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amber heard testimony

Credit: Screenshot via Law & Crime Network


  1. Ken

    Wow talk about desperate, she needs to take the L and just move on , even if that means disappearing into into obscurity & poor. Lol

    1. Dude

      She will never be poor. There is always an idiot who will finance this spoilt stinky shovel.

    2. lovesdisney

      Amber , let it go.She is so obvious that she needs this story to continue her 15 minutes of fame riding on Johnny’s name and success.Johnny is so over her but will never be able to peel her off his leg.

    3. Yep somebody needs to prosecute her for perjury and for domestic violence

  2. Steve

    She needs to be held in contempt of court.

    1. Sandy

      I agree

      1. M.S.

        So Ms. Heard was suing Mr. Depp for $100m, but she finds a $10.4m settlement to be extravagant? She’s about as good at taking a loss as Donnie.

      2. Raven

        She is so desperate she’ll do anything but own up to her lies!

      3. Yep somebody needs to prosecute her for perjury and for domestic violence

    2. She certainly does. Anything to get out of it

    3. J

      You….don’t know what contempt of court means….do you?

      1. tabbiecat_9

        No matter how many trial there are, Amber Heard is, and will continue to be a liar, through and through. Why isn’t she being prosecuted for perjury? She made so many false statements. She seems really messed up.

  3. Sandy

    I highly doubt Amber will get her appeal. Everyone knows she lied on the stand. She sealed her own fate.

    1. Louise

      I agree! If she does get an appeal are we going to have to sit through all those witnesses again?! OMG! I feel sorry for them!

  4. Give me a break

    Oh please. You’re telling me from April until June… NO ONE on Amber’s side noticed a TWENTY FIVE YEAR age discrepancy???

    It was probably a clerical error… right juror but someone entered the wrong birth year on the computer, and Elaine knows it. This is why the judge told her she didn’t want any more motions to dismiss. It was either appeal or move on with life.

    1. Marge

      So true and besides during the Jury selection both sides have to agree to the Jury panel. So why didn’t they bring up 15’s age then? Just grasping at straws.

  5. Mph

    Is she looking to be slammed with perjury? If I were her, I’ll start selling everything and move to the Caiman islands before the court take over her properties and give them to JD. Fool

    1. Angie

      Y’all prove over and over that you all do not know one iota about the legal system. It’s actually annoying.

      1. Emmy

        Good one Angie. And likely true. Lol

      2. Cheryl

        Agreed. The juror was sent the summons to be a juror and he/she was interviewed by the attorneys. They should have noticed the age of the juror.
        She just needs to quit dredging all this stuff up or she could end up being sued for perjury. I knew she would write a book. I think nobody should buy it.

      3. Colleen

        Oh PLEASE….ENLIGHTEN US, our “BRILLIANT” legal queen! 🙄

    2. tabbycat

      She can’t seem to shut up even when it’s obvious she’s her own case.

      1. tabbycat


        1. Pewp

          Desperate. If she gets a retrial I hope the jury makes her pay more money for wasting everyone’s time.

      2. Pewp

        Desperate. If she gets a retrial I hope the jury mak es her pay more money for wasting everyone’s time.

  6. Kris

    . What happen to I just want Johnny to leave me alone ..

    1. lovesdisney

      She lied about that to.

    2. Ann

      She can’t move on. She is a demonic spirit that is assigned to Johnny to torment him as long as he lives or until he can break free from her. Hopefully she will go broke trying to clear her name. Thank God he didn’t have any children by her.

  7. Theresa

    Can you imagine what her child is going to pull up on the internet when it gets older? She needs to stop and safe whatever reputation she has left!

  8. María Gómez

    Anybody deserve a fair trial. If the jury lie. To bad lying in on trial.

    1. Teri


    2. Teri


  9. Traci

    This woman is psychotic. The more she talks, the more she reveals how mentally ill she is. She needs to be committed. She’s a train wreck and I don’t see things ending well for her. Poor JD! Can you imagine trying to deal with this freak 24/7? He paid a hefty price for a “mid-life crisis.” Barely escaped with his life.

