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alex trebek (left) and ken jennings (right) taking a selfie on the jeopardy set

Credit: ABC


  1. Kathryn Thurber

    Definately, Ken Jennings. I like the male voice and i like his personality.

    1. Marie Picciotto

      Definitely Ken Jennings!!

      1. L.

        I like Mayim, She is a perfect host!
        Ken was a great contestant, but not suited for hosting. Mayim just sounds more Professional.

    2. Nancy C Wilson


      1. I agree. Ken Jennings is the best one. IM. Moves around too much drawing too much attention to herself.

      2. Jojo

        I think is Awsome very good

      3. Patrici

        Ken Jennings is the one and the only one! 😊

        1. C

          He understands what it feels like to be a contestant. Plus he us witty and runs a smoothgame.

        2. Bobby Bass

          Jennings takes it seriously. The other is trying to incorporate her own personality into the role far too much.

        3. Barb

          Want Ken. He is more personable. Mayimmaking mistakes and clips off people’s answers.

  2. Les O’Regan

    Ken Jennings!

  3. Jack Greer

    Ken Jennings, hands down! The sooner the better.

    1. Tj

      Mayim Bialik would be better. If Ken Jennings gets it, I’ll quit. Besides hasn’t he took enough from the show?

      1. Jack

        Oops Amen

    2. JN

      Both are excellent candidates, but my vote goes to Mayim Bialik. She’s sincere, bright, interacts well with contestants, and best of all, doesn’t have a lisp.

      1. Jan

        Doesn’t have a lisp! Unkind

        1. Jack

          What about all th3 things said about Mayim?

      2. Pauly

        Ken is the best choice

      3. Lou


    3. Magelene Kilton

      Ken Jennings the perfect host for Jeopardy. The sooner the better. Then I can watch Jeopardy and and enjoy it again.

  4. Flavia

    I will have no interest in the upcoming season if Ken is not the host. The two host charade that the crew is going with now is inadequate at best and pandering at worst.

  5. Jan Dool

    It’s a game show!!
    I like it but truly don’t care who the host is. I like them both.

    1. Paulette

      Finally, Someone who has a Positive response! Thank you Jan, I agree. It doesn’t matter to me either.

      1. Shardo

        I like them both. Why can’t they continue sharing the responsibilities. Then everyone is happy part of the time.

  6. Patricia

    Ken Jennings! Mayim is nice but Ken better. 😁

    1. Paula Hradek

      I like her too

      1. Elaine Bennett

        Ken Jenning is “Mr Jeopardy.” (an extention of Alex.

        1. I just adore Ken. I like Malik. She doesn’t have charism. No natural charm. I’ll still watch the show prayerfully. 😃

    2. Ginny

      Ken Jennings all the way. He is more natural on the stage not like he is acting

  7. Theo Veclotch

    Mayim Bialik is a great actress and a terrible Jeopardy host. She miss speaks, allows wrong answers and her wardrobe is appalling. Please don’t allow her to be the permanent host. I won’t be watching if you do. She is distracting to the game.

  8. Paula Hradek

    I think she does a wonderful job

    1. Joanie Warner

      Ken Jennings!

    2. I do too – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she will continue in the hostess position!

    3. Paulette

      Me too!!

    4. Beverly Schneider

      Buzzy Cohen! HE is the showman! Much more engaging then Ken. I love Mayim but she seems too unpopular with others (not me). So bring on Buzzy.

  9. Bob

    Ken, there is no other choice.

    1. Anna

      Only Ken will do! Alex would approve!

  10. Jewel

    Ken Jennings

  11. Carol

    I prefer Ken Jennings.

  12. Rhonda

    Ken Jennings… At least he waits for the buzzer when time is up. She does not and it’s irritating

  13. Carolyn

    Ken Jennings definitely!! He has a clearer voice that I can hear better. I believe Alex would want Ken.

