Comments for Another Ex of Johnny Depp Comes Forward, Says She Knows “The Truth” About Actor

johnny depp waving to fans

Credit: ABC 7 Chicago


  1. Linda

    Johnny spoke the truth…
    He is free from that wretched woman..

  2. Sara

    He is innocent and its sad that Amber will not let him go. There is to much against her, she has no report from police, nurses or doctors. Saying yes she was abused. If he abused women do you REALLY think it would stay hidden this long? When you are a Hollywood worker NOTHING stays hidden for long.

    She calls everyone a liar and then she says that she can’t possibly come up with Johnny’s 10 million but here she’s able to come up with 8.3 million for this appeal so it’s yet another lie she is telling.

    She can pay the 10 Million she just doesn’t want to do it. I mean hell she bought a mansion worth 500 000 right after she lost. She needs to grow up and pay her bills.

    Hope she realizes if this goes high enough they can change her owing him from 10 Million to 20 Million. I’m glad she is doing this. Who knows if Johnny and his lawyers play it right maybe he will get more then 10 Million

    You made your Bed Amber time to lay on it. She uses the excuse “Well I lost because I’m being hated on by Twitter, Facebook, tictok and the likes”

    Your hated on because your a woman who lies and when you get caught in a lie you can’t handle it. You will loose because you bought the UK judge you can’t be a judge and jury

  3. Lynn Gelski

    Johnny Depp’s creativity has given
    the breath of life to the Pirates of the Caribbean and all following sequels. The entire series was based of the genius, and acting incredulous brilliance of Johnny Depp. No one can replace him.

    1. Teena

      I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I know for me, I won’t be watching another Pirates unless he is Jack Sparrow. Good job Disney.

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