freaky to begin with 😂😂, all they had to do was go to the park in disguise, no need to inconvenience paying guests. I always thought Machine Gun Kelly, a true gangster.

  24. CJA

    Seems like this celebrity favoritism had been going on forever. Years ago, Fred MacMurray, a big movie star (including Disney ones) brought his twin daughters to Disneyland. Obviously the girls had heard from other celebrity children that had gone to the front of the line, etc. Fred taught his daughters a valuable lesson that day – no one is better than anyone else. He and his children waited in line for their turn to ride the Matterhorn.

  25. Steve

    She looks disgusting. So does Megan Fox.

    1. Tricia Lang Sullivan

      That’s priceless!!

  26. Rich

    DISNEY wants to cater to the Rich, then let’s let the Rich be the only ones supporting Disney. BOYCOTT. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT

  27. Lianna R Henshaw

    No and I hope not they thing they are entitled lol

  28. Laura Beauregard

    For those asking, no, that’s not what they were wearing lol. That’s from another event, not Disney.

  29. RON

    Plus Disney are groomers…So we are getting more reasons to NEVER visit…Go Woke…Go Broke

  30. Tudorel

    I don’t like the idea of celebrities getting special treatment. If they want to ride alone then do it before the park opens or after it closes. However, I can understand why they want to ride alone because people won’t leave them alone. People are relentless when it comes to the privacy of celebrities. They might be celebrities but they are not a queen, king or a foreign leader, which would be reason to keep people at a distance.

    1. Mr fixit

      I don’t care if you are a king or a queen this is America no King’s or Queen’s here if they were a king or a queen here from somewhere else it’s still America you so you’re not a king or a queen to us just another Momo at Disney just like the two that shut down the people to take over the ride let’s just call them what they are puking and vomit

  31. Terry

    When I worked there, we would not empty the whole ride, we would not load 5 cars before them and 5 cars after them. This leaving the remainder of the cars available for use.

  32. Trevor

    This did not happen. Disney does not make this sort of accommodation for anyone. The only special treatment a celebrity is given, if asked, is to skip the line — just like anyone who is on a VIP tour. Want that same treatment? You too can buy a VIP tour.

    This entire article is based on a reddit post. It has not been verified, nor has anything been researched.

  33. Nasaya

    Since I don’t know any these celebrities just going to say few things. & here they are. next time try to be patient. Who cares if your celebrities there are other people waiting and it not fair to kick other people of the ride alright.

  34. Some things/ people naturally beautiful while others counterfeit or lack any aesthetic appeal! What we see media, carnival crew let out from under big tent just waiting for l next performance

  35. Paul Harris

    Why does Disney allow this? In other words, paying customers get kicked out of line, so that two rich people have a ride to themselves? Why? Ridiculous. I’m boycotting Disney parks.

  36. Chuck slay

    Does anyone know about Club 41? Number might be off. Only rich or famous allowed. Views the Jungle Ride from above. SERVES ALCOHOL! My best friend was the Maitre Dei there. There’s a doorbell in New Orleans square. Chuck

  37. Stephen

    MGK is a joke. He’s a fake celebrity. All he’s doing is riding her coat tails.

    1. JPop

      You’re a clueless, ignorant jerk.
      And I bet money if you saw her in real life, you’d chase her down.

  38. JJ

    We were at WDW one summer (when it was still affordable for families) and saw country singer Toby Keith and his family waiting at the end of Splash Mountain for the rest of his party to get off the ride. It wasn’t shutdown for him even though there were numerous people in his party.
    These 2 entitled people, Machinegun Kelly and the Fox lady (who think they are more popular than they really are) asked to ride The Haunted Mansion ride by themselves!?! Were teenagers screaming and following them and creating havoc? No? Then their as$es could have enjoyed the ride along with other guests. If that isn’t something they would be willing to do, then rent out the park before opening or after closing and have a ball. This way young kids wouldn’t have to see a grown lady in her underwear and I believe Disney has a dress code and wouldn’t allow any other guest to parade around in their undies.

  39. Kevin

    Happened to me and my family in disney world in 2020 on the same ride. It was some teenage you tuber girl who is famous for wearing hair bows or something. I had no idea who she was but it’s funny how all these famous people say they want to be treated as a normal person but don’t act like normal people lol..

  40. Maggie

    Bet my eye teeth if it was Johnny Depp at the Pirates attraction he’d have jumped in the boat with them and accompanied them on the ride.

  41. Sharon

    Who the he’ll do these second-rate “celebrities” think they are? They’re no better than the rest of us. Most people wouldn’t even recognize them. They should just stay home and leave the real world to normal people. Personally, I wouldn’t bother to see their movies, if they have any movies worth seeing, which I doubt!

  42. Tina M Martinez

    Oh my god!! For who? ….😆….don’t worry MGK nobody wanted to ride with ur DA…anyway…wheres Eminem?

  43. LaughingAtYall

    People really complain about anything. The Kardashian’s show is filmed by Hulu, which is owned Disney so instead of having a bunch of people sign paperwork for the show, they’ll have just them ride.

    MGK, and Megan have the money to skip lines, Disney offers all sorts of packages when you offer up a ton of money. It’s not new that Disney is money hungry, y’all are just mad cause it’s celebrities you hate for being famous. That’s called jealousy, get over it.

    1. Seth

      Machine Gun Kelly was an American gangster who died in 1954. I don’t know who the guy in the atrocious red suit is…

      1. Carlos

        He’s a pasty little twerp and living proof that the hotter a woman is, the stupider she is.

  44. Shelly

    Carowinds came forward and said no rides were shut off for Machine Gun Kelly. They were put in an area for privacy by the park but the ride was closed for maintenance for all guests including Machine Gun Kelly. Please correct your article as it just generates undeserved hate for something he didn’t do.

  45. The Power is in the hands of those attending these places to put a stop to this mess, if I’ve been waiting in long for a while (especially in the heat), I’m NOT giving up my spot (unless some of you want to earn a few bucks, this is the way to do it) then coming back later. Time to end this nonsense for good.

  46. Carlos

    Maybe people weren’t so stupid, mentally and physically lazy, and went on real vacations, instead of these overpriced, over rated
    tourist traps. They’d spare themselves the long lines, ridiculous costs and humiliation.

  47. John Clark

    First, I don’t waste my money at this greedy park. They are overrated for what you pay vs what you get. Second, the ride is approximately 9 mins… I have waited longer in a restaurant for seats. Third, the public is the problem at the end of this story… They choose to pay those high prices for that negligent treatment. Want to fire back and make a difference, protest the parks for a week… The money they would lose in a week would be devastating to this greedy company.

  48. I would gladly wait until they disinfected whatever the disgusting Kardashians touched. There are flesh-eating STDs there for sure.

  49. Niecy

    See this is exactly why I said I will not rush out to buy their music or rush to download the movies because the celebrities these days don’t know how to treat their fan’s you can cool believe me I do soul searching now and I ask questions and I sit back listening and watching because once they become rude to me or my family and friends it’s a wrap they are added to my list of not spending my money to put in their bank accounts they fail to realize we’re the ones making them wealthy or rich

  50. Darin

    Celebrities should not be able to shut things down just because they dont want to ride with others. If they dont, then they should stay home. There is nothing special about them.

  51. Yes I have, Keanu Reeves. Guess what. I sat beside him and we had a great time.

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