Comments for Disney’s Reputation Is Plummeting Fast, According to New Survey

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  1. Chris

    This really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone with how they have been behaving lately.

    1. Henry

      Homosexuality is not normal/natural, as it would lead to extinction. People try too hard to psychologically redefine themselves when we were already defined biologically. Isn’t that how we define all other animals: BIOLOGICALLY?

      Like bestiality, incest, & necrophilia, LGBTQ goes against nature. It must not be shown as normal anymore to gullible children who have been confused & affected by this harmful lifestyle choice. The harm is real: statistics has recently shown the largest increase in history of children who cannot identify their own sexual identity! Responsible adults should not keep silent anymore while insidious LGBTQ is hijacking our culture under the guise of inclusiveness/love & preying on our innocent children (like zombies biting people to turn them into zombies).

      1. Meme

        Omg. Just shut up!

        1. Steve K K

          Sorry Henry. You’re not allowed to say things like “natural law”or to be logical in your approach. If you disagree with the woke culture you aren’t culturally different, you are a bigot. Even worse if you are an observant Jew, or a faithful Christian. You simply aren’t allowed to have an opinion and should be kicked off this blog. Because to be culturally different is defined as hateful, and to express those beliefs is hate speech.

          1. Bo

            “Woke” is only bad for racist European American men. You didn’t create the term so stop trying to define it.

        2. William Johnson

          Time to ‘wake up & smell the ☕ coffee’ Meme. And don’t tell me ‘to shut up’. It ain’t gonna happen. Kahpeesh.

          1. Ben

            Capisce you pointless bigot.

        3. She

          Hard when you can’t justify your position. Henry is correct. Just shut up is the product of no answer to the truth

        4. Sandy

          That’s the best you can do? Yes that post is ignorant and stupid but “shut up” is not going to help.

        5. Henry

          Meme, since you have no counter-arguments, you must agree with my arguments?

        6. Terrie

          My thoughts exactly!!!

        7. antihenry


      2. Snoggie

        Please. Take your bigoted opinions outta here. Disney is only reflecting real life, whose existence you seem to want to ignore.

        The real prob with Disney is it’s Parks’ recent appeal to the well-to-do only. It used to be a middle class family (even a hard working lower class family) could save for a trip to D or WDW. These days an upper middle class family can barely afford it.

        Get rid of “Chapstick”.

        1. Mkneighbor

          Henry nailed it. Disney is not reflecting real life. Did you not see the leaked internal call? They are purposely promoting the LGBTQ agenda, per their executive management. America is finally waking up and saying, “this has gotten way too far out of hand”. It’s about time!

          1. Michael

            I guess we do not have the right to our life, our liberty, and our pursuit of happiness. No one tells you how to live your life, stop telling us how to live ours. Slavery is illegal.

            1. JohnF

              No one’s is telling the alphabet soup members how to live their lives. They are the ones telling others they have to submit to their demands or be cancelled and labeled hateful. Demands such as not even being able to put out their behavior is not normal. I have lots of weird friends, I thrive on weird. But at least we admit and accept our weirdness like adults instead of whining like spoiled children.

        2. Sam

          Snoogie, I 100% agree with your statement!!!!

        3. That’s what WOKE culture does for your reputation! The BOD wanted it they got it .real life 6% or less want us to give our values for their pleasure

        4. mike

          We worked hard & had some good luck & never hurt anyone else along the way. We are a happy financially successful family who up until the last year or two enjoyed many, many trips to WDW. We even got married there. Who are you to begrudge us enjoying the fruits of our labor? Jealousy is never attractive look.

        5. J

          Been plummeting for years since that day and fantasy is not real life

        6. Henry

          It’s not enough accept something just because it happens in real life. Do you accept rape, incest, murder, …? No, because they’re unnatural & harmful lifestyles.

      3. Bob bob

        Ok you really do need help.

      4. Zara

        Your an absolute disgrace

        1. Chri

          Just because someone disagrees with you their a bigot. I think it stupid that they have all these little scenes for LGBTQ+ community. They need to make a big part of the story or just make the whole movie that focus on the lgbtq+ no more 5 or 7 second scenes. Then if it flops just keep making more.

      5. Pat

        If Adam and Eve were the start of humanity then the Bible is teaching children our whole species is based on incest so maybe the Bible is what’s preying on our children. Get over yourself! Don’t try to talk about something you know nothing about.

        1. You are so correct.

        2. Blackstar

          You are correct.

        3. it’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about just based on the first
          6 lines of your comment.

      6. Garnett

        I agree completely. Too bad. Just glad I knew Disney like it was.

      7. K

        Be quiet bigot. Your reasoning and logic is just sick and warped and completely paranoid.

        1. Who, Me?

          You people are really pathetic, maybe in your own mind people look at two men or two women together as normal, but it’s not. It’s an aberration.
          Just like a dented rusty car is just that, you’ll never get people to say it’s a nice car and believe it.

      8. S/

        How was the cross burning yesterday?

        1. mike

          And today Disney is “burnin down the house” LOL!

      9. Walt

        All of this used to be in the Diagnostic Services Manual IV but in the new version “V” its all good now. Normal by definition is what most people do. That does not mean you hate people for it – live and let libve. I have no problem with that BUT since they have decided to push and recruit (yes recruit) it is time to push back through discourse.

      10. Dan

        You cannot redefine your sexuality. It is what it is from birth. Get out of here with your bigotry and homophobia.

      11. Joem

        Settle down there you nutjob. Save your bigotry for your right wing rallies.

      12. Mark

        Nearly everything human society does goes “against nature”, that’s why we form social structures for survival.

      13. Cindy

        Wrong! There is asexual and homosexual in animals. It’s natural.

      14. Bryan J Stone-Daly

        Come into the 21st century…

      15. Eve

        Once all these republicans stop coming to Disney, it will truly be the happiest place on earth. Tired of all the damn whining.

      16. Mason

        This is true and do you like to get trolled?

      17. Chris

        If all the guys left Disney it would need to close down you bigoted fool

      18. Andrea Conti

        Walt Disney built his parks with them being family orientated, and now those values are gone. They make movies with kissing of the same sex, and other bad values. Parents can teach/tell their children about that stuff if they want to, they don’t need to learn it from Disney or LGBT people. Stop being woke, and go back to family values. And fire Chapek he is the reason Disney is going down hill fast.

        1. Anomymous

          Technically, Bob Iger was the one who bought up this wokeness in the first place.

      19. Kyle

        The issue here is that Disney is forcing topics of an extremely mature adult nature on to children. I am a very accepting and tolerant person. But you are trying to influence children that belong to US NOT YOU. When they grow up and make their own decisions, we parents will accept their decisions. When Disney decided to educate children about subjects that children are not prepared for…guess what. I kicked Disney out. No hatred, mo animosity, just sound parenting, protecting my children until they are old enough to understand. My FIVE YEAR OLD is no longer going to do Disney ANYTHING.

      20. Mike

        Well said on these facts!

      21. Chris G

        Disney has been condoning beastiality for decades. Ever see Beauty and the Beast?

        You guys are silly. Disney should be a place of inclusion and free of judgment. I’m guessing all of you on here complaining are old conservative Trumpers. Fortunately, you will all be dead and forgotten soon.

      22. Tc

        Hey you are aware that there are animals in nature that are gay? Sort of makes your argument look silly.

      23. Terry

        Well said!

      24. CT

        Well said Henry.

      25. Liberty Lane

        Because you know…there aren’t any animals that display homosexuality.

        Oh. Wait. Hold on a second.

        There totally are. Hell, there is also a multitude of animals that shift gender too.

        Well fancy that.

