Comments for Woman Brings Loaded Gun to Disney World, Gets Banned From Parks

disney's hollywood studios empty street

Credit: Disney


  1. R

    Ahh “magical”.

    I think it is enviable that something VERY bad will happen at those parks. Of course, it will be because of the EVIL weapon AND EVERYONE who ever responsibly, reasonably, legitimately, legally, owned a weapons fault! There will be a fervor to do away with the Bill of Rights, as always. More inane laws added to the 20,000 p,us laws and regulations that restrict the rights of EVERYONE EXCEPT CRIMINALS, Illegally owned or obtained weapons. Sadly, this is inevitable. Because the solution is beyond easy. You commit a crime with a weapon (except self defense) its an automatic 20 years no parole in prison and then the added charges of robbery, murder, assault, etc., go on top of that. Start putting weapon toting criminals in and under the same treatment J6ers are getting you will see a huge reduction in the violence. Bring back ALL the gang units with 50% greater numbers than the early 90s and you can be sure of a reduction. That will not happen because it would be proactive not reactive. It would protect innocent people and we don’t do that anymore. It would penalize law breakers and we don’t do that either anymore. It would punish the guilty, instead of a person who did nothing wrong three states away and we don’t do that anymore. So as I said, it’s sadly inevitable and thouroughly preventable..

    1. Steve

      Modern leftists believe the constitution protects abortion but not the right to bear arms. It’s the fault of entire generations being indoctrinated in government schools.

      1. kurt

        You sound homeschooled.

        1. F

          Your welcome.

  2. Vicki

    Does no one think it’s odd that the HUSBAND wanted to bring in a gun and the family told him no and then WIFE is found with one! I think he put it in her bag and hoped that she wouldn’t get caught but if she did it would be on her! I hope he got banned too. AND I hope she divorces him!

  3. Unfortunate soul

    Very sus to me.. how did the woman not know the gun was in her purse.. every woman knows what’s in their purse.. very very sus to me.. that’s all I’m sayin..

  4. kurt

    The good guy with a gun is a myth. No such person.

  5. kurt

    Good guy with a gun is a myth. No such person.

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