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wizarding world of harry potter

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Jasmin

    I went on this ride. My 9 year old who never experienced harry potter asked if it was scary. The worker said no. I was hoping this would be a way to introduce him to harry potter. He was so traumatized by it. I didnt know what to expect either and was so sick by the end of it and crying cause i couldnt comfort my kid while hes screaming so hard.

  2. Catherine

    I was adamant I would not ride it – but was told by my better half that it would be a shame not to as a fan because it was awesome….

    I went through most of the emotions for the first minute but Then I did vomit all over myself at 8:20 am in the morning with a full stomach…. The cast members was very kind, let me wash up in Hogwarts bathroom and presented me with a free t shirt. I will never ride it again – I can still smell the odour of warm vomit on a hot summers day…..

    1. Jack sorek

      I love roller coasters. Morning evening, full stomach or with a cold. But that ride…. Ive never gotten sick on a ride before and its sister ride… Simpsons. Same thing. Simulator timing is off.. Well..back to velocicoaster!

  3. Rodger

    This is still my favorite ride at universal, never saw anyone ready to vomit when getting off it and going through that shop. Must be my timing.

  4. Bob

    Bit melodramatic!

    1. Catherine

      Best ride ever!! Loved it! (I went on it at age 46, my husband 48, and our kids were 16 and 11. We all loved it best!

      1. Pat

        I rode this in my 60’s loved every minute of it and went back for 2nds. And coming back for more in November. That said motion sickness is not very nice. Aren’t there any warnings at the start of the ride?

      2. Kristyn

        I am a woman with a bit of a bigger bust and this was what I also experienced when it came to putting down the bar. It clicked into place, but then the employee gave it a heavy push that made it click one more time and made it hard for me to breath. When I said so, they just shrugged and moved on. Would have been a great ride if I had been able to breath without the fear of cracking a rib.

    2. Nicki

      Yeah for real! And yes, I’ve ridden twice. I also have vertigo.

    3. JustJessee

      Everyone experiences things differently. If I saw someone get off a ride visibly pale, sweat soaked, and twitching I’d think they really went through something, even if I got off the same ride giddy and smiling. My experience doesn’t negate or prove their experience as an overreaction.

  5. HPfan

    I had the exact same experience the last time I rode that ride even though I had been on it a few times before with no problems. Destroyed me for the rest of the day, I couldn’t raise my head or even sit up for I don’t know how long. My husband, who rode with me, thought the video timing was off and that maybe that was why I was so badly affected.

  6. Shea

    I have ridden this ride 3 times. Each time, I’ve sworn I would never ride it again. The last time was my last time….I get motion sickness, so I was able to control myself, but my friend who had never been on it, puked all over herself and some on my leg. No more after that! I still think it’s an amazing ride, but I just can’t handle the jostling and digital graphics

    1. T

      I’m a Theme Park professional, can’t say more, but years ago while visiting the IAAPA convention about a dozen or so industry insiders informally gathered over the course of an afternoon at USH, and found our way into the Harry Potter queue. We all complimented the theming, que, preshow experience etc and shared observations as we wound our way through the line. When we got to the load station though, my plan was to excuse myself while everyone else rode and meet them at the exit as I had ridden before twice in my life and that is more than enough. Turns out, we all had the same plan. Nobody needed to ride again, we just went to see the queue line…

  7. Martin

    Not sure why, but a few years ago, it was more enjoyable, even though I felt just a tad queasy then, but recently I rode and broke out into a cold sweat during the broom riding screen part. I can do every other virtual ride at both parks, including the Simpsons,
    and every roller coaster (Velocicoaster is amazing btw!) without a problem. I think I’m done with the Journey, but sad because I love the castle experience in the queue!

  8. Vincent

    It is a tough ride for motion challenged. I ended up closing my eyes and counting to 100. Ended up nauseous but recovered quickly. Not on my list of things to do..again

  9. JustJessee

    While this is a ot my favorite ride, we do go on it every time we visit. One time though, I had a bit of a panic attack during the ride due to an ‘oopsie’ overlook. When the shoulder restraints came down I had raised my arms up, and the crew came by and did the jiggle to make sure everything was secure. They walk by and I go to lower my arms and only one comes down. My right arm had been wedged between the restraint and the wall of the ride vehicle (was sitting on the end) somehow. I started trying to free my arm and waving with my other, kinda yelling “hey! Hey hello, help!” but we already had taken off. I spent the rest of the ride with a tingling, numb arm flopping up by my head. I was sure it was going to get hit by something but thankfully it was just a few minutes of panic. I was a bit disappointed that the ride kept going with my situation there, i guess I should’ve screamed bloody murder to get their attention but ah well. Ever since then I’mve been sure to immediately drop my arms during the jiggle inspection!

  10. Laurie

    Close your eyes. It’s that simple.

  11. Trent

    Yall complainers just need to go back to disney and stick with the little mermaid.

    1. Will

      Gatekeeping a universal ride? Really?

  12. Christine

    I rodé it with my 2 teens. After a few seconds I started feeling sick so I closed my eyes for the rest of the ride and played I wouldn’t barf. I was not able to go on anymore rides that day and still felt dizzy on our day 2 at Universal. Never again even if you paid me

    1. Jmar408

      Sometimes your frame of mind can make all the difference. Instead of being passive and accepting the onslaught of stimuli hitting your brain, be proactive as if you’re the one in control and flying the bench. It keeps your mind busy so as to disregard all the minute details that tend to make you sick. Tunnel vision can be useful at times.

  13. John Niehaus

    Yep I can ride any rollercoaster, any spinning ride that flips upside down like an enterprise or top spin, and I can do almost all the simulator type rides but The Forbidden Journey and The Simpsons are both nauseating to me…the forbidden journey was making me feel sick during the screens part while any animatronic parts were fine…. Simpsons was just all bad! Idk what it is about it except that visually you are moving one way while the ride is physically moving a different direction. Weird and bad sensation…. won’t be back on either of those two

  14. Mike

    Give me a break. I’m 50 and went on it not having any idea what was about. My 8 year old son also went on. Incredible experience and well done. If you can read English and heed the warnings then you deserve what you get. By the way, if every cast member says it scary, all the kiddos would never go on it. If you read Harry Potter and watch the movies, then you should know what to expect.

  15. Scott

    I know that I have mild issues with motion sickness. I knew it was a screen and live action mix. There are warning signs. But I can typically make it on every single ride. Some certainly make me sick more than others. The ride in Pandora in animal Kingdom about killed me the first time. But knowing there would be screen and movement I was able to just close my eyes for many of the screen events or look at the car next to me and get to see how cool it was with the car on the track holding the people car up in the air. I thought that was pretty cool to see how it operated. I know that’s kind of a peak behind the curtain, but with motion sickness or often peeking behind the curtain or closing our eyes. Closing eyes tends to be the best, so I don’t know why the poster didn’t close her eyes

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