      26. Scott

        You need to do to do more research dude, Same sex relations are part of most species 9n the planet. It’s a scientific fact. Read Biological Exuberance by Bruce Bagemihl for a start.

      27. Bo

        Yet you allow your priests to molest you and your kids weekly. Get confused and jealous. Then go shoot up schools, churches, and grocery stores.

      28. Many animals are homosexual you blahering idiots. Go put back on your white hood and make cookies for your children. You are disgustings

        Many animals are homosexual you blahering idiots. Go put back on your white hood and make cookies for your children. You are disgusting

      29. Jim

        I agree, why are we letting a minority brain wash and program our children to think that it’s normal to be LGBTQ, someone needs to read the Bible to clarifie the situation. All religions are against the LGBTQ movement.

      30. Kat

        Henry, you are very misogynistic and uneducated. LGBTQ+ is completely natural-Many animals, even humans, from the beginning of time has participated in same sex relationships. It’s not new, and it is perfectly normal. Disney Channel is not having a downfall, Disney is making way for many lgbtq+ children and adults by bringing acceptance into the entertainment community. Please, take your 1950’s mindset else where.

    2. Bwebb

      So Henry,
      When you get to heaven and God says to you, “I made the LBGTQ people too!” Exactly what will be your response? Your answer is gonna be good, can’t wait to hear!

      1. Racquel

        Actually, GOD won’t say this! He will say that, he made humans and humans made a “choice” to commit inhumane actions with their temples/bodies!! We can see that you obviously don’t know GOD, otherwise you wouldn’t have asked this question, smh.

        1. Liberty Lane

          You mean the guy that committed infanticide in Egypt over a political dispute?

          The guy that killed 42 children by possessing bears and going on a rampage after a few kids made fun of a bald guys head?

          The guy that, despite having limitless ability to reshape reality, decided that killing his own kid was the best way to get over humanity acting as they were created?

          That guy?

          I’m sorry. I’m an American.

          We’re supposed to fight murderous tyrants.

          Not worship them.

  2. Dj

    I actually think it should have been even lower.
    They have removed all the interactive entertainment thru parks. No streetmosphere, half the shows have 1/2 the cast doing them which definitely lowers the quality. Genie + and reservations are not for the guest experience. We are not idiots… it to get cash, and not have a full cast member roll. Charge more, offer less, remove experiences, destroying magic. It’s literally just a theme park now. And with the behaviors going on there its almost as bad as six flags/busch gardens. Way to go Disney.

    1. Zara

      We have just come out of a pandemic, just because things aren’t they way your entitled Disney freak want them to be, don’t bother going then

      1. Be Nice

        Excuse me but do you see any other parks doing this?
        No, well then, I think this is a power trip for Disney it has nothing to do with the “pandemic”. If you are still afraid go find a bunker to hide in.

        1. JD

          Look what universal charges for their priority system.

          1. Be Nice

            I am talking about the park reservations!! Not to mention you can stay at a better hotel for about the same as a moderate at Disney and get the pass for FREE!

    2. Betty Muztafago

      Disney is supposed to be for families. I’ve lost all interest in Disney now and will never go again I promise

      1. Garnett

        I agree. We’ll never go again

      2. Maureen

        It is sad what has become of Disney. No magic just money grabbing. A vacation is not meant to be spent on a phone scheduling ride times. Ridiculous. Chapstick needs to go. As far as all the other BS, you are either male or female. My kids know their gender and are not ashamed.

      3. Bryan J Stone-Daly

        Your lose…

    3. Finally a comment that is relating to the article. And I agree with you 100%

  3. Indydoodle

    We have been Disney people since we were babies. Grew up going to Disneyland. Honeymooned at Disneyland and have gone to WDW annually since 1976. Our trip this year in February was terrible. We plan on going to Universal in 2023. Disney vacations are just not any fun anymore.

    1. Sharon

      Agree. My family will not be returning. Less for more and for the most part, their less is bad.

      1. Paul

        The fact that Disney, a family entertainment company in its origin, is promising to help their workers get abortions, seems a little bit out-of-place

        1. Pat

          You can be pro family and pro choice. Most pro choice people are more pro child then pro life people in my opinion

      2. Mark

        There is a deliberate campaign from all the crybaby wannabe fascists to try to make Disney look bad.

        1. Racquel

          Actually, they don’t need any help with this…
          Disney is just finally showing their true colors. They are coming out the closet like everyone else, that they are so- called standing for right now…… smh

    2. Andy

      Funny you say that. We booked 5 days at Universal and only 3 days at Disney.

    3. NickS

      Similar here – Disney fanatics, every family members house adorned with Mickey merch everywhere.

      Group of 15 just back from WDW. Most of the group had been averaging a 2 week on property stay 2 out of every 3 years until COVID.

      Always thought it insanity for people to go to Florida and not have Disney represent at least 80% of the holiday.

      Booking Florida for next year with no Disney. Rest of the group all said “at least 5 years, or until Disney sorts itself out, whichever is longer”.

      “Most magical celebration on earth” – with half the experiences closed. Half the merch, half-a***d cast members and double the prices. No thank you.

      1. Zara

        The fact you all have Disney obsessed houses is freaky lol, don’t go then…good in you, more space for other people to enjoy

      2. S1


    4. Daryl

      Si you would rather go to a place that isn’t even worth your time. Don’t be a dunb idiot.

    5. John

      I agree. First visited in 1977 and since the early 80’s have been going almost every year. The last 2 visits have been the worst. The last visit in Apr 2022 was terrible. They, Disney, needs to stay out of politics and get back to what made them a great vacation destination. They were making money and people felt they were getting their monies worth – not now. Never was a hug fan of Michael Eisner and Bob Iger seemed to be OK – but now – PLEASE COME BACK!

  4. Anon

    I struggle because I’m a huge fan of Disney. Wanted to be an animator as a kid. I absolutely love Disney World, (We’re going in September). But we decided it will be our last trip there. It’s soooo expensive! It’s costing us the same for a party of three as it did a party of four when we literally road-tripped ALL of Ireland/Northern Ireland. And that trip had international flights involved in cost! And we’re doing Disney during their lowest pricing even! I keep reading about animatronics not working right, rides breaking down constantly. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “classic” ride. For the price, everything should work. That’s concerning. I’m curious how Splash Mtn will be for us, since it has been getting run down anyway, but now they’re retheming. They’re not going to upkeep it in the meantime. But yet, thousands will ride it until then. And have to pay heavily to do so. The care to detail is leaving Disney.

    Plus, the newer movies are going downhill, in my opinion. It’s like, instead of a fairly straightforward children’s story, they’re trying to appease adults. That’s the great thing about kids. So innocent. Adults make things complicated. So why cater to adults? Disney used to be special because it didn’t. They need to bring back simplicity. Everything seems to be centered around shareholders and the bottom line. Have you noticed whenever companies get shareholders, that’s when things go downhill? For the staff, for the product. Corporate level gets perks and staggering salaries, all the “little guys” that are the actual pillars of the company get peed on. And the consumer gets less of a product. Greed takes over. Look at Facebook and all their ads now. You would think humans would learn, as this type of scenario has played out for centuries. Then Rome fell…..

    1. Going down

      It’s crazy how badly the rides are breaking down constantly. It’s not just the stories about people getting stuck or evacuated, it’s much worse.

      1. Jennie

        So sad, the state of affairs there. My family are Disney freaks. Used to go every year. Now when my son’s family comes to WDW (I am a resident & they make 6 figures) I cannot & will not pay that kind of $$$ for the experience Disney is giving. Greed, greed, greed

        1. J

          There really are idiots in the world and Disney keeps proving it

      2. Ron

        The park has lost its magic. Been going for 40 years and the last few have been sad. I feel sorry for all the people who will not know what Disney was really like. I guess greed does that to everything.