    1. Charles

      That’s exactly what I thought.imagine being caught in this nightmare of living at home with her antics and madness on one hand and on the other hand keeping up appearances for fear of being judged by the public as stands to happen with famous people. Jesus, I’m surprised he never thought of pulling the plug on life itself. What a torturous situation.

      1. JEM

        Please will someone put her in a institution and be rid of her. She definitely need to be evaluated

    2. lovesdisney

      Similar traits of Phil Hartman’s wife.

    3. Ann

      The only thing that I do not like about your comment was that I didn’t think to say it before you. On that note, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  10. Temperance

    According to Turd only SHE is allowed to lie and get away with it??😂

  11. It would be in her best interest to let this go. If you purchase her book or watch her movie, you are support her and her lies. She needs help!

    1. Well put. Most of us human beings can tell the difference. I’m just glad he got his say in court after he lost in the UK for the liable trial. If she was a smart woman and she would just leave this alone and put it behind her instead of still defending her lies. And if she had a brain in her head she would do it before she loses her looks. I really feel sorry for her, but I have a feeling that Amber Heard s*** show isn’t over 🙄 I love reading all the support for Johnny! ” The thing speaks for itself ! ” ☮️

      1. So sorry was talk texting. libel not liable. Whatever you guys know what I meant!

    2. Debbie

      Amber,is planning to write a book? Does she want to get sued again? She is just proving,by her actions,what was said in court. Obviously,she is a very disturbed and pathetic person!

      1. lovesdisney

        Proves she likes writing about this, wasn’t most of her trial lies about defending that she didn’t write anything and didn’t want to, and wouldn’t?

  12. Dee

    Just give it up ignoramus!! You aren’t filling anybody but yourself Amber!!

  13. Dee


  14. Isabell

    The fact that she’s going after that juror but if it had landed in her favor she wouldn’t question it she needs to shut the f up and sit right back down

  15. Brandon

    She shall get her voice back 🤣🤣 She will involuntarily educate us with 1st hand information about narcissist mindsets. All victims shall take note of her words and actions. It well help them to deal with the monsters in their lives.

    1. Ks

      Yes this is a very good point thankyou. Can you believe it’s a real narcissist here teaching us all how they behave


  17. Coocho

    Never justice in this trial. .Depp got away with too much.

    1. Shannon

      Ok Amber

    2. Tee

      Nope, but good try!

  18. Farai Chiwandire

    Waiting for the narcissist Johnny Depp to tell his fans to stop threatening Amber Heard with their vitriol. Also hope she appeals and we get to see Depp for what he really is.. a narcissist who pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes

    1. Amandacap

      part of the’ 1% that believes this.So You think he hoodwinked 99% of the’ world. I do believe ^^^ you have been payed by Heards publicity team to spew this nonsence

    2. Shannon

      Amber stop, we all know you and your sister make these comments.

      1. Ks

        Seriously I believe amber and her sister make this coments as well.

    3. She certainly does. Anything to get out of it and is still doing it

    4. Clnorris

      I agree that Johnny Depp is a Narcissist and lied just as much as Amber Heard. I believe they abused each other and neither one should have gotten a cent. Heard was not likable and a bad actress but Depp is a bloated almost 60 year old, who sunk his own career by being a drunk and an addict. I don’t see why so many take Depp’s side. He wanted this train-wreck of a relationship to be made public to ruin her and try to make himself look better. What kind of man would want to make this horror story public? A sad pathetic one…they both are psychotic and we are less than having watched it. UK got it right…

      1. Cheryl

        It was AH who wanted to put it all in the public.

      2. Ks

        Go home amber

    5. JS

      Hi Amber and cronies! Hope you are having a great 4th of July!

    6. Ks

      Amber is that you please get help

  19. George

    @Coocho, what did Johnny Depp get away with?

    @Farai Chiwandire, in what way is Johnny Depp a narcissist?

