Comments for 17 Years Later, ‘Harry Potter’ Phenomenon Quidditch Officially Changes Name

Harry Potter Gryffindor Quidditch Team

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. Lisa

    You can’t cut ties with the Author and then STEAL the game she created in her mind and brought to life by page. They go hand in hand. It is a game brought alive by the words and writings of the author. If you want to cut ties and no longer want to be affiliated with her, then you are going to have to invent your own game free of HER ideas. You can’t just take it over and call it your own just by changing a few letters in the name. That is the true definition of theft. Seriously?

    1. Deb

      It’s ridiculous just because someone has a different opinion,what happened to freedom of speech

      1. Dude

        You realize freedom of speech just means you can’t get arrested for saying certain things. It doesn’t give you any more rights than that.


          Oh, the lawsuits
          …!!! 😆😆😆

      2. MLL

        They lie. They changed the name, because they want to sell the rights to show their games on ESPN or FOX Sports. The trans issue is a diversion. If they think Warner Brothers, JK’s publisher and even JK will not hit them with copyright, and trademark violation claims and law suits, they are neive. If a sports channel is smart the will not touch “quad ball” with a ten foot broom.

    2. E

      Gotta agree. Not a fan of JK, but this WAS her creation. Idk how official it is though. And honestly, quadball? They couldn’t be even a smidge more clever?

    3. Patricia

      I love the Harry Potter books. I’m not much of a sports fan so Quidditch was never my favorite part of the story. I completely agree with Lisa. Changing the name doesn’t change the fact that they are playing a game based on Rowling’s creation of the game. If they disagree with her, then they need to go find a different game to play or invent their own. Changing the name isn’t enough.

      1. Jason Sanders

        I think America is becoming the land of the bitter and butt hurt. All the transgender folk need to get over themselves and accept that people aren’t going to agree that men are women and women are men.

        1. Jennifer

          People do accept transgender people. You don’t. And other hateful people also don’t but don’t speak for me because I know full well that transgender people deserve the right to be who they are without people like you judging them. You are the one who needs to get over yourself!

    4. TERF Executer

      Stay mad transphobe

      1. STQ

        No, you sound like you’re angry with your ridiculous moniker. The world doesn’t bend just because people like you cry

        1. Jennifer

          The world doesn’t over your hateful attitude!

    5. Faye

      I totally agree! Quidditch is what she created. I will never call this game by any other ridiculous name.

      1. Krystle

        Totally agree with you

      2. Ana


    6. Krystle

      I totally agree with you quad ball how ridiculous

    7. Marcus the wise

      Honestly, transgenders are tarnishing their own reputation by trying to disconnect this story world from its creator because she has voiced an opinion they don’t like.

      1. Jennifer

        The people in the sport are the ones separating. This is what the problem is. You read something and then add your own agenda to it and then run your mouth. Any reason to be hateful to people you don’t understand!

    8. Well said! How hypocritical can these quadball theives be? They don’t mind stealing the game she created in her mind, but they need to change the name she gave it. WTAF???

  2. Woke dorks

    I’m not one to say this usually, but these people need to grow up and get a life.

    1. Dan F.

      According to a close friend, who just happens to be a lead genetics instructor, if you’re born an XX, you will die an XX; same for XY’s. YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR DNA !!!
      I agree that everyone is entitled to be what they want to be……within reason and science.
      Maybe the alphabet folks need to accept that they are the ones who are confused !

      1. A

        Couldn’t agree more

      2. Jennifer

        If you don’t think DNA can change you are truly lost. Ever hear of evolution lol!

        1. Dern

          Evolution is not even close to an individuals DNA changing… evolution occurs over multiple generations, not within an individual’s lifetime.

          Yes, your DNA can change to a certain extent, but that’s not evolution, that’s mutation…
          And whatever set of chromosomes you are born with cannot be changed. So if you’re born with 2 X chromosomes, you will always have 2 X chromosomes.

    2. TERF Executer

      Stay seething IMO

      1. sfcpres

        Live and let live. You’re poisonous posts prove why so much anger exists towards that community.

  3. Laura

    So incredibly ridiculous! How can you cut ties when you aren’t the one who created the sport…she did! I’m sure there is a lawsuit waiting to happen! You basically are stealing her ideas and then trying to make them your own! Create your own sport!

    1. TERF Executer

      Stay mad

      1. Frank Potter

        Wow….your persistence in expressing your amazing stupidity through multiple reply, saying the same ignorant crap each time, is almost impressive.

      2. TerfIsAnIdiot

        Die sooner.