    2. Jana

      My son worked at Disney for 5 years-started as a Disney college intern then was asked to stay on, which he did. He was being paid less than my min wage and it was well known within the co that many of the cast members lived in their cars because they did not make enough money . So very sad when you see the corporate level getting millions for bonuses but their employees can’t afford food or rent.

      1. Season pass holder

        Average pay is actually $15 and the cast members stand around and talk trash about customers.

        Yea Chapek should be fired and his package is ridiculous but they need to cut everyone’s pay and lower the cost for all.

    3. Bob bob

      Spot on.

    4. Zara

      Cancel your holiday and don’t go then?

      1. Bob

        Look one of the new cast member breed.

    5. VK

      Sorry Anon…I have lost over $50 per share on my Disney stock. They sure aren’t catering to us.

      1. Season pass holder

        They hate stockholders and customers alike. Catering to cashing out for the big wigs and the woke crowd.

      2. Anon

        I’m sorry, my apologies. I didn’t word that well. I wasn’t saying that shareholders get rich. I meant when companies get so big that they have corporate settings and boards and shareholders, it seems like the quality of their business goes down. Because it stops being about a product, and more about profit. As someone else stated, CEOs get crazy salaries, along with other “uppers”, but everyone else gets dumped on (shareholders, consumers, “smaller” employees, etc) That’s what I meant. Disney uppers are getting really greedy, and I think that’s why we’re starting to see problems.

        And for that other person, I can put anonymous if I want. I don’t owe random strangers my real name.

    6. Bryan J Stone-Daly

      Chicken, just like Josh Hawley. Will not even post a name.

  5. Brooke

    Chapek has been disastrous as CEO. Yet, the board likes the higher profits – which are solely from him gouging us on everything, laying off thousands, and charging us for what used to be free. Sure, go ahead and enjoy those profits, until everyone runs through their covid lockdown savings. He’s really cheapened and lessened our experience as park and hotel guests, and at the restaurants. Needless to say how he’s treated the Cast Members – paying them wages that have many living hand to mouth, all while his salary was doubled in 2021 by the board. He’s the complete opposite of Walt Disney, complete opposite. No magic, just bottom line, bean counting.

    1. Tish

      Absolutely. I’ve historically been a Disney fan, even though my first trip wasn’t until adulthood. I couldn’t wait to take my own kids. It was so amazing when I took my oldest almost 10 years ago. But when we went a few years back, so my second could be introduced, I feel like the experience was nowhere near the same. More expensive, less interactive, even the staff felt different. Walt would be turning in his grave if he knew how the place he built was being run into the ground. They’re doing him a great disservice, and destroying the Disney experience. They should cast out everyone at the top, and start over with true Disney fans.

    2. The stock holders to aren’t getting rich ! I’ve lost 150.00 per share !!
      Only the CEO is getting richer everyday.

    3. Season pass holder

      Chapek has been awful. Sadly the parks are not much more than just a park like Six Flags. He had ruined the experience in a flash. I sold my stock but may buy in later this year when it craters further.

      1. I an an international guest. Going to Disney for us is a life time wish. The cost is unbelievable, but now with no fuss pass and having to book your q4 days into the park in advance has taken all the joy out of going. How on earth our we suppose to know what park we will be going to each day, especially if it is your first time?
        Bring back going to whatever park you want to and park hop whenever you like.

  6. Losing

    Get woke, go broke. How long do you think those “record profits” are going to last, ladies and gentlemen?

    1. Josh

      Shut up

      1. Kassy

        Good comeback.

      2. Bob

        Proud graduate of Disney university?

    2. S1

      Pervert, grooming creep

      1. Bryan J Stone-Daly

        Is that you, Josh Hawley?

  7. Keith

    I am a huge Disney World fan, but the thought that you have to carry a cell phone around the parks to have a ‘magical experience’ is insane to me. We always left our phones in the room safe. We are from Canada and have not visited since 2019, but on our bucket list is a visit when the Christmas decorations are up (we have always gone in August and September). Now we debate ever going again. Sad!

    1. Tony

      I totally agree. My wife and I also went in 2019. Instead of families laughing, holding their kids hands, etc. they were all on cell phones. I had to tell a worker at the Winnie the Pooh ride that this little boy was climbing on the plants and things. Meanwhole mom and dad are on their cellphones. All of their rides have turned to thrill rides. We used to take the kids every 2 years from 1976-1987. I wouldn’t do it now.

    2. Season pass holder

      Better to go elsewhere and save your cash.

  8. Jeff

    More people need to vote with their wallets or it will continue. We did, we have gone 5x from 2019-2021 and did not go this year and wont be going in 2023 unless things drastically change back to the customer experience

    1. It amazes me all these posts against Disney! But if you go to the parks it’s shoulder to shoulder people every day! I just don’t understand. I guess the Disney lovers outnumber the Disney deniers. Or the deniers still go but don’t tell anyone???

      1. Zara

        Exactly! Well said

      2. Daryl-Rhys

        These people have a bizarre delusion. It needs to stop.

        1. S1

          You need to stop shilling. It’s illegal to shill for a company.

      3. DK

        They’re everyone else that have never been to Disney and don’t care about how it is now.

      4. Amie

        I think you will start to see that change. Passholders may taper off as their passes expire. On our last few trips, we noticed the quality of Disney parks, hotel and food service has gone down quite a bit and the price has gone up quite a bit. The changes are not pandemic related. We will be taking a 2023 trip because we still have passes but we will not be renewing them. I know at least 3 other families doing the same. I expect prices to rise here and there but I also expect the same quality for that price. It’s just not there anymore.

        Also, I love how people who disagree with people like me are so snippy and rude. It’s amazing how so many people will put down people for not being open to an array of opinions while simultaneously putting down that person’s opinion as the “wrong one”. You either have to accept that all people have their own opinions and have a right to them or you are just as bad as all those you are putting down.

      5. S1

        “But if you go to the parks it’s shoulder to shoulder people every day!”

        No it’s not, liar. It’s a ghost town. Crowds have been dropping.

    2. Anon

      I agree! It’s hard for us because we’ve had our trip booked for awhile. Some of the things I’ve been learning/reading/hearing about Disney have been after booking. I definitely was shocked by pricing when I booked, as stated above. We have family and my daughter already having made plans to join us. We don’t want to bail on them, so we’re following through on this one. But we’re not going to consider it again. We all definitely need to show with our wallets, as you said, when a company is not representing the way they should. I think the reason people are going even though they’re not happy with the state of things is Covid related. Florida vacations are easiest right now. So Disney has the market on that.

      1. I live an hour away from the parks. This has nothing to do with covid. Most people in Florida are not wearing face masks and everything has gotten back to normal. Disney will lose their trademark on Mickey Mouse on January 18th 2024. I believe they’re going to milk it dry until that happens. Definitely go and spend time with your family, just don’t get on any rides! Every other ride my husband and I went on in 2018 broke down. It’s much worse now. Most of the monorails don’t even have air conditioning anymore! It is not worth it. If you have the time I would change plans and go to Universal instead. Disney has turned into a pit!

      2. Be Nice

        We are in a similar situation. We have a trip already planned and paid for. We are looking at different options for the future but need to really consider a lot of things as we love the accessibility of Disney more than anything else. (We have a travel companion that needs wheelchair accessibility and transportation)

  9. Michelle

    You’re a mean one, Chapek the Grinch
    You really are a heel
    You’re as cuddly as a cactus, you’re as charming as a Flotsam or Jetsam eel, Chapek the Grinch
    You’re an overpriced chocolate covered frozen banana with a greasy black peel!

