Fans Debate Best Way To Eat Classic Disneyland Snack

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They’re in nearly every gift shop at Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney: giant, alluring rainbow lollipops that cause Guests of all ages to reach for their wallets! (Or maybe their parents’ wallets…)

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After coming home from Disneyland Resort with an enormous stick lollipop, u/Roheavy2002 took to Reddit to ask other Disney Parks fans how to enjoy the iconic treat best:

How the heck do you eat these things?! Got this from downtown Disney from Disneyland

u/snarkprovider, living up to their name, shared the most popular response:

A rite of passage is trying to rewrap it and finally giving up and throwing away 2/3 of it.

Holidays at Disneyland Resort - “A Christmas Fantasy” Parade at Disneyland Park
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In response, u/thatwaswayharsh offered a genius, practical solution to save the giant candy for later:

Nope. You get your empty plastic water bottle and stick it upside down so the candy part is covered.

Another Disneyland fan, u/Mechanicalpolly, suggested using a cutting board and a hammer to break it down into more manageable pieces and saving the rest in a sandwich bag. “If you drop it accidentally, you get the same but less sanitary results,” they joked.

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u/sideofspread agreed but said that if Guests want to enjoy the lollipop while in a Disney Park, they recommended that they “break it on like a railing of cement bench inside the gift bag, them unwrap it once it’s broken apart.”

Other Disneyland fans were less practical. “Rub your tongue raw on sugar, teeth feel gross, then it goes in the trash,” u/abcdefCookieMonster wrote.

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u/hpotter29 was more specific with their anecdote, writing:

You make a good faith effort for a bit until your hands get all sticky. And your bag gets all sticky. Then your phone and everything in your pockets get all sticky. Eventually, in sticky desperation, you look for a child with a bubble blowing toy and ask to be immersed in soapy cleanser. But then you’re just kind of damp and sticky. Eventually you leave the LolliSabre stuck to the interior of a Space Mountain car. Possibly by accident.

What do you think is the best way to eat a Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort rainbow lollipop? Let us know in the comments! 


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