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  1. TotalDramaDisney

    Not surprising. The last 3 original movies, literally, made Disney no money, so Pixar might as well make more sequels. “Inside Out 2” would be great! I’m hoping this means we’ll also get “Incredibles 3”, soon.

    1. We need a Cars 4 mostly to address the 2 relationships in Cars & Cars 2
      Sally & Lightning at least should get engaged if not married & have kids
      So should Mater & Holly

      1. Jayne1955

        How do you propose cars have kids? I’m dying to know.

    2. Lotte

      Wall E 2 would spark my heart, bolt would also be nice.

    3. Daquan Harrison

      Incredibles 3 would be great. It should focus on Violet Parr becoming the most powerful hero on the planet and her backstory.

  2. SF

    Would love to see a sequel to Ratatouille, maybe an international version where other Linguini type chefs have their own little chefs…

    1. Megan Symynkywicz

      I think Disney has plenty of great movies but I think we should expand upon movies like: Onward, Luca, Turning Red and Raya The Last Dragon. These worlds are so massive and the possibilities are endless. Its just my opinion but I think turning away from princesses or young females would be a great idea and I understand that everyone is used to the big dress but I’m honestly tired of females as the lead. You don’t really see that many male leads and it saddens me. At the end of the end its Disneys choice but thats what I think. Have a magical day!

      1. sfcpres

        Well Onward was terrible, Luca was awful, & Turning Red was far from a children’s movie. Disney has gone out of its way to force a message on the audience as opposed to entertain (with or without a subtle message).

        1. Geoff

          Onward and Luca were awesome! I can’t wait for their sequels. We watched them multiple times.

        2. Jayne1955

          I still don’t understand what message Truning Red pushed that was so bad. That kids grow up? They’ve done that forever.

        3. Jj

          I agree

    2. Tubt

      Turning Red must be in cinemas!! So it will be great to see a sequel

  3. Supergrimmwolf

    Definitely NOT Inside Out, didn’t like that one to begin with.

  4. Thomas Durkan

    I want a sequel to A Bug’s Life. It’s been over a score since the film was released, so it’s high time that a second A Bug’s Life movie gets produced. Get to it, Disney and Pixar. Chop, chop!

  5. I’ll would like to see a sequel to wall e and ratatouille.

  6. Daquan Harrison

    I would love to see Incredibles 3 that focuses on Violet Parr being the most powerful hero on the planet and her backstory.

    1. LoneWolf

      Oh, that would be Jack-Jack.

      1. Daquan Harrison

        I know Jack-Jack is powerful, but for now. What I’m saying is Incredibles 3 should focus on Violet Parr being the most powerful hero on the planet and her backstory to how she became who she was in the beginning of the first movie.

  7. Isak

    I dont care how underated this one is, but a treasure planet 2 or a show based on the movie would be just amazing, it was way ahead for its time and its really a shame not many talk about it, really love the movie <3

    1. Jayne1955

      I totally agree.

    2. WhiskeyThief

      Treasure Planet was a complete and total bomb for Disney, they lost way too much for anyone to even talk about a remake or sequel.

  8. Ceecee

    I believe as some other people that the buzz lightyear was something that not much people liked. I being one of them. Why does everything have to change to this century not everyone likes that. Just like ravens home. I’m definitely pro choice but alot of adults are turning their kids away because kids shouldn’t learn about lgbtq at a young age let alone dating. I believe this is going to push Disney back some. Don’t mess with the originals for something different that alot of viewers don’t want to see I being one who doesn’t want my kids learning about lgbtq at young age especially a 3 year old. Also alot of people I see are giving bad names about Disney. With Disney knowing little kids watch this stuff at a young age. Now why would Disney want little kids learning about dating, adult things, and thinking there’s more then 2 genders out there. That is crazy. Disney has no right doing that so i as well as some other parents have pulled away from Disney plus and are just buying movies that are kids appropriate.

    1. James

      You’ll find “dating” in The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast too, so I don’t recommend you watch those movies.

    2. Jayne1955

      There are kids in most children’s classes with two moms or two dads. This is common. Why do you insist on pretending these people don’t exist? They see it every day and don’t sit and concentrate on it. It’s just part of their world. I was a Girl Scout leader for 33 years and had gay and trans kids in my troops. We discussed what we needed to and just let the kids do what they had to do.

    3. Evo

      Kids know if they’re gay/trans by as soon as 3. By not learning about those things, you alienate your kids and other humans around you. Being gay is not “sexual and adult” as many people make it seem. I think it’s great Disney tackles these things.

      1. Mason

        Kids at the age of three cannot read or do math. So I’m pretty sure they don’t know their sexuality or think they are the opposite sex at that age.

    4. Jj


  9. Mclovin

    So no Bing Bong huh? :c

  10. LoneWolf

    Unfortunately, while the original was well done and excellent, I have a feeling they the 2022 version of Pixar and Disney will make this a woke episode that scolds us. They just can’t seem to help themselves.

    Unfortunately, their recent history leaves little hope of anything else.

    1. James

      Then don’t watch it.

  11. Chicken Bob

    Did nobody notice that the original “report” stated the movie was supposed to come out on June 19th, 2022? That date has passed, therefore I don’t believe this is real.

    1. Steve

      yeah, most blogs don’t bother fact-checking anymore. They’ll post anything for a click.

