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Credit: Disney


  1. Michelle

    I’ve read that cast members recently didn’t communicate with people stuck on Splash Mountain. That’s probably what happened here. I don’t think it’s funny at all. I think it’s a disgrace. Not everyone knows how understaffed Disney is and how there service is garbage. Word will continue to get around though I’m sure.

  2. I think yelling for help was a bit much. Every time I have ever broken down on a Disney ride cast members eventually come and help you off the ride. Because this evacuation was not fast enough they resorted to yelling “help” which could have made the cast member think there is something really wrong and their attention would be diverted to deal with this non existent emergency situation.

  3. Mari

    I was stuck in Disneyland Space Mountain ride in a downward coaster and so the wait inside the coaster took 45+ minutes because only the Firefighters have a key to lock the coaster before being able to safely disembark

    1. Firefly

      Whenever this happens, every park guest should receive a pass for admission to the park on a future day.

      1. Travis Weberling

        @Firefly, O agree with you 100%, BUT I don’t think that’ll ever happen. They meaning the suits & staff at Disney don’t seem to care anymore about wether guests are happy there or not.

        1. Travis Weberling

          @ Firefly, I meant to say I agree 100%.

  4. Mari

    But no screaming took place

  5. Deb

    Well the video made me giggle 🤣

  6. D

    1. This is not the “first of its kind” Rollercoaster. Universal Japan has had one like this style, moving cars independently,for years. 2. There are always announcements when rides have problems.

  7. LA Wayland

    Guardians of the Galaxy is the most phenomenal ride ever. The imagineers truly outdid themselves on this one.

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