  14. Dianne

    I want Ken Jennings permanently as host. I believe that would be Alex choice too.

  15. Marlene Mitchell-Kavanaugh

    I like Mayim… but Ken would be a much better candidate as permanent host…he just fits better….I loved her on Big Bang Theory tho…lol

  16. Evelyn

    Please bring Ken Jennings back permanently. Ms. Bialik presses around too much acting “cutesy”. I haven’t watched Jeopardy in months because she “acts” too much.

    1. Cindy

      Please please don’t let ken Jennings host he is most rude

  17. Sally Ann

    I will stop watching if Ken is not the permanent host

    1. JF

      Totally agree…I’m struggling watching Mayim

    2. Sharon Nelson

      I like Mayim best. She doesn’t have to flaunt the fact that she won so much money and Ken has to bring it up every hosting stint he dies. NO ONE can “replace” Alex and it would be nice if all the hateful comments would stop and everyone just accept that Alex was one of a kind, leave Mayim Bialik as host. Stop the criticism about her clothes, men only have to wear a marching suit and tie, women have so much more to consider. She’s doing great and honestly, I really doubt that Alex would approve of all the hateful comments about her.

  18. Cindy

    Ms. Billikens, she adds class to the show

  19. Absolutely Ken Jennings! I wanted him to host more than ever before. He’s much smarter, more intelligent, and a very nice guy. But if he doesn’t get the hosting position, I’m thinking one of the Green Brothers (either John Green or Hank Green) from Mental Floss, SciShow, and Crash Course should host Jeopardy.

  20. Cindi

    No one will ever be able to take Alex’s place but either
    one of the current hosts can fill the Jeopardy shoes!
    The high winning contestants should be reserved for a special appearance/ event.
    That’s my 2 cents!

  21. JF

    KEN JENNINGS WITHOUT A DOUBT…no mistakes w/Ken!
    He’s so natural and nothing is forced about his personality.

  22. Carol S.

    I prefer Mayim Bialik as host. I like her voice tone best. Ken is fine, but his tone is not very smooth.

  23. Tonya R Gregg

    I like Ken Jennings best so I hope it’s him it’s him taking over this in the fall.

  24. Andy

    I prefer Mayim Bialik, but i will continue to watch no matter who is host. The show is about the contestants and not the host.

    1. Paulette

      Touché Andy!!

    2. Pam

      I like them both , but Mayim Bialik has more personality. Buzzy also did a great job !!

  25. Patti

    My firet choice would be Buzzy. He was amazing, but I also like Ken Jennings. Mayim is a hard no. Her demeanor seems forced – especially when the contestants are telling their little stories in the beginning. Don’t even get me started on her clothes. My mom is 80 and isn’t as frumpy. Yes, definitely bring back Ken and for the love of it, get Buzzy as his second.

    1. Rand

      I couldn’t agree more. Since it doesn’t look as if Buzzy will have the opportunity, I definitely favor Ken’s hosting ability. Ive been watching since to top $ value in Double Jeopardy was $200 and it was Art Fleming hosting with Don Pardo as MC.
      It took a bit to get used to Alex, but as we know he became “Mr. Jeopardy”. Ken (or Buzzy) would be an easy transition.

  26. Sharon

    Ken Jennings is my pick. I don’t enjoy watching with Mayim on there. She grates on my last nerve

  27. Debbie

    Ken Jennings for sure. We stopped watching when Mayim became the Host. Her mannerisms, clothing and hesitation was so annoying. She should stick to acting or maybe she should practice in her field of neuroscience that she brags about all the time.

  28. Linda

    Ken Jennings doesn’t try to be the star like Mayim does. Her mannerisms are disruptive to the show, and why does she often wait to say that an answer is correct? AND…who picks her clothes? She’s trying to look business-like, but there are better ways.

    1. Joan

      She’s a disaster. Please bring Ken back

  29. GK Libbey

    Ken Jennings lisps and that annoys me Mayan Bialik mispronounces the wir SINGER and that irritates me too. Both should go. The original producer was the best!