    2. Krystle

      Seriously I hope they get sued.
      Odd how people comment the people should live and let live except if you don’t agree with a certain agenda.
      There’s someone agrees with her opinion or not she still has the Freedman right to express an opinion whether you like it or not whether you agree with it or not.

  4. K b

    I’m mostly confused how a pretend game on flying broomsticks can even be an actual organized sport irl…..

    1. Idiots in motion


  5. No Sense Whatsoever

    Intentions are honorable, but execution is flawed. It doesn’t make sense to change the name of the sport because you want to distance yourself from the creator, because by that logic, everything within the wizarding world would have to be renamed or changed too.

  6. Mr White

    No one but weird queer o sexuals play this, its no big day and was never official anyway. Just some people taking a made up sport, they can’t actually play way too seriously.

    My guess is they want to sell merchandise but JKR told them no / she wants a fair cut of the game she invented.

    1. TERF Executer


  7. *Facepalm*

    Never since gym class in elementary school have I heard ANYONE play Quidditch IRL, and honestly it’s ridiculous, ESPECIALLY when they try to change the name of the sport that Rowling herself has created!! If you really want to move away from the author, instead of changing the name that she created, play something else like rugby or lacrosse, or make your own game!!

  8. Jason

    Legit thought this was a parody article like in The Onion at first.

  9. MLL

    They are inclusive? Look at most of their game videos. The teams are all usually four guys and one woman. Next it will be four guys and a transwoman. I even saw a team that was four women and one guy. How disingenuous they are. Just have some integrity and make female and male teams. No trans women on the female teams.

  10. MLL

    These kids better lawyer up. Warner Brothers is coming for their silly little league. They will be destroyed. Will be no match for WB, and the quad ball groups may have to pay compensation to WB.

  11. Isabel

    This is ridiculous, love her or hate her she invented this sport. It is very wrong, if they want they can invent their own game and btw, Quadball sounds very stupid.

  12. Imsimplyboredd

    Why? I don’t see the point, it’s unnecessary.

    And honestly, Quidditch sounds way better than Quadball.

    How many years have passed by since the end of the story? There’s really no need to change the name of it.

    You’re renaming the sport because she’s transphobic? What does that have to do with anything?

  13. Draycos

    After reading some of these toxic comments, I have to say the change of name makes sense for a different reason. It’s not REALLY Quidditch, is it? Just like Teeball and Softball and Kickball is not really Baseball, though they are based on it. Quadball is not played on flying broomstick with magically propelled balls. Therefore it is based on Quidditch but isn’t actually Quidditch.

    1. Sebarrison

      Based on. All these people hating on Rowling. Infact you are the one to be called toxic. Rowling said what’s on her mind. She follows her own suit. What can you say about those who support Trans people. They need to be cancelled too. You are either born a male are a female. And let’s return to the actual topic. The so called Qaudball is just imaginary quidditch. It is literally JK’s invention. You can’t take someone’s idea and make it your own by just changing the name. Would it even exist if Rowling didn’t create it? Think.

  14. sfcpres

    “…have more than four players of the same gender on the field at a time,”.
    So how do they handle those that identify as something else?

  15. LeavePeopleAlone

    There is an easy fix to this debate: 1. No one in these apparent leagues was EVER actually playing Quidditch. Unless I missed the memo that brooms are a new mode of transportation then the playing of ACTUAL QUIDDITCH IS IMPOSSIBLE.

    Meaning that the games are not the same & should never have shared the same name at all PERIOD.

    An obvious easy fix that, and while I DO NOT agree with Rowling’s views about a lot more than the just the rights of transpeople – at least it seems likely anyway- it shouldn’t be the story here.

    Although it was made to be the story here to get ppl to read it! And further engage in intolerance & bigotry amo get eachother which then fuels it elsewhere in their lives.

    What Rowling or anyone believes if up to them but can’t she & everyone else just stfu & live their own Iives in peace?Instead of going around purposefully continuing the cycle of hate?


    1. SRQrebel

      Nailed it.

  16. Jennifer

    There are a bunch of first world crybabies on here. If you are so upset over a name change of a game that you don’t watch and don’t play then please grow up and get a life. The rest of us are dealing with real life issues like economy and climate changes. Stop judging transgender people, specially if you claim to be Christian. Jesus wouldn’t treat any of these people the way you are!

  17. Captin Reality

    You guys are all a bunch dorks. This comment section made me laugh so hard, thanks. I especially love the person preaching inclusion and love while telling people to die.
    *chefs kiss*

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