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tower of terror sign

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  1. TotalDramaDisney

    A sign that Disney is replacing the Florida Tower Of Terror with a Die Hard ride, perhaps?

    1. Steph

      Why? Why would ANYONE want a lame DieHard ride?

  2. Steph

    Only means imminent doom for Tower of Terror, a Disney World classic staple. This is extremely depressing. One of my all time favorite rides and this is how it’s getting treated? Disgraceful.

    1. Kimberly Cole Zemke

      I agree. It is disgusting! This is one of the most amazing rides in history. Disney has turned to sh8t

  3. Freedomrocksusa

    I hope it’s just the sign that goes, and not the ride itself. TOT is STILL my favorite. If they eliminate or re-theme it, I don’t see myself making it a priority to visit in the future. It’s kind of a final nail in the coffin, given all of the other unpleasant changes. Other rides are fun, but I can also visit competitors or my local parks & save some serious cash, AND get on more rides per visit.

    1. Same old

      Super hero garbage like Disneyland.

      1. TS

        Disneyland is great! I hate to see the old theme go, but get it.

  4. Who, Me?

    There are quite a few things that stopped working that were so cool! Does anyone remember how the Balloons above the food court in the Lands used to rise and fall slowly?

    1. Big spender

      I was shocked last week when I visited HS that the Mickey globe was turning. That was the first time I saw that in forever. I thought that was permanently dead. I guess Bob found it in his heart to pay for a $25 motor.

      1. TS

        Doubtful. Some cast member probably sold something to fix it. He sickens me. Was just there and can’t stand some of the conveniences, like parking, that are now a pain!!!

    2. HAL

      TOT is the only ride thT maks Disney worth the outrageous price.

    3. Dk


  5. Sue

    That sign has not worked in over a year. I guess to much maintenance (bc they don’t have enough help )to keep it going so let’s just get rid of it. Or was it bc it offered someone

    1. Mariz

      Sadly, I saw it being worked on bringing it down as I drove by late last night but it looked as one chunk was ripped off
      Can’t believe they did this!

  6. CJ

    It’s just the Billboard / Sign … Bob is a Cheapskate that doesn’t want to pay to maintain something which isn’t bringing Team Disney Burbank money (don’t worry, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is still in operation!) 😂

  7. George F

    Maybe the ride isn’t woke enough for the current management or it could remind investors where the current stock price is going…………..DOWN !!!!

    1. Bob

      F$%& off George F

    2. Marlow


      1. Marlow

        Woke Disney isn’t the same. I’m sure we’re not the only family spending money at other places. It’s just not the same…

  8. Jerry

    I’m sure they will find a way to eventually re-theme the ride to be something woke. That’s about all imagineers do these days.

    1. Mariz

      There are no longer any of those creativity heads

    2. Bob

      F$%& Off Jerry

  9. Carol

    It’s a great sign greeting us to say… you made it!

    Don’t care if the motor works or not ! Why remove it? ToT isn’t going anywhere so why not keep the welcoming sign! Disn needs more Disn not less!
    Please don’t make it another Ad location !

  10. Matt

    Omg. Who did we offend now? Maybe somebody with Elevatophobia ( fear of elevators?).

  11. Ginger

    I’m waiting to here the announcement that Cinderella’s Castle is being torn down and being replaced replaced with Super Hero’s Watch Tower. Disney Resort is being completely destroyed and changed into something, I don’t know what. All the iconic creations are being destroyed and re-themed. Better hurry Snow White and Cinderella will be making their exit soon.

    1. TS

      No, Dollar Tree. Fits the new strategy better.

  12. Kim Taylor

    It’s pretty much guaranteed that the sign will be replaced with something that appeases the “woke” community.

    Living in PA. I was only able to visit about every 3 years.
    I was THRILLED to take my 2 daughters when they were 5 and 7.
    I have to say, that almost ALL of my all time favorites have been replaced.
    I do understand the need to keep up with the new movie characters, BUT, how about builiding a new land to accomodate these and leave the icons alone.
    My first heart ache was the removal of the main street electrical parade. This brought tears of joy EVERYTIME I saw it The music and twinkling lights were JUST magic!!!!!!!. I would make sure I saw it twice each night.
    The HOOP DE DOO REVIEW has not be opened my past 3 visits. This was always a must see for us. The food is wonderful and it’s such a fun night.
    The Osbourne family lights, we would spend hours sitting on the curbs and taking in the joy and snow!
    Then Mickey and Minnies walk thru houses. SO clever and meaningful.
    Honey, I shrunk the audience, my 1st ever 4d experience. I will NEVER forget it.
    The Prime Time cafe use to be an event.Having MOM punish you for elbows on the table or not finishing your beans and being shamed in a corner, in front of your dining area. Now its so tampered down, because it offended some people, so don’t go in there, it just isnt the same.
    The backlot movie ride, eventhough it was cheesey, We loved disaster canyon and seeing old movie props.
    The fast passes were far better than paying for 3 “fast passes” and having to use an app to get them.
    Then the removal of the Sorcerers hat, then The Great Movie Ride, then Ellens energy ride then removal of the commemorative bricks, we had 3, and the iconic walls of pix in front of the ball. My girls pix were there, We visited our piece of Disney each time we visited. Now the Tower of Terror sign. THESE were icons.
    Young people wont appreciate the old stuff because they aren’t familiar with them.
    We old people don’t know the new things and the thrill is gone for all of us.
    Pricing has gone out of sight.
    The meal plan hasnt returned.
    Because the magic is dwindling for us oldies, Im 70, I doubt I’ll go back unless my grandkids go.
    Im on a fixed income causing me great stress about affording to go.
    The new changes in reservations for everything is extremely stressful. At 60 days out when you can’t get the restaurant or time that works best for you coupled with now having to make actual park reservations is very unfair for those who have never been there and are not aware of this and are turned away because they dont have a reservation for that day.
    We were just there for the 50th, on Oct 2. I was the organizer because the others in my group knew nothing of these changes.
    We could not get the hotels we wanted and were forced to upgrade resorts. IT was awesome, but truly not worth the nightly cost.
    Its a shame you have to do your homework before you make the trip.
    Im sure that WALT is turning in his grave. He wanted the parks to have kids from 1 to 99 to enjoy being kids again and leave your stresses behind.
    I will admit, I did enjoy my time there once I could get on the rides.
    We paid for photopass and had trouble finding them and when we did, the lines were incredible causing huge chunks of time wasted.
    The bottom line. IT HAS CHANGED and not for the better in my opinion.
    To those who go, ENJOY, MAKE YOUR OWN MEMORIES. We HAD beautiful memories but will close this chapter of my life.
    No ONE cares what I think, that’s ok, I’m just venting my heart ache.

