Johnny Depp’s Triple-Canceled Movie Is Now Streaming For Free

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The controversial film featuring Johnny Depp is now streaming for free.

Johnny Depp has been in the spotlight for the last several months due to ongoing legal battles with ex-wife Amber Heard. Following a six-week live-stream trial for the public, Mr Depp was awarded $10.35 million compared to the $2 million that Ms Heard received in damages.

amber heard (left) and johnny depp (right) in formalwear on bighorn red carpet
Credit: ABC

Before the trial began, Depp was reportedly canceled by Disney and he was replaced by Margot Robbie for the lead role in the upcoming next installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. While there have been rumors of Depp return to Disney, a spokesperson recently shared that those reports were not true, but hope still remains that he might make a return to the company in the future.

While you may have to wait a while to see Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, there is a film that you can stream for free that features a triple-canceled cast. 

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
Credit: Disney

The Ninth Gate, a 1999 supernatural thriller starring Johnny Depp and disgraced actor Frank Langella, directed by the infamous European director Roman Polanski. Of course, Langella was fired from a film adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher for allegations of misconduct and Polanski was accused of sexually assaulting a minor in 1977 and subsequently fled the United States.

The description for the movie reads:

Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) specializes in tracking down rare and exotic volumes for collectors. Boris Balkan (Frank Langella) has recently acquired a seventeenth-century satanic text called The Nine Gates- a legendary book written by Satan himself. With The Nine Gates in his possession, Corso soon finds himself at the center of strange and violent goings-on. Not only is his apartment ransacked, it appears that he is being shadowed ferociously by others determined to regain the book.

Johnny Depp The Ninth Gate
Credit: The Ninth Gate

The movie can be streamed on the Roku Channel for free.

Since the trial with Amber Heard ended, Johnny Depp has been working on several musical projects and has even begun filming again.

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