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  1. Steve

    Like flushing a toilet with sewer water.

    1. Victor Nazarian

      Sewage gets processed into fertilizer that helps other things grow. Episodes VII-IX can probably not be processed into anything but stored waste. They be put away and ignored like the Star Wars Holiday Special except for occasional jokes and a few keepers that leak out, like Boba Fett.

  2. TB

    Honestly, I don’t understand all of the hate for the sequels. To me, seeing Luke,Leia, and Han in a less than heroic light made them more relatable. Making mistakes is a part of life. Seeing these 3 iconic characters be less than “perfect “ is refreshing in a way. Admittedly, TROS was a cluster and a let down.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      Wow the rare sensible person.

  3. AH

    I watch the first of the new trilogy, and then gave them another chance with the second movie. It was a let down so I did not watch the third. Nor will i.

  4. John

    They need to dump the no marriage side of No Attachments too and bring back Mara Jade and her son with Luke. Plus Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo too.

  5. Not a Bad idea to change things but I still just want them to give Reys story an ending of some sort and NOT wait for Daisy to be too old to play the part.

  6. Reality Check

    Enough. They aren’t going to remake three billion dollars worth of films because some incel man-babies thought they could have done a better job. Not how things work. Whining is not winning, and you will be sadly and sorely disappointed if you hold your breath waiting for this to happen… just nonsense.

    1. CatOnCrack

      Exactly. Completely agree. Meanwhile most Star Wars fans loved the sequels.

  7. CatOnCrack

    It will never , ever, ever , ever , ever, ever , be retconned. I love seeing you people twist and turn because it’s something YOU didn’t like , while the vast , overwhelming majority of Star Wars fans loved it. Luke becoming a cynical hermit makes perfect sense considering how whiny he was in the original trilogy, and the successive failures he endured up to that point. If you don’t think people change in 20+ years of life , it tells me you haven’t lived that long.

  8. Phil

    Star Wars isn’t “Disney” it’s something the current owners BOUGHT. Why bother with it.

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