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  1. JenL

    We were at DLP yesterday and Tuesday and it was extremely crowded. It was also in the high 90s and a lot of the rides were periodically shut down due to the heat. We had to be evacuated from the Casey Jr circus train, which resulted in a pleasant stroll through their version of the storybook boat land. We did crush’s coaster (it’s awesome, I highly recommend it) during Early Magic hour right at rope drop but still ended up waiting about 40m to ride, thanks to an issue with our room key scanning into the park delaying us 5 minutes. Thanks to the extreme heat and long lines, we ended up spending about 500€ over two days (for a family of 4) on fast passes (called Premier Access). I currently have a Disneyland Dream key, and last visited WDW in November, so I’m used to crowds, long lines, and giving Disney our money…there are a few really special rides (and this Hyperspace Mountain with the inversions is fantastic, so much better than the DL version!) but I don’t think we’ll be back to DLP for several years—the Iron Man coaster reskin will have to wait.

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