    You’re a monster, Chapek the Grinch
    Your heart’s an animatronic with an empty hole
    Your brain is full of spiders, you’ve got garlic in your soul, Mr. Grinch
    I wouldn’t touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot Town Square flag pole!

    You’re a vile one, Chapek the Grinch
    You have termites in your fake smile
    You have all the tender sweetness of a seasick Brutus or Nero crocodile, Chapek the Grinch
    Given a choice between the two of you I’d take the seasick Brutus or Nero crocodile!

    You’re a foul one, Chapek the Grinch
    You’re a nasty-wasty skunk
    Your heart is full of unwashed overpriced socks, your soul is full of broken ride gunk, Chapek the Grinch
    The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote
    “Stink, stank, stunk!”

    You’re a rotter, Chapek the Grinch
    You’re the Kingpin of sinful sots
    Your heart’s a dead tomato splotched with moldy purple dragon Madam Mim spots, Chapek the Grinch
    Your soul is an appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful
    Assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable, mangled up in Tangled Rapunzel hair knots!

    You nauseate me, Chapek the Grinch
    With a nauseous super “naus”!
    You’re a crooked dirty jockey and you drive a crooked Cyril Proudbottom hoss, Chapek the Grinch
    You’re a three decker sauerkraut and Mr. Toad stool sandwich with arsenic sauce!

    1. marajade


      1. JB

        All you need to do is read the comments on these boards to know customers are not happy with Disney. They’re enjoying a rebound from COVID lockdowns and the 50th anniversary, but eventually people will have had enough.

    2. Snoggie

      Pure Magic!

  10. marajade

    Very well said.

  11. Jim

    I would like to add some of the employees at Disneyland berate guests and are very rude with unprofessional attitudes. The Magic is definitely gone.☹️

    1. Beth

      Absolutely! As a former cast member, I was shocked by the attitudes of cast members when we visited WDW in March. That was NOT tolerate when I worked there.

      1. Season pass holder

        I go often as I mo e close but just the other day I was asked if I had any weed! Can you believe that? Right outside Peter Pan and someone things an middle aged man and woman have some weed to sell.

        Seriously the place is going to pot!

  12. With all the the disruptions with fans and rides in the Disney parks, it will be a very long time, if ever again, before I will use my money for a vacation there.

  13. Lisa

    We used to go every year. We bought lots of tickets that didn’t expire and still have some. I’m not sure we will use them. I’ve read so many terrible things – smaller food portions, pay to park at the hotels, pay for fast pass… it’s like they only want the rich to enjoy their visit. My old neighbor’s daughter works there. They won’t give her benefits or let her have enough hours to be full time. She has to live with several other cast members just to afford rent.

  14. Henry

    Disney is failing to recognize an important distinction between racial/sexual equality and bogus LGBTQ “equality”. Unlike racial/sexual equality, LGBTQ is unnatural & anti-biological (a man’s sexual organs & hormones are designed by nature or God to complement those of a woman, not of another man).

    Like bestiality & necrophilia, just because LGBTQ has been around does NOT make it natural or normal. Anyone saying anything else is defying both common sense & science (not to mention anti-religion).

    Although our society may choose to accept LGBTQ (if kept private) despite its unnaturalness, this does not mean LGBTQ should be on display everywhere. Inclusiveness must have sensible limits.

    Display of such unnatural sex is offensive to some people (how would an LGBTQ sympathizer like to be forced to watch people having sex with animals or corpses?). Much more importantly, such LGTBQ display as normal, which is a form of promotion & child abuse, would confuse & convert some of our gullible children to this unnatural, harmful, & unproductive way of life (sterility; unsafe sex; harmful to raise a family without parents of complementary biological makeups ….).

    For those who argue that such display should have no effects on children (including the borderline ones), use your COMMON SENSE & realize that if you expose children long enough to something (violence, LGBTQ, incest, bestiality, etc.), some of them will inevitably think it’s natural/normal and will start to do it.

    1. Meme

      How many times are you going to spout your vile hatred?

      1. Who,me?

        Probably until you realize it’s the way things are?

    2. Snoggie


      Don’t like Disney? Go to other blogs and leave us alone with your preachy, bigoted tripe.

    3. Alien

      GTFOH troll. Disney has definitely lost the magic and it has nothing to do with LGBTQ. It’s likely because if people like you.

      1. Earth

        According to S1 “it’s against the law to call someone a troll” (in response to Good Luck calling on them for doing exactly that, ). Those two need to “get a room”

        And I highly doubt that’s the case. While diversity and inclusivity are essential for growth and adaptability, HOW it’s being utilized could either “help” or “hurt” any cause in the long run. Such was the case in the previous months with the whole “Disney supports/didn’t support ‘Don’t say Gay’ Bill”. Look how well THAT turned out.

        I hate the use of “woke” crap or “sheep” that’s been spewing out of everyone that’s unimaginative and lacking a Thesaurus, but there’s no denying that Disney is losing its magic through a myriad of reasons (including certain executives and trying to act inclusive when in reality using inclusion as a way to make the dollar).
        Magic is gone, and will continue to be gone until the executives clean up their act! Otherwise be prepared to see Disney wiped off the face of the map..

    4. Chgo Saint

      You are a hoot! Go visit MAGAland.

    5. Mkneighbor

      Very well stated Henry, and spot on.

    6. Anon

      Wow…people are forcing you to watch gay people screw?? Where is this happening??? 👀

    7. Bella

      I wouldn’t be proud of heterosexual or “Christian” behavior either. Just look at the Catholic and Baptist churches and men and woman climbing all over each in public and in movies and on TV. They corrupt children too.

  15. Meme

    They have priced most of us out! And catering to celebrities. A trip to Maui is cheaper than Disneyland now.

  16. As DVC members, my family WILL take advantage of the resorts and amenities, go out for dinner & explore Florida. We WILL NOT spend a dime on park passes, Dinner shows or shopping anything Disney! Busch Gardens, Universal, SeaWorld, you get the picture, here we come not to mention the many other states we can visit by simply renting our points and paying cash elsewhere! No politics here, simply disgust and disappointment all caused by one person, Chapek! Dump him and bring back the MAGIC!

    1. Tlaw

      We, the DVC members need to join together (since, as a group, we own a significant portion of Disney’s assets) and get some changes made (Cheapak and the BOD) so Disney can return to its original roots that Walt intended.

      Else, we start a class action suit against Cheapak and the BOD for failing to protect our property investment

  17. TDA

    I fell in love with Disney and books watching Walt Disney on Sunday nights as a child. Everything he did was magical! My parents took us to Disney World the year the park opened and I was in heaven! As a parent I could not wait to share the magic with my children and I did as often as possible. Being middle class it is no longer affordable, many of the frills (free parking, free magic band, etc) of staying on the property have been taken away, also genie+ is complicated, time consuming and takes away my ability to plan and enjoy a “magical” day. This is not the family oriented park Walt Disney wanted to create.

  18. Peggy

    I am DVC member. Live out of Florida. I pay maintenance fees that include re taxes. We have our last DVC trip planned for the end of this year. No annual passes. No photo pass included. I unfortunately have two daughters who are persons with downs that was brought up going to Disney when they treated them as princesses. Last trip was not so friendly toward handicap. They have taken away or shortened the handicap viewing areas. Hence people stand in-front of them blocking their views of fireworks. So yes I will be selling and maybe just come when they get back to having better reviews and stop the corporate greed.

  19. Chgo Saint

    We have a free trip all expenses paid that Disney gave us for our last experience in 2020. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We have no desire to use it. None. It is not transferable. We cannot gift it to a charity. Still have time to use it, but…

  20. Jeff

    Surprised they are even still in the top 100… no one I know likes or approves of Disney anymore

  21. Seren

    Disney needs to find a way to bring back Johnny Depp. Right now he has an army of fans that will do anything for him and he is hanging out there alone. Everyone is waiting for this to happen and I do not know what is happening to Disney and why there is so much negative press nowadays. It seems like there is a Captain Jack Sparrow curse happening right now and the only way to cure it is to …..

