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  1. Perhaps, she could have went to guest relations at the park she was going to, report the loss, description of the gondola, and have them call her resort. When you are on Disney property and want to call your resort/hotel, it is nearly impossible. They give you the same line you get when you are at home trying to make a reservation.

  2. Nate

    Don’t agree…left a souvenir bag at Jock Lindsey’s hangar bar and didn’t realize until days later. It was “never found”.

    1. Pam

      The person who found it just kept it and didn’t turn it in. I found a backpack at Typhoon lagoon recently and turned it right in at towel services

  3. Well I lost my glasses which were in a soft case and fell out of my pocket on the monorail. Now, I admit it, I’m literally blind without them, so why would you find them and keep them? They do you zero good!! But never got them back!

    1. Steven

      You’re blind without them, but they were in your pocket, and didn’t realise you hadn’t got them?

  4. Vicki

    I left my credit card on the table at House of Blues and didn’t notice until a few days later when I went to use it again. Lost and Found at Disney Springs had it. Was such a relief to get it back.

    1. drew

      I hope you cancelled the card in that time frame. I’ve lost cards before as well but simply called the bank to report it lost and got another one a few days later. This is also a great reason to have more than one credit card in case you ever lose one then you aren’t stuck trying to figure out how to pay for things on vacation.


    It is a shame that Disney FORCES people to have their faces glued to their phones.
    I’m HAPPY that they got their phone returned.

  6. Dawn

    I lost a glove that I never got back, but I lost a scarf and they mailed it to me. A friend lost her IPad and they got it back to her as well. More often than not they are wonderful and helpful when it comes to missing items 🙂 But it also depends on if the items are found by a CM or a guest. If a guest finds it and doesn’t turn it in then there isn’t anything that can be done.

  7. Keep your phone in your pocket or they have water proof lanyard type things that will hold your phone.

    1. Clothes pockets are are often ineffective for cell phones and Please never use those lanyards. They’re a snag and strangle hazard and are accidents waiting to happen. Honestly they should be eradicated from parks altogether, before someone gets hurt (or worse). There’s a safer solution that’s been proven to work on all kinds of high speed rides & slides. Stays snugly against body to eliminate risk and works almost anywhere on body (not just waist/hip). Personally I use ‘em daily. It’s called PortaPocket.

  8. Patti

    When my granddaughter was 12, her constant companion was a stuffed bear named “Bear”. She was staying with me at Boardwalk Villas at the time. We thoroughly checked the room before we left, throwing back sheets, etc. for anything that we might had missed. thinking we had done a great job. I returned her to her parents and left for the airport. On the way, I got a panicked, tearful call asking was Bear with me. Unfortunately he was not, so I promptly called the Boardwalk, reported the missing Bear and gave them my contact information.
    I kept telling Maggie that Bear had such a great time at Disney World that he didn’t want to leave but the nice people would find him and send him home.
    The next morning I got a call from BW Lost and Found, saying housekeeping had found Bear. He’d been hiding way under the bed covers and they would be sending him back to me.
    Well, when Bear arrived, I took a picture of Bear (with Little Bear) and he wrote a thank-you note to the CMs thanking them for his safe return. I’m sure they had a giggle over the fact that a stuffed bear had actually sent them a picture of himself along with a note.

    Maggie still has Bear who still sits on her bed. He hasn’t gone wandering by himself since 2008.

  9. Lisa L.

    Our most prominent memory of oblanket. Absolutely r WDW trip in 2011 surrounded a lost and found event. My son, age 5 at the time, had a beloved blanket crocheted by his great aunt from Germany. In other words, irreplaceable and should never have either been brought on the trip or left the hotel room, but hindsight is 20/20. He left the blanket on one of the buses when we went back to our hotel at the end of the day. So, naive me, I figure I’ll just wait for the bus to come back and hope it’s there, having absolutely no concept whatsoever the scope of the transportation system at WDW. Needless to say, that particular bus never came back to our resort that night. I checked every bus for hours (kids were with Dad up in the room) until finally giving up and going back to the room. My son had cried himself to sleep. The next morning after breakfast we went to the lost and found near the transportation and ticket center and it was there!!! Learned some lessons on that trip. The blanket stayed in the hotel room after that and never went on a trip with us again. I’ve never been so grateful for the kindness of strangers for turning in my little guy’s precious “blue blankie”. Absolutely the biggest, most joyful moment of the whole trip when we got it back.

  10. Hazel

    My son lost his wallet, it was found and handed in to guest services at WDW but they charged us a fee to get it back!!

  11. Ryan Babb

    I recently lost my iPhone out of my pocket on the tower of terror. I watched it go up and down on the ride for two days on my find my iPhone app. Reported to lost and found filled out a form and had given up as I was from Toronto and knew I could not get a new phone backed up while on vacation. when the guest services called me as I was actually on the avatar ride at animal Kingdom. Could t believe that they found it so this proof that they do find things and God is great. Thanks Disney.

    1. Barry J Chapman

      How did they call you if you had lost your phone on ToT? Good lord.

  12. frank

    few years back, i was at California adventure. sat in the bench just inside the ticket booths. family returned from restroom and we left. we also left a souvenir bag containing a Jesse hat, chipmunks gat and a walkie talkie. realized bo more than 10 minutes later it was gone.
    checked with cast member and lost and found poof

  13. Lilly

    Definitely *not* my experience. We were staying at the Grand Floridian, and when Housekeeping came to make up the room, somehow they took the obviously-not-Disney pillowcase off of my own pillow, and my (brown, very visible) bear that was given to me by my grandma when I was tiny from inside it.
    As soon as we got back from the parks that evening, I went down to the front desk, but they told me that since that day’s linens had already gone to the laundry, there was nothing they could do. I was heartbroken.

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