    It seems to me you are all good at victim blaming. Johnny Depp was the victim as much as you are trying to say otherwise, he’s the victim…

    1. Shannon

      Bet she has people making those comments in her defense. Pretty much guarantee it lol

  20. amandacap

    a clerical error.They are grabbing at straws

  21. Diana

    I think she’s trying any way she can to avoid paying the money she owes him. She lied about donating the divorce settlement. She just showing how mentally disturbed and desperate she is. Hollywood needs to dump her and send her back to obscurity

    1. Ks

      She is in big trouble in Australia for perjury about lying to court about bringing dogs into country.

  22. Mickeymouse3

    So, both attorneys were able to question this juror thru the voir dire process.
    Both attorneys accepted this juror.
    Both attorneys presented their case to the jury and the jury rendered their decision, after hearing both sides of the case.
    Now AH wants to say a juror should be disqualified because the juror’s birthyear might be wrong?
    What does that matter? This juror was still vetted by her attorney.
    I vote to deny the appeal.

  23. Everybody has forgotten and no one has since asked
    “what ever happened to the bee?”
    Did it surive or did it die a horrible death after being stepped on by AH’s pooch?

  24. “what ever happened to the bee?”
    Did it surive or did it die a horrible death after being stepped on by AH’s pooch?

  25. Roxanna

    I am with Johnny, he’s not responsible for juror.

    1. Ks

      Haha. Good comic relief she is. What does her dog and this bee got to do with anything. Filler. Make up stuff so she can keep talking and looking sad. Her sad face

  26. Roxanna

    Johnny isn’t responsible for the juror, the blame is on the court.

  27. Sheila

    She lied in the UK and that was proven in the last trial. That trial was decided by a Judge not a Jury so should we all say he was biased towards the lieing Amber.



  29. DB

    If I recall, when I was asked for jury duty, they ask your ID to verify who you are, as stated on the letter recieved. Your DOB is on the ID. She’s fishing.

  30. I just watched a movie she was in. If that was acting, then she was definitely acting on the stand. I will never watch another of movies!

  31. This is ridiculous already! Amber lost the case move on. What she said is lies. I thought she just wanted to get through this and move on? She is giving alot of interviews still trying to defame JD. It’s getting a bit sickening already. Pay up and move on already Amber.

  32. Roslei

    Move on Amber your making yourself even look more stupid.

  33. Tina

    She has such dead eyes. I fully believe Johnny. He has too many witnesses. And I still think that since he wears the rings all the time, there would have been much more damage. Plus the fact that the man can hardly see, IF the internet is telling the truth. So, go Johnny, BOO Amber.

  34. Carl

    She is so desperate. She is scraping the barrel now. She will also be charged with perjury in Australia. She is pathetic and for someone who wanted to get away from Johnny she’s doing her best to torment him. Liar, bipolar disorder and histrionic behavior says it all.

  35. L

    Wait a minute, are they actually looking at the private information on the jury now? That’s a serious violation of privacy and she could get sued by said juror for being singled out. This is typical narcissistic behavior- anyone who does not side with her is immediately subject to her abuse. Why is her lawyer even allowing this to escalate? She has more to lose than to gain from siding with Heard.

    So in the UK she is allowed to have a judge who was already in connection to her book to win case, but when it’s in the US she nitpicks at the people for their age or saying she will write a tell all in retaliation? Just how stupid can someone get?

  36. She never had a chance – convicted by the Depp cult from the get go … branding her a liar and idolizing his lies like he’s cute and funny ..

    1. Steve

      She lied on the stand. Perjury. The only people still defending her are doing it for political reasons. Buhleave Wahmen.

    2. Betsy

      She ruined his life with her classic Borderline Personality vindictiveness. “How dare you leave me. You’ll pay for this.”

      Heard didn’t have a chance against THE TRUTH. The recordings proved it.

  37. Jamie Coughlin

    She can’t afford to appeal, she has to put up the entire judgement plus interest every year and they say she is “broke” although she can afford to live like she’s rich. Depp isn’t perfect but he’s a far cry from the craziness that is AH. Unlike her he IS moving on with his life, she needs to do the same.

    1. Betsy

      Before the trial, Heard’s net worth was NEGATIVE $6M.

