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mickey proposing to minnie in front of cinderella castle at disney world

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  1. Carol

    Try really paying CM to put up with the public! Try treating them better. I know CM that never got a break ( illegal). No relief! Horrible hot costumes for some! Thank goodness some of the rules have changed about earrings, hair, shoes ! Some relief I guess!

  2. Peggy

    We were there in march April. A lot was still closed. But what I noticed is the foreign workforce was missing. People on work visas was not there. Like Italy , Uk and other areas in Epcot. Also not many college students . I am not sure what Disney pays these days but hope they get back to some thing like pre pandemic soon. Not worth have dvc without annual passes and ticket cost are high to go more than 1 time a year.

    1. Lauren

      Not enough to live in Orlando. The housing market is insane. Not enough to deal with the slave like treatment.

  3. Bill

    The lack of staff can be seen all over the place. My wife and I have been pass holders for years and this is the worst we have ever seen it. Thanks Bob!

  4. Lauren

    The place is absolutely hell to work for. The worst job ever. Hides and ignores discrimination based on race and religion. Shrugs off sexual assaults and violent threats. Pedos are all around.

  5. Josh

    I’ve checked their job boards recently when considering moving to the Orlando area. There’s no way I would do any of that for the amount that they are paying.

  6. Mickeymouse3

    You get what you pay for, as the saying goes.
    Penny-pinching Paycheck might someday realize he is heading for the iceberg, but until he hits it, he will keep the same path. Good thing the board gave him another 3 years (sarcasm).

  7. One more hit

    Bad pay, bad hours, difficult work in Florida heat, dealing all day with (rightly) upset guests, vax mandate, woke agendas… do they realize why they have a problem or, like an addict, do they think they can stop any time?


    The “wokest place on earth” is starting to experience the results of its choices. They pay virtually nothing and make interns pay to work there. My mother thought it would be fun to volunteer there after she retired. They work you like slaves without much in the wY of breaks, and you can’t afford to eat at the park if you work there!
    She used to bake for the cast members she worked with and bring it with her on the days she was there. She said these poor kids were STARVING because they could barely afford to eat, though they worked for a multi billion dollar worldwide corporation.
    So much for liberals caring about poor people!

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