    1. ZR

      Don’t count on it. Disney was the first to drop him right after those bogus accusations came out. And Depp made it clear that he wasn’t coming back as Jack Sparrow. No matter how much money they offered him. And we know they’re about that anti-male stuff they’re not hiding it anymore. And the chances of Disney publicly apologizing are absolutely zero. That’s the only way they can get him back

      1. Thomas

        And yet they are still, apparently, planning on bringing Will Smith back to do Aladdin 2 and possibly a prequel based on the Genie’s origins. Guess assault is acceptable, but only in certain situations.

  22. Sam

    It has nothing to do with politics, the magic is completely gone. I have been going since I was a child who grew up in Orlando. My most recent visit after not going for 10 years was miserable. So stressful. Every 10 minutes I felt like I had to pay to upgrade my experience. Everything felt so bare bones.

    1. Alan

      It has everything to do with politics!

  23. Erik

    I think people need to stop complaining about it and start a letter or rather an internet writing campaign directed towards the Disney Co. Continuously directed grievances towards the CEO and all the subordinates on the board to stop and really take a harsh look at what Disney fans are complaining about. If they don’t…or can’t fully see what lifelong fans, generations deep, are saying and how they’re feeling about the parks…then there’s real trouble in the House of Mouse. If they’re not careful they’ll wreck the house that Walt built. They need to fix things and fast…stop cutting things back and start bringing back the little amenities…the little things that make up the magic. “Save the Magic!!!”

  24. Bob bob

    Websites like this one constantly retweeting and highlighting the unimportant anti-Disney, Woke, cry about non-issues might be part of the reason… “My personal problems must be heard by the world!” = Tiktok, Twitter etc. Self-entitled childish generation assisted by websites like this one.

  25. I was the world’s biggest Disney fan. We are talking a home decked out in Disney merchandise, a Disney kitchen, a Disney bathroom, etc. We were annual passholders to Disneyland for years, I’ve seen every Disney movie, I collect Disney movies, I’ve been to Disneyland more times than I can count. I always have defended Disney to my non Disney loving friends. I have always loved the Disney princesses, ever since The Little Mermaid came out, and I could never get enough Disney.

    Fast forward to present time and everything I love about Disney is gone. There are no more slightly crowded days in the park and you have to make a reservation which means you can no longer be spontaneous. The Disney movies I have seen have been nothing like the classics that I love. I feel like they are more wrapped up in Star Wars and Marvel then they are in actual classic Disney. The parks have rides that are in disrepair and need so many improvements. The prices keep going up but they are not adding any extra value and they are shrinking the size of their offerings.

    But the attitude that Disney has developed since Chapek took over. The attitude of the cast members in the park. Even the attitude of the Disney guest services team online which used to focus on a magical experience for guests is just gone. It left years before Covid and it never came back. At the rate Disney is going, I don’t think it ever will come back.

    I don’t have a problem with their pride support, they can support whatever they want, if I don’t like it, I can avoid those days at the parks. What I do have a problem with is the shrinking Disney magic that is occurring throughout the company. Where being politically correct is more important to the company then being family friendly and filled with Disney magic.

    We don’t subscribe to Disney+. We no longer have Disney merchandise in every room of our home. I no longer smile when I see the Disney name in the news. The fighting in the parks is out of control. Stuff that you would never see happen at Disney parks 10 years ago is now front and center in the parks.

    I feel like Walt’s vision of Disney is gone and never coming back. It’s just a corporation now like every other corporation in the world. Other theme parks feel more magical, other companies seem to care more about their guests now, and Disney is just becoming another theme park and company and nothing more.

    We don’t plan on returning to Disneyland, even if the tickets were free. The atmosphere is so much different than what it used to be. It’s a shame too, because Disney had a good thing going for them, and basically they fixed everything that wasn’t broken and made a huge mess out of the company.

    1. Jim

      It’s not Chapek, I noticed things changing before him. The pandemic allowed Disney to do things that have been in the works. It’s like people thinking things changed overnight with a different president. I’m glad I have my memories and I will tell my grandchildren what Disney used to be.

  26. Michele

    It has gotten too expensive. The middle class family can no longer afford to go. You are now nickel and fined for everything. Walt is rolling over in his grave right now. Disney has gone away from the vision he had. It is so sad.

  27. Daniel Mullen

    Unfortunately, as long as Chapek is there, the constant price gouging at the parks will be too. One paid fastpass for everything would be one thing–their main competitor Universal has been doing that a long time. But the pay-per-ride system is just BS.

  28. Cheryl C

    I have been to DisneyWorld in this past year. Every terrible thing is true. After going every year (from NY), I’m done. The experience was terrible. Genie+ doesn’t hold a candle to FastPass, which worked perfectly for years. Chapek figured a way to screw it up…for a price. They could have just charged for FastPass and left the system in place. Greed has taken over. Walt is probably spinning in his grave over everything Bob Chapek has done. Now is money over everything!

  29. Our family has come to Walt Disney World since 1983 to enjoy the imagination and family time that Mr. Walt Disney had created. Many trips up and down I77, I-95 and I-10. The changes in WDW have gone very awry. The charging for parking was the first of the many wrong changes and then added insult to injury with the preferred parking. Which I have to say makes it difficult for those that have handicaps and park further away than those spots. Disney has lost its focus, FAMILY:) Almost 40 years and will not return after the annual pass expires. Our 50th Wedding Anniversary was to be a WDW and will not happen now. WDW’s focus on the family has gone.

  30. Frances

    Our last trip was November 2021 just as the Brits were allowed back into the USA. We were shocked at the rudeness of some of the cast members. In over 20 years of visiting WDW we had never before seen this bad attitude in the cast members and can only hope that when we visit in 2022 things have improved. Also for us its about cost, the merchandise has gone up ridiculously, you now have to pay for most things that were free, ie: magical express, magic bands (if staying on site) fast passes, car parking. I’m sorry but as much as we love Disney the magic is fast disappearing and becoming a place where only the rich can afford 🙁 Walt must be turning in his grave.

  31. Jocelyn Croft

    As a frequent visitor to Disney World over the years, and experiencing such family friendly, safe, enjoyable, flexible and memorable vacations, there are/were changing processes that I find drop the park stature:
    Alcohol everywhere
    Loss of flexibility of the park hopper and required reservations
    (Reported, but not experienced yet), reduction in room housekeeping
    Outrageously expensive Star Wars experience
    I fully realize that the pandemic forced changes that impact places where huge crowds congregate, Disney of course, being such a place, but to remove the flexibility, family atmosphere, feeling of safety, and special magic, is the path to becoming nothing more than a large, carnival-like destination. IMHO

  32. Jeff

    And yet parks are full everyday….Things will never change until their bottom line is affected. Maybe its just people getting caught up on vacationing after being grounded for 2-3 years. When a lot of people stop going maybe things will change or maybe Disneys philosophy is to only cater to the rich. At least thats what it seems like.

  33. William Johnson

    Don’t forget all those 👍 great ‘Disney film classics’ as a ‘last resort’ (…no pun intended…) that we can always ‘revisit’…! Without the MICKEY MOUSE & DONALD DUCK cartoons…there would be no WALT DISNEY WORLD or DISNEY LAND. And the same goes for ‘the feature-length cartoon classics’…!

    Have ‘a wonderful day’. I insist.