    1. Jean

      Totally agree. Or Brad Rutter would be great also.

  30. Emily Dietz

    Ken Jennings

  31. Bonnye

    Ken! If she stays I will quit watching!

  32. Roz

    I already stopped watching when ken isn’t on.

  33. Colette

    Definitely Ken Jennings, he is excellent!!!
    Please, please not Mayim.
    I haven’t watched it since she’s been the host. I just can’t watch her. She needs to stick with acting!!!!

  34. Karl Gustinger

    Definitely Ken Jennings

  35. Stevie

    Brooke Burns is better than either. She is the best host going currently.

  36. WillyR

    Buzzy Cohen was best guest host to me. Jennings comes over as too smug. He shouldn’t come over like a know-it-all with every answer he reads. Mayim ok. She comes over like she really enjoys what she is doing and that perks up the shows’ feeling. With Buzzy, I enjoyed the entire game, from questions to interviews to his little comments. He came closest to the entire good feeling that ‘Alex’ brought to the game.

  37. Bookaholic

    I like them both, but prefer Mayim Bialik a little more. I like the shared hosting format, and hope they will keep sharing the hosting duties for next season.

  38. Micaela

    Like either Ken or Buzzy! We don’t watch the show when Mayim hosts and make sure it doesn’t record on our DVR during those weeks.

    1. It’s a game show,I couldn’t care less who reads the answers…

  39. Bob

    Anybody but Ken!

    1. Mayim, is probably a good host, but I just don’t see it. I never watched any of her sitcom she stared in. She’s a bit annoying. Some I force myself to watch the show. Perhaps, I shouldn’t read and watch Jeopardy while she’s hosting. No, she’s boring. This is my truth. Blessings!

  40. Ann Magnus

    I don’t see why they cannot share the hosting. They both have different styles but if you want someone like Alex, no one can ever replace him. If they’re going to be spin offs on jeopardy then I’m sure management are the ones making the decisions. Whomever hosts I enjoy the show and will continue tuning in. That’s it for a Canuck! Cheers!

  41. Eva

    Can’t we keep them both?

    1. No, I like consistency! You can’t establish consistency with two host.

  42. Dainty

    Ken Jennings…Period.

  43. Matty Funday

    You mention the “first” spinoff. What happened to Rock N Roll Jeopardy hosted by Jeff Probst pre-Survivor. It didn’t last long, but I liked it.

  44. Smy

    Definitely Ken Jennings

  45. Doh!

    At this point, anyone but Bialik. She has too many quirks to list that I don’t care for.

  46. Susan Surleta

    Definitely Ken Jennings! He understands the entirety of the game, puts the focus on the players and is the closest we can get to Alex though he is irreplaceable. Maybe draws attention to herself, dresses horribly, and has mocked the contestants. If we can’t have Ken, bring on Buzzy!

  47. JoAnne

    Absolutely Ken Jennings!

  48. Sandra DeHaven


  49. Phyllis

    I DEFINITELY wat Ken Jennings to be the perminate host for Jeopardy!!!!!! He is the BEST person for the position!!!

  50. Mike

    I agree I will watch no matter who the host is. Unless it would be Tyra Banks

  51. P. Sephina

    Ken Jennings is BORING! Just what network TV needs another entitled white man. MAYIM ROCKS!

  52. Sue

    Mayim is the perfect host. It is refreshing to see a woman host Jeopardy. She does a great job!

  53. Scott

    Bring back Mike Richards! How long does a guy have to be punished for comments made 10 yrs. ago. But I also agree with Brooke Burns, she is a great host.

  54. Julie

    Definetly Ken Jennings. He doesn’t have to look at the cue card to know the answer. Knows the routine because he’s been in their shoes.

  55. Pat

    I prefer Ms Bialik. Her excitement is contagious.

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