    1. Louanna Curley

      Hey I’m with you. I made my 12th visit to Walt Disney World in 2019 during spring break for my 71st birthday with my daughter, her husband and grandkids. Since I’m a retired military spouse I was able to use a military discount which saved us about 30% on two hotel rooms. I was surprised at how much everything had gone up in price. Good thing my daughter made reservations for all our dining which was pretty easy but try to cancel a reservation 24 hours in advance meant you had to spend an hour on the phone so that you wouldn’t be charged a $10 per person fee. Not to mention having to make a reservation for every ride you wanted to go on but you could do this 30-60 days in advance for dining and attractions once Disney had your flight reservations. And you could take the free Magical Express bus from the airport to your hotel and your luggage would be delivered to your hotel room. Now that perk is gone but I would’ve paid money to have that service especially since I was traveling alone and meeting my family at the hotel. Now you have to buy a park ticket which does not give you an automatic same day entry to the park and once you have your ticket to make a reservation to enter the park. At least there were no restrictions on the park hopper tickets in 2019 but even that has changed. You can use a park hopper ticket after a certain time and it’s only for 2 parks at a time. What ever happened to the mornings when you woke up, had breakfast and just went to the bus stop and got on the first bus that showed up and that’s the park you were going to and then for lunch you could park hop to another park? We loved to go from the Magic Kingdom and then off to the Animal Kingdom for lunch at Rainforest Cafe. I have some great memories of Epcot and my grandkids who are now 17 & 20 have been to Epcot twice. We live in California and it’s about an 8 hour drive to Disneyland. Much cheaper since we don’t have to pay for airfare. Disney has gone too commercial and it’s all about fees and squeezing every last penny from park goers. The old days a park hopper ticket and a fast pass really worked well and the price was worth it. What happened to the fun, making memories instead of making things so complicated? It’s supposed to be a vacation, not a lesson on constantly using your Iphone to connect to everything. I will say that being on your phone to check out which rides had the shortest line does help. Disney has lost tons of money due to the pandemic so I guess the company (have to think of stockholders) has to ramp up anything and everything they can to make a buck and shore up the bottom line. For a family of 5 we spent over $20K for airfare, rooms, meals, tickets and a few mouse ears. Was it worth it? Had a great memory and a wonderful time but we are headed to Maui for surf and sun on our next vacation and we’ll just do Disneyland when we want our Disney fix.

    2. Karen

      Cathi, I am with you 100%!!!! I still am trying to figure out WHY Disney goes with the Minority and goes WOKE because in the long run it will kill Disney!!!! It’s all very sad and pathetic. I just pray that the families understand what’s truly happening and stop going. It’s the only way the Disney executives who sit on their high horses, trying to pay their stockholders, will understand!!!! So very sad.

  14. Karen

    Why would you do this when the TOT is such a popular ride? Disney has already made some extremely questionable decisions regarding the parks. They are changing Splash Mountain because it was considered “racist”??? You couldn’t just enjoy the ride and the book it was based on without making it about “racism”? Then they demolish the Luau at the Polynesian to make way for more “money making” timeshares? It’s just so depressing that EVERYTHING has become about the almighty dollar. I know over time there have been hundreds of thousands of people that visited, stayed at the Poly and delighted in the culture at the Luau show. It was so very much a big part of the whole Hawaii feeling at the resort. My entire family (16 of us) were there in August 2019 and having been there about 5 times before, we were thrilled to experience the Luau and show again and share it with the younger generation. Now that’s been taken away. Shame, shame on Disney executive that have no concept of what to keep for the enjoyment of guests!!!! The “Woke, money hungry” crowd are slowing destroying Disney!!!!

  15. Kevin

    The sign was completely torn down in the dead of night last night (July 13) 🙁

    Reminds me of the cowards where I live that tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus in the middle of the night so no one could object to it.

  16. Patterns of behavior

    All leftists are vandals at heart.

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