  34. Jim

    I sympathize with many of the comments here. I am a Disnerd myself. But what is happening is inevitable. Our whole economy is based on growth. People vote based on the state of the economy. It’s a hard balance. Years ago I worked for a company that offered free technical support and people loved it but it was the company’s largest expenditure. They could not sustain it. They are no more. Just the nightly fireworks at MK is $55,000 a night. I am not a disney apologist for sure. I can’t imagine what Disney’s expenditures look like. I really hate when alcohol was allowed. Never seen so many intoxicated people at WDW. Why go to the parks to drink? My little rant, sorry. Everyone wants the other person to stop being greedy. Would you turn down a raise? We still have choice. Attendance at the parks is going up.

    1. Jocelyn Croft

      Jim, I am in agreement with the addition of alcohol everywhere, which brings on issues, none good. I noticed it during my last visit which was in 2018. But with that said, pre-pandemic, we had a blast. Fast Pass, park hopping, loads of care and attention from the cast, even at the All-Star music resort which is an economy resort. So sorry to think of the decline, but I will be hopeful that they recover. AND…..even as a liberal, companies getting in the middle of politics is a bad move in my opinion.

      1. Ken Brenner

        Thank you Jocelyn. I am a conservative, and we BOTH agree Disney should have kept quiet about the Florida law (besides, who wants teachers telling little kids about orientation?) and abortion. WDW was special because it presented a unique enviornment where people could go and get away from the conflicts and sickness of our society. Now, they shove it in our faces. And, I hate what they’ve done to Epcot – it used to be a wonderful, beautiful, and unique park. It’s all very sad…
        I’m like you, I wished it would go back to what it was pre-2020. God Bless!

  35. Gayle

    No more Disney for me and my family after 35+ years. No fast pass. Too expensive,Too woke!

  36. Sari

    Gender is a social construct using m*n and w***n should never be normalized anymore. Change society and end hate….

  37. Sur

    Disney doesn’t care about you or your children .They only want your money and will cave to the loudest voices in our society.

    1. Sari

      All those loud racists, homophones, and sexists are not changing Disney, Try again.

  38. Paul W

    If lower reputation = less crowds, bring on the hate! I honestly don’t care what anyone else says, I will always be a fan.

  39. Disney has always been expensive, but I was willing to pay because I got so much in return. Now, with Chapik and Co. its let’s see how much people are willing to pay for how little we can give them in return. There is no magic left, just a blatant cash grab from the executives and it sucks. As for all you so called Christains on this thread, you clearly need to find Jesus because your bigoted hypocrisy astounds me. Disney needs to fix a lot of things on its business model but y’all are in for a very rude awakening on judgment day when you find out that you’re going to be judged too.

  40. Rickey Mouse

    Ya can’t blame Covid for this. You can ONLY blame Bob Chapek and his “corporate” mind and not having a “Walt Disney” mind and vision. None of this happened before Chapek took office. Buy him out and fire him. VETT the next CEO as someone who HAS the Walt Disney mind and vision. Politics and lax i daziness are in no way a way to run this company.

    1. Sari

      Walt was a racist and sexist. The “Walt” in your imagination never existed, he was a character made to sell Disneyland.

      1. S

        No he was not you liar. Those are urban legends and people have been dragged to court for espousing them. Walt was not racist or sexist or anti-semitic and you WILL admit it.

      2. Sharon

        Talk to the original Mouseketeers. He was Uncle Walt.

    2. Sharon

      I agree with Rickey Mouse!! What rum dum hired Chapek to run the company. He’s made ALL the wrong decisions! Send him packing soon, like last week!!

  41. Christine

    In my opinion, they are ranked too high! I for one will not be returning. I spent 10 days in Italy (including air) for what it cost to visit Disneyworld for 7 days. Want to see the Eiffel Tower? Go to Paris. It’s cheaper and much more educational for your children.

  42. Alan

    Time for a change at the top! Get rid of the CEO and go back to the plan that’s worked for all the past years. It’s supposed to be a magical experience not a politically correct one!

    1. S1

      It’s not political correctness, it is that they are not politically correct enough. Not enough diversity in the top and in their movies

      1. Jose


  43. Pat

    I suggest you go live on an island by yourself. Then you will be safe from all and the world will be safe from people like you.

    1. KKK Dan

      Trump: “I did this.”

  44. Rudy

    It should be dead last. What a disappointment from the way it was in the the ’80s.

    1. Sair

      It was even better in the 1940’s whe. It didn’t exist.

    2. Sharon

      Agree. WDW was better 30, 40 years ago. Rehire Michael Eisner. He understood how to run the company.

  45. Bob bob

    That survey is of a low quality: according to their own method, they simply ask the public whether they think one company compared to another is ‘better’ or not. No detailed criteria. It’s poor quality.

  46. Dawn

    As far as growth Disney deserves better than 54. Even during Covid they worked on big projects trying to make the deadlines set prior. Yes safety measures slowed things some but Disney has always strived to improve the experience. There are always going to be the nay sayers that are never happy.. as for vision I am not sure where this falls. My idea of Disney vision is to make as many of the Disney visitors enjoy their time at the parks as much as possible. Many families including myself save for several years to go to Disney World. I plan what park, what day what special experience (Cinderella castle breakfast or Mickey Mouse dinner) carefully. I WANT THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE. but when some millionaire ( not naming any, they know who they are) comes in and buys the park out for the entire evening wrecking thousands of peoples plans I have a problem with that.Disney needs to realize and remember that it is the common folk that keep the dream alive.
    If the rich folks want to come to Disney wait in line like the rest of us, buy the genie pass or buy the park out after midnight .. stop please stop wrecking our vacations that took a long time to save up and plan.

    1. Sari

      Ban non-genderqueer and non-LGBTQIA+ from Disney and it will make the parks a more beautiful place. Gender heteronormative M** and W**** are not welcome.



  48. Pam

    I went to the Disneyland 50th Anniversary celebration and it was magical. Lots of little extras, lots of great merchandise, and lots of little touches around the park. I’ve been going to WDW for about 49 years with over 125 visits so I’ve seen many changes to the parks but I have to say some of the recent changes have me puzzled. I went to WDW October 2021 for the 50th Anniversary and was so disappointed. If you didn’t see the signs stating it was the 50th you wouldn’t know there was a celebration at all. People were fighting over the cheap merchandise because Disney didn’t have enough which was confusing because they should have known the date (for what 50 years) and should have known how popular WDW is. Also many shows weren’t open, many stores were closed, and rides kept breaking down. I thought it was me so I went back in January 2022. Let’s just say my opinion hasn’t changed. The only special touch I found was some gold-tone character statues around. That’s ok but doesn’t really have anything to do with the history of the park. As a stockholder and Disney freak I agree with others that Chapek must go!!!!!

    1. Sharon

      Totally agree that Chapek must go!!!!

  49. Jose

    Just reading the daily blogs could tell us their reputation was crashing and now a survey simply confirms it. Disney already knew this, but does not care. They simply double down on their prior on their horrific decision making.

  50. That’s what WOKE culture does for your reputation! The BOD wanted it they got it .

    1. Malik

      This is big elementary school education energy here.

  51. KKK Steve

    I agree, Disney is not cool with me and my friends. I am happy so see so many allies.

  52. Black Panther

    Removed the homos and ultra-minorities… problem solved.

    *Black Pride*

  53. Rodney Simonson

    I am surprised to see it rated that high. Our experiences in several visits from Michigan during the last 2 years have been terrible. Loss of planning with FastPasses, being forced into mobile ordering, putting up with slow service, line jumping… a final straw has been the DVC choice to disassociate with RCI in favor of Intervals International. Topping it all, costs have gone way up, while available experiences and quality of such have both been reduced. I used to be proud to be a Disney fan. Now I am embarrassed to mention it.