  38. Mike

    Think she is a liar , desperate and a terrible actress . The trial proved that……move on 🤔

  39. Joanne

    They were both violitale and need to move on!

  40. Got

    Looks like it’s never easy to win a war against a gold digger , less a hooker. She needs to move on.

  41. It’s sad that the individual with the most money wins . How many of you have survived spousal abuse and came out sane ? What was it when with The Bret Kavanaugh hearing Believe All Woman? Something that supposedly happened how many years before by a woman that didn’t remember who was in the room or how she got home attempted to smear a man going before the Supreme Court one week before his appointment? Believe all women? I was beaten on a regular basis and married to a wealthy man . I was only a Registered Nurse . I caught him with another woman. Filed for divorce. He tried to take the children and had me take a psychological evaluation. He failed but I did not . Of course it was thrown out of court. He paid the judge and the attorney off . He was self employed. Drove a Cadillac and lived in a 4 bedroom/ 3 bath home . The courts had my income and I was forced to continue paying for his insurance! My child’s insurance and 75% of all her medical expenses. Did I say she was handicap? He married his girlfriend 30 days after the divorce and attempted to add her to the insurance. Their marriage lasted 2 yrs because she did not want to be bothered with a handicap child . She was also 5 yrs older than me . 10 yrs later the judge and his attorney went to prison because the judge was caught on camera taking money on a high profile case that made the newspaper. The attorney was involved with other dirty dealings . So I feel sorry for Amber but evidently the producer believes Amber because Johnny will not be getting any further roles with him

    1. Roger H.

      I honestly find this funny asf because she’s taking herself down even more than she already did, she’s accusing everyone with committing perjury.. and i can’t wait for the next trial so see y’all in the livestream!

      (Emily Baker’s stream ofc 😉

    2. Betsy

      I am a survivor of DV and SA. I’m also NOT narrow minded. I had a friend who was repeatedly beat up by his wife. We all saw the evidence. Once, he had 2 black eyes! ABUSE IS GENDERLESS.

  42. DjO

    Can’t stand to finally be wrong and have people actually push back against her lies. She’s been so used to getting her way, saying it her way, and acting her way. Sad

  43. Robin

    Amber should count her blessing. She got off easily. That judge was just trying to be nice and just give her something. Knock it off Amber you will not and do not deserve better than you got. Some of us are ticked you got anything at all!

  44. Honestly, enough is enough!

  45. J

    They should charge her for perjury for so many lies caught under oath.

  46. Tyrone

    This woman is gor recreational use only. What decent man is going to take her seriously in a relationship. Pump and dump is my advice

  47. stinki

    give her a break guys, her dog stepped on a bee.
    (hope she keeps digging herself till gets criminally charged)

  48. Betsy

    “Allegedly.” Judge A. is highly intelligent & highly respected. Amber lied repeatedly. Elaine behaved absurdly during the trial and after — highly unprofessional. Their 44 pg brief is idiotic. Amber’s career is over as is Elaine’s. I agree Amber committed perjury in this trial, in Australia, and in the UK.

  49. Teri

    Judge A won’t go for this nonsense. Jury was vetted by both sides and a typo and she wants a mistrial? Amber Heard go back under your rock. DV has no gender!

  50. Cheryl C

    Does she really think there would be a different outcome in a retrial? She’s a liar and everyone knows it. Her lousy acting on court didn’t work either

  51. Cheryl

    Does she really think there would be a different outcome in a retrial? She’s a liar and everyone knows it. Her lousy acting on court didn’t work either


    amber TURD can’t believe she doesn’t just GO AWAY, she’s like a bad penny.

  53. GG

    Amber Heard surely must be tired by now? But, oh no… with the possibility of clutching to fame / infamy whilst creating further distraction and further distraction so we are constantly distracted and stuffed with further distraction to ignore the extremely obvious lies, guilty as charged domestic abuse. You are guilty, Amber. And, you are proving this more and more with your obsession for attention and your ex-husband’s (v. Successful and long) career. Unlike your own.

    The psychopathy is ugly. She cannot got off the wheel and she will hit a wall, again.

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