Comments for Two Disney World Parks Completely Unavailable For Ticket Holders Next Week

disney adults with cinderella castle

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  1. Total Drama Disney

    I see that Disney boycott is going well.

    1. Low Class Disney

      It is. Universal is so much better in every way than Disney. Once their new park is finished, Disney is finished.

      1. Total Drama Disney

        Lol! Sure!

    2. Mason

      This website needs a like button

    3. Mary Green

      Too confusing for me to go to Disney with my grandkids now 😕

    4. CRT

      Disney World is no longer as crowded as it was pre-COVID. It only seems crowded because Disney has chosen to staff its parks with as few CMs as possible. Universal keeps their lines moving even though the Universal parks are packed. It’s all about money now with Disney, and no longer about the customer experience.

  2. Ricky

    The Disney boycott is going well cause the park is filled with rude foreigners and self intitled libtards. The way the new CEO is running things is complete liberal logic and DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE! When you buy a ticket for entry to the park that should count as your reservation too. My brother in law ran into this problem he and his family of 5 bought tickets for WDW but could only get reservations for 1 of the 3 days at WDW Disney will not refund them but said they could be credited for the next time they come down there.

    1. Total Drama Disney

      Cry more!

    2. Mary Green

      I agree with you. Buy a ticket, go in, done!

    3. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      except, they bought a ticket for admission for 3 days to one of the parks during 5 days. So there are 20 possible uses for the ticket. You have to lock in the days you are using the 3 admissions out of the 20 possible options by making a park reservation. Then you have your set ticket. It is not complicated and no where is that hidden.

  3. Peggy

    While it may be currently unavailable I would check as many times as you can. It is not impossible For Disney to add more reservations to the days . They have done it before.

  4. David voros

    Disney today is all about the MONEY. it is no longer a magical place to visit. Too many burning hoops to dive through, too crowded and more benefits for DVC members are disappearing. The prices are outrageous for what you now receive.

    1. Stephanie Rogers

      I agree 100%. So sad.

  5. Mary Green

    Too confusing for me to go to Disney with my grandkids now 😕

  6. Jo

    Another reason to see the country instead of the beloved mouse. I’ll take my $ and enjoy going to places I’ve never been! I’m not renewing my annual pass. First time in over 20 years. I’m not even sad about it!

  7. Michelle

    Ridiculous. Get rid if the darn scheduling systems. First come
    First serve period.

  8. Mr White

    Ban the queer o sexuals and minorities, then there is room for people with good Christian values.

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