  54. Lorrie Farrelly

    As a former Disneyland cast member, I completely agree with the comments confirming the parks’ deterioration in management, customer service, enjoyment, and just plain “magic.” In fact, recently Disneyland’s maintenance schedule has gone from daily inspection and upkeep on rides to MONTHLY, and it shows! Charging for things that used to be free (ie, charging extra for the dismal Genie+ when Fast Pass worked so well.) Yes, there was a charge for MaxPass, but with annual passes it was a reasonable yearly charge, not a per-visit charge. Also, the entire party, even the kids, each must have their own Genie, adding what can run into hundreds of dollars additional expense that did not exist with Fast Pass. You know things are in a sad state when even the children don’t want to go to Disneyland. Really, it breaks my heart.

  55. Manny

    I’m woke and my business couldn’t be better. I’m averaging $5000 a week tattooing.
    Bigots of all walks can go hang themselves. Religious folks can kindly take their religion out of our lawmaking and out of our politics ffs. Keep your religion at home and in your church where it belongs. Expensive, a tad, but for someone that goes once a decade it’s still fairly priced if you don’t do the Disney resort hotels…we saved $8000 on our trip for 4 adults and 2 kids by staying at a good neighbor hotel.
    To those that aren’t going anymore, GOOD Moore room for me and mine.

    1. Norm L.

      Tattoos and you’re posting in a Disney topic? Hope I don’t run into your trashy family at the parks next visit, wouldn’t want to put up with the woke eyesore that is you.

    2. S

      You don’t own a business. I own a company, fired every single one of my employees that went woke and had them blacklisted. You also can’t afford to go to Disney. Disney would be a much better place if every single woke animal boycotted. Your kind isn’t welcome at Disney anyway. More room for the purists. Disney theme parks are private members-only clubs.

  56. Debra Birchfield

    Disney has changed so much by trying to push their political views on all America. I believe Walt Disney would be ashamed of the way they have ruined his family friendly park. Shameful!

  57. Scott M

    Disney used to be escapist entertainment. There were real characters with real emotions, but they lived in a general world that everyone could relate to.

    Disney today is very agenda-driven and focused on telling everyone how the world should be. If that’s how they want to run their business, that’s their choice, but it’s left a lot of people behind, so it’s no wonder fewer people relate to Disney now.


    It’s not a vacation when you’re told when and where you can go and what you can do. We’ve been DVC members since 1995 and moved our points in 1996 to Boardwalk. The fun and spontanaity is gone. We would get up and figure what we wanted to do that day. NOT anymore, everything is preplanned. God forbid it’s bad weather, you’re screwed. And forget the food prices.

  59. Matt Pierce

    I still love going to the parks, I truly do. But I’m wondering if, in time, Chapek is going to be ousted the way that Michael Eisner was when a shareholders revolt happens. They treat the CM’s at the parks horribly, pay them terribly, and expect them to make the job their whole life. I’m fine with Tim Allen not being the voice of Buzz Lightyear more recently because this is supposed to be the movie that inspired the toy….. Kind of like how Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was the series that the toy was based on, also not voiced by Tim Allen. I hope that the company realizes that their reputation is being thoroughly trashed and that the parks are being cheapened in the name of profit. I hope they realize this and turn it around. But my expectations are extremely low right now, and I only hope that they can change things before it’s too late

  60. Chri

    Disney is only failing because they then the make the whole movie that relates to the LGBTQ+ instead of a stupid 5 to 7 second scene. Make a major part of the story. Then if it flops just keep making more because that’s how Disney rolls

  61. Ben Collins

    Despite the pole survey, I would still give Disney world a chance. Last time I was there was 2016, I’m a fan for anything Disney. If anyone has a deep love for something special, they would go back.

  62. JD

    It is not for you to judge. They didn’t support a bill that doesn’t affect them at all. Disney has no K-12 schools. All this outrage and they are recording record profits amd attendance. I wish people who do not agree with Disney would stay out. Shorter lines.

    1. Ben Collins

      I don’t think kids should learn the don’t say gay bill at a theme park at young age

  63. CJA

    One thing that no one seems to have mentioned that’s killing the Disney Magic is US. Bad behavior, poor manners, impatience, littering and griping now seem to be the norm. We used to go to the parks with the expectations that there would be crowds so we waited our turns; if someone needed to take their child to the restroom we let them back in line, and we were friendly with the Cast members. Now the parks are full of guests slugging it out, cursing at the employees and ‘performing’ for Tik-Tok by breaking the rules and sending it out on social media. WE also must do better!

  64. Mason

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. Disney is going to hell in a hand basket. Besides my Disney+ subscription for the Star Wars and OG Disney channel content, Disney isn’t getting my business. Hey I didn’t leave Disney , Disney left me.

  65. Walt

    “Disney ranks 80th on the list in trust, 72nd in trust, …”

    Can’t be 80th in trust and 72nd.

    Another rush by the site to delve into politics for clicks.

  66. Kris

    Disney has forgotten who they are and why Walt created it. They are not listening to their consumers at all. Listening to loud voices does not mean that’s the ones buying the product. Fire the CEO and everyone else who has forgotten why they are their. Disney needs to stay out of politics. Pixar’s lightyear film just shows they are not listening. Wake up board of directors!

  67. Sandy

    Been a passholder for 22 years and Disney has gone down hill fast. Why end fast pass? Except to make up their money loss quickly…
    I want to know if Belle and the Beast will ever dance together again, during their show? Star Wars Padawan Show, Fantasmic, Can’t take this long to reopen. This is some of the Magic that is missing from Disney.Seaworld, Busch Gardens, Universal, Legoland, and Peppa Pig are all open fully. SO NO PANDEMIC BS.

  68. Terry

    This is no surprise after bob paycheck took over he has destroyed the magic the customer service used to be the gold standard but paycheck has taken millions while paying the cms next to nothing which of course has made them angry and rightfully so. Fire bob chapek change.org

  69. Lori

    I will NEVER go to Disneyland again. It was extremely expensive and so crowded that we rode 3 rides the entire day. There is nowhere to sit down while waiting in 2 hour lines and our feet were killing us all. My grandkids wanted to go back to the hotel pool after I spent a fortune on passes. We didn’t even bother returning for the 2nd and 3rd day of the passes I bought. Absolutely awful.

  70. The bard

    Disney are making a good job of that by there selves

  71. Willow

    Let’s be real, half this “soured reputation” are from the bigoted dillweeds who are mashing away at their keyboards. Oh Lightyear and star wars had same sex kisses. Finding dory had a lesbian couple. If everyone could just come to 2022 that portion of problems disappear

    1. J.B. Books

      Not interested. Let the 10% odd balls fund the sinking ship.

  72. Don

    Disney don’t want the average middle class family to come to their parks anymore. They have realized that there are enough upper middle class & high class families that want to come to their parks. They are in the middle of changing who comes to the parks. Why charge $100 a ticket & need 2000 people to come thru the gates to break even when you can charge $200 a ticket & only need 1000 people to come thru the gates to break even. In another couple of years the parks will be half full of people that paid 3 times what the average middle class family can afford. Disney will still make tons of money, there will be less wear & tear on the facilities meaning Disney won’t have to pay as much to maintain the parks, & they won’t need as much staff to attend to their guest or maintain the parks.

  73. J.B. Books

    The visitors have changed.

  74. Jim

    I think if Walt returned he would not recognize the mess recent management has made of Disney. Their guiding principles seems to value corporate greed over customer satisfaction.

  75. Peter

    It’s no longer a wholesome normal family oriented company. Disney isn’t the only “one” that lost money during the pandemic, but they think genie+ , reducing food portions, raising prices, and sucking up to to the LGBTVefglmnop+ community is going to make up their losses. The free Fast Pass+ worked, the wokeness and gay support doesn’t work. Relaxing the cast members dress code was stupid. They are like biden reversing everything that worked that President Trump put in place.