  12. sfcpres

    Let me guess Riley will be dealing with issues of the same sex. Sure make more movies for your minor employee base as opposed to children and family fare.

    1. Alex

      I get that but what about the older kids who are lgbtq and don’t get very much age appropriate lgbtq relatable characters. Just a thought 🤷🏽

  13. Justin

    What Pixar movie is coming out?

    1. Bob

      You are correct. It’s called Inside Out: Coming Out.

  14. Sweasel

    I would like to see a sequal to Brave. My daughters loved it and I loved the strong female lead

    1. Jayne1955

      I liked it but I didn’t love it. Your strong female lead caused most of the problems in it by stewing with resentment. Merida doesn’t really grow, aside from deciding her mother wasn’t so bad after all. She stays a tomboy, another archetype, a stereotype of a kind of girl. What does she really accomplish? Nothing.

  15. Tokio

    I know they have a cartoon series, but I’d like a Tangled sequel.

  16. I’m just trying to find out who this young upstart actor named Jim Carry is. He better work hard to carry this film and any other he joins with a name like that.

  17. Elijah

    You guys are about to get an a**-spanking for reporting this! Meaww.com is an UNTRUSTWORTHY site, and the plot they posted was related to a parody trailer on YouTube!

  18. Jon Hinchcliff

    I think we need a proper seguel to Monsters inc. I want to see Boo older. Not just some theories from other movies with Easter eggs about her.

  19. PSell

    I just hope that whatever sequal they try to make is woke AF. That’s worked well for them so far.

    1. stay woke

      People keep using that term “woke” – I do not think it means what they think it means.

      “Woke” arose from a phrase “stay woke”, i.e. stay awake, alert to injustices done to your people and be ready to challenge those who perpetuate injustice.

      People throw the word around without really considering what the original intent was. Making a movie that is inclusive to people of marginalized populations isn’t “woke”, it’s just being inclusive.

      I will say this though, “inclusive” does not mean marginalizing the majority in favor of the minority. Everyone deserves representation. Everyone deserves to be included. Walter Elias Disney would have known that.

  20. Reeferee

    If they make a second movie and it’s “woke” like everyone’s pissing their pants about, then I imagine with how Inside Out has already displayed itself that it might actually do well. I get not everyone is into the whole “times changing” (what “woke” really is) which goes to show we still have a long way to go when it comes to indifference towards certain topics, but I’m down, lol. As long as it isn’t full of bad dialogue or annoying stereotypes, I’ll bite for now.

  21. Jorge Adrian Magallanes

    Definitely Brave!!!

    1. Jayne1955

      Will Merida actually do something with her life besides decide her mom’s not so bad after all and continue as a tomboy?

  22. Zoe

    I would DIE to see an Encanto series or another film! The movie didn’t have enough time to show us this AMAZING world😔

    1. Jayne1955

      Yes, it was awesome. And Coco could go further, too.

  23. Jayne1955

    I’m willing to give it a try but the original was NOT one of my favorite movies.

  24. J-maroo

    I guess we’ll see if they learned their lesson from the abysmal failure of Lightyear and keep the woke political BS out of the movie.

    My money is on they haven’t learned a thing and we will most certainly have some gay/bi issues for Riley to navigate.

    If they do this and ruin another great movie idea, it’s going to be pretty sad.

    Just keep the ideology out of the movies. America is tired of being preached at by wokeness.

    1. Garret

      You poor snowflake. It must be tough having Disney trying to turn you gay. Good luck out there, stay vigilant!

  25. Thomas Cusker

    If they keep pushing the LGB lines in the movies none of them will make any money. Parents are not going to take their kids to see that type of money.

  26. Jayden

    Would love to see this movie have a sequel, I really don’t get the whole pushing the LGBTQ agenda on children that just doesn’t make sense to me because they are straight movies out there as well that kids watch that have some theme they shouldn’t but yet parents let them watch it anyway because well it’s a straight movie so it doesn’t matter, I agree that kids shouldn’t learn about LGBTQ until their at an appropriate age but you also have to understand that Disney is trying to teach and educate people that their aren’t just straight and cisgender people that exist I guess you could say the problem is that their putting these themes in kids movies and let’s be honest even if they didn’t but these themes in kids movies people would still complain. They simply don’t want LGBTQ people to exist and they certainly don’t want them to exist in media that’s for sure Riley is gonna be a tee. She’s gonna be curious she’s gonna have hormones just like every other teen does you cannot make this stuff up so why would it be surprising that Disney may include her exploring her sexuality as a lot of teenagers do already? Disney ‘doesnt care’, because it’s not about the parents feelings about something it’s about incisiveness and understanding that we do not live in a world anymore with only straight and cisgender people, you simply do not have to show your kids a movie that has LGBTQ themes that’s perfectly okay but you don’t have the right to tell a huge company how they should portray to their audience because none times outta ten their not even gonna listen to you, this a business these people make money and as long as they make money they don’t care they know these LGBTQ themes in films would cause them to lose money but they have so many other films that are just as good, you even have Disney princess movies where the princesses are at least 16 years old and date and marry 20-30 year old Princeses yet people let their kids watch that even though that shows adult x minor themes so it’s very hypocritical for y’all to scream and go off about how kids shouldn’t be watching movies with LGBTQ themes when their also allowed to watch movie like that (I did not make up the prince and princess thing look it up google will tell you their age and do not say it’