Comments for Fans Mock Jeff Bezos For “Pathetic” Disneyland Photo


Credit: ABC


  1. J

    Sounds like some in the twitterverse are a little jealous.

  2. Steve

    If he stopped trying to get everyone to war bugs, maybe he wouldn’t have to hide so hard.

  3. John

    Pretty innocuos behavior. I really wealthy guy wanted to experience a ride. So what?
    Seeems like it’s a hobby for some to pick apart others

  4. Mickeymouse3

    People come from all walks of life and each makes differing amounts of money. I have no idea what the person sitting next to me on an attraction makes or does for a living, nor do I care. If Bezos was sitting next to me, so what? He’s enjoying time with his family or whoever. Kind of a shame that a person of his wealth, and notoriety, has to resort to riding alone because of it.

  5. I had to ride Space Mountain by myself because my Husband has a bad back. I don’t see anything wrong with this! Jeff Bezos is a person who happens to have a lot of money. At least he didn’t shut the whole park down. Or, hog it all to himself like the Kartrashians.

  6. DLand

    That looks like fun, having a whole Space Mountain car all to yourself because I NEVER get to see me & whomever I’m with in the photo because they shoo you out of there so fast you don’t get to see yourself 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Steve

      I hope they at least did a lights on for him.

    2. Al

      You go, dude! I’d definitely do solo stuff all that I could at parks given the opportunity! You rock, brother!

  7. Steve

    He could have brought his employees, or even his executives, or just his friends… or some kind of family. Instead he paid all that to recreate the experience of being on a ride that reopened 5 minutes before park close.

  8. S1

    No person needs more than $300,000, the USA needs a law ASAP to tax a person’s wealth by 99% over $300,000 a year with a ceiling at $1,000,000/yr

    1. Taxevader

      You don’t actually believe that, right? It’s none of your business how much other people make. Taxes for what? Other people to waste? Get outta here with that bro you’re insane.

  9. Al

    You go, dude! I’d definitely do solo stuff all that I could at parks given the opportunity! You rock, brother!

  10. J

    This mostly just seems like a safety move. Disneyland does this all the time for all types of celebrities. The typical reasoning is that it would be unsafe for people to be crushing all around celebrities because other people could get caught in the crossfire of a mad rush or an attack of some kind. Even B tier actors and musicians get this kind of treatment.

  11. Dennis

    I would like to ask Mr. Bezos how He liked the ride and if He had the chance to have a Premium Bar or one of the Cinnamon Rolls on Main Street. I’d like to hear that He had the chance to really enjoy the park since we’re all kids at heart.

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