  76. JohnF

    There are plenty of family friendly parks out there to take children to. No reason to support the woke ones with their agendas.

    It should be ok to teach children what is normal, but to also teach them to not be unkind to others. There is room for both. I disagree with gender assignment surgery, but when I hang out with my transgender friend and her wife, we can drink beer and talk about prostate surgery like adults.

    Go woke, go broke.

  77. Rebecca

    Why is everything so negative in almost anything in the media anymore its so sad…..

  78. Sam

    Henry is Right!!!
    These alphabet people trying to indoctrinate our young children.
    One day they’ll all burn in HELL!

  79. Jack

    Pandering to societies genetic misfits and losers never ends well.

  80. Mickeymouse3

    Paycheck is not the one pushing the alphabet issues.
    That is coming from the BoD’s. The board president is an admitted lesbian (who cares). The movie producer/exec who stated all future movies will have alphabet content, the latest PR exec who sits on a board promoting gay marriages (again, who cares), they are the ones insisting Disney goes they route they are taking with “inclusiveness”.
    The money grabbing? That is all Paycheck, who has been in charge of Disney’s parks before being promoted to CEO. One would think he, of all people, would know and understand, what the majority of people want. But alas, he must listen to his BoD’s, if he wants to maintain his $35m salary. Stockholders are just an after thought.
    Disney has lost its magic! Ranting about it on these types of pages mean nothing to Disney. They don’t read these articles/comments.
    What they do read, are comments directly to them. Try it. Your voice, and eventually wallets/purses, will be heard. Whether Disney does anything about, well, that’s another article in itself.

  81. Hector

    Folks, here is the exact blueprint on how to destroy a lifetime of credibility in the blink of an eye! Go WOKE – AND You’ll Go Broke!! The MAJORITY doesn’t want any of this fantasy driven charades.

  82. UnusableBlackVoiceConsHateLikeMost

    So many conservatives have been politically cucked to hate Hollywood/celebrities and the biggest entity in Hollywood- Disney by smarter people looking to use them for votes and who play off their anxieties about White/Straight/Male replacement and gin them up into a slobbering froth in the so-called “culture wars”.

    These are the same people who claim no one should ever be offended, but are offended over a gay kiss. Who claim it’s other people who mAkE EvErYtHiNg aBoUt RaCe, but whine over black mermaids and introduce racism into the minds of their young girls who could care less. The people who claim celebs should shut up about anything political because they’re OuT oF ToUcH…unless they agree with them politically. Because Those celebs speak for the people.
    People who hate hOlLyWoOd ElItIsTs and cAnCeL CuLtUrE…but jumped on the scrote of Hollywood elitist Johnny Depp and campaigned to cancel Amber Heard because Women Bad!- even though the Evidence (Logic, Reason, and Facts) showed both of them abused each other.

    And one could easily go on. These are totally mind-cucked denizens of a clown world. It’s sad. But people in general are not taught how to use their brains so it’s not entirely unexpected. The dad thing is the Get Woke, Go Broke idiom has been proved a completely erroneous and hollow bit of wishcasting. If they had the fortitude to boycott all Marvel movies, it might carry some weight. But the Real problem- not wOkE casting or LiBeRaL aGeNdA- but Hollywood’s utter lack of originality and reliance on IPs has Everyone in thrall and that’ll never happen.

  83. Jeff

    Bob Chapek ruined disney. He needs to go.

  84. Louis

    I be travel to Disney for. Several years as Florida resident with my kids then and now with my grandkids,
    But now I said I’ll never going back, that is not a family company

  85. Ben Collins

    It’s kinda like electronic fence for blocking restricted areas & security cameras should be an option to explore.

  86. Sindee

    Disney use to be such a “magical” place to go for families. As a DVC member, annual passholder, D23 and stock holder I am so disappointed with what has been happening there. I have canceled my D23 membership, sold my stock and probably will not renew my annual pass. My DVC will at least give me a place to stay when I come down and can visit other area attractions like SeaWorld and Universal. They are catering to a small percentage of guests and have no consideration for the rest of us. I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan, but what I’m hearing is their casting a black Belle. What are they thinking??? Can we next have a white Princess Tiana? They have made the princesses of many cultures so let well enough alone. Huge Pirates fan……no more Depp, no desire to see the next one. And last but not least FIRE Chapek!!!!

  87. Mark

    Stay in your lane Disney. You’ve wondered too far left with your politics and seemingly uncaring attitude towards families who can no longer afford to visit your theme parks by taking a position like Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street when he says “Greed is good”. You’re leaving many of your loyal customers fed up with everything and abandoning your brand. STAY OUT OF POLITICS. That’s a losing proposition for your precious corporate image.

  88. Joe

    Not a opinion, just a fact. I have three young kids, and I’m not coming back to Disney, and I also dropped Disney + because of their radical left political stance.

  89. Mr White

    This is what happens when you abandon your good, law-abiding Christian audience to go chasing minorities and queer o sexuals.

  90. E

    They need to replace their current CEO with someone else

  91. Henry

    It used to be a truly patriotic position to mind your own f**king business. Being against the LGBT+ community is either based on 1) a misplaced belief that your personal religious convictions should mean anything to anyone, and/or 2) a bigoted opinion based on latent homosexuality or lack of empathy or a purposeful failure to meet anyone who is LGBT+. Since most “bible believing” Christians are in the lowest quartile of financial success, I hope Disney raises the price so high that they are forced to take their soon-to-rebel cherubs to the nearest Creation Museum. Leave the good people alone.

  92. J

    I’d have to agree that the reputation of my old friend is plummeting. Less of an experience for more money, Customer service standards sliding, charging for things that used to be free or removing them altogether, involving themselves in politics… The magic has definitely faded for this family that has gone almost every year for decades. After the trip we took this Summer, I’m not sure when we will be back.

  93. Tammie

    Just another uninformed homophobe that ha an opinion based on one side

  94. Stephanie Rogers

    The park experience, quality of services, value for the price have all gone down. Corporate greed is destroying Disney. It’s no longer a magical place. No longer can a family of four afford to come and spend a week there. The reservation system has become so complicated that the person in charge of making the reservations has to be a computer geek. No ability to have the freedom during your vacation to change plans last minute. I have a Disney credit card that gets points. Saving up for one last hurrah then we are done with Disney.

  95. Jeffrey L S

    Disney Land and it’s related parks used to be some of the greatest. But lately they are trying to change too many things to be with the in crowd. SAD! Disney needs to take a step or two back and look at what has made Disney so great in the past. I don’t mean they need to stay in the past but obviously adding all these latest trends and new woke ideas is what is tearing Disney down. Disney used to be family friendly, a fantasy of happily ever after. Disney needs to stick with that same planning in it’s structure. Adding all these new fad ideas is what is making a good majority of is fan base lose interest. Losing the fantasy, the love of childhood for all us big kids and lovers of Disney.

  96. Wendy

    Just Another Heartache………………

  97. Disney is not going to change until people stop subscribing to Disney+ and people stop filling the parks. They’ve lowered the quality of merchandise, raised the prices by a lot, cut back on food portions, don’t maintain the rides, and have cut back on a lot of the Disney magic. Yet people continue to flood into the Disney parks day in and day out.

    As long as Disney is making money they assume that everything they are doing is right and that their reputation percentage means absolutely nothing to them. Disney has been going downhill for over 5 years and Chapek and the pandemic have only sped up that downfall. As long as people keep giving money to Disney, Disney will always exist. It’s just a shame that the Disney Magic is disappearing in favor of the all mighty dollar.

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