Comments for Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser Evacuated, Guests Stuck Outside

Credit: Disney

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  1. Allan Carhart

    A few more notes about the evacuation:
    1. Cast members were phenomenal in their support of guests 2. Most guests walked to the perimeter of the evacuation area to stand under a series of small trees. 3. Some cast members put up umbrellas, while others were handing out bottles if water and Gatorade and other cast members were verifying all guests were accounted for. 4. Everybody appeared calm and respectful. I had the brilliant experience of a young teenager giving me the Gatorade she had been handed as she didn’t need one. I also saw an older gentleman urge the cast member handing out water to please rest and drink some water. He was probably old enough to be her grandpa and it was a very grandfatherly sentiment. Absolutely made my day.

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