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Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day Resurgence

Credit: 20th Century Studios



    I hope so much that there will be a sequel to “Independence Day Resurgence”.
    What I wish there were in “Independence Day ” TV series is :
    -the majority of these musics: “Alien Ship Powers Up” from 0:26 to 1:05,
    “International Code” from 0:18 to 1:04,
    “He Did It” from 0h00 to 0:33 and from 0:43 to 0:54,
    “End Titles” from 6:31 to 7:32;
    -the majority of the actors of the first “Independence Day” movie using their same characters in addition to Jeff Goldblum: David Levinson, Brent Spiner: Brackish Okun, Judd Hirsch: Julius Levinson, Adam Baldwin: Major Mitchell, the children of Russell Casse: Miguel Casse Alicia Casse and Troy Casse, but also Bill Pullman: Thomas J. Whitmore (in a flashback) and Will Smith: Steven Hiller is in a Flashback, or resurrected by explaining that his character did not die during the explosion of the hunter alien hybrid, but everyone believed him dead although his body was not found, or he was passed as dead while in a coma.
    -A major resistance fight, which makes up the humans and other aliens victims of the Harvesters, against the aliens / Harvesters.

    1. Taylor

      God I hope not. Resurgence was never meant to happen.

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