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Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Credit: Disney


  1. Kathleen

    Since reopening of parks the amount of ride downtime has been unacceptable. If a local carnival broke down that much sensible people would refuse to ride. Yes, rides will break down anywhere but when the obvious lack of real maintenance becomes widespread then there is a problem to be addressed.

  2. Anthony

    Translation: Johnny Depp won, so we didn’t have to remove his character from the ride. Re-open the ride!

  3. Kris

    From “how dare they change a ride” to “how dare they not change a ride” in less than a week for some of these “fans”. It’s almost like people will complain about anything 🤷‍♀️

  4. Robert


  5. Dawn

    They never said that anything was changing, in fact when it was closed it was to remove the trees from the queue since they were diseased. Between that and the remodel of the pathways in the area…. that was it. They had some AC/air duct issues needing repaired as well. But nothing was changing. People just jump on a bandwagon and get upset for no reason.

    1. My CM friends indicated they also added more security cameras

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