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tower of terror sign

Credit: Disney


  1. Vibe check

    It didn’t fit the vibe Chapek is going for.

    That vibe is an over-priced outlet mall with a Radisson in the parking lot.

    Soon enough they’ll tear down the real thing.

  2. JM

    People do get overly emotional about these things. But I see at least two possibilities that make sense here

    1. Remember, Disney began reworking the entrance to HS a few years ago. It was mostly finished before the pandemic. Basically, the entrance is no longer off World Drive but off Epcot Center drive. The Terror of Terror sign no longer makes sense on World Drive and may have been slated for removal back when. We are just now getting to it.

    2. This could be a preemptive strike. Given that the state is slated to take over Reedy Creek next June, Disney might be streamlining the parts of property that could be targeted for tax liabilities. That would include any and all signage or advertising. Really. If you’re going to pay for signage now, it makes sense to consolidate and make what you pay for the things that absolutely must stay. The ToT sign may not have made that cut. The big WDW sign on the other hand. . .

    1. Kylo Chapek

      Ah yes, blame DeSantis. DeSantis is also the one destroying Splash Mountain, trashing the Grand Floridian, demolishing parts of the Polynesian, drumming up fake support to get rid of Peter Pan’s Flight, and leaving EPCOT as a massive mud pit with no clear end. Darn, if we only had a governor who would let us teach toddlers they need to mutilate themselves to matter, none of this would be happening!

      Face it. Disney doesn’t care about history, their own or otherwise. If it was about money, that’s even more pathetic with how Disney supporters don’t miss a beat harping about supposed record-breaking profits. No matter the reason, I guarantee you there are preservation societies that would have taken that sign at no cost to Disney, but the company just doesn’t care.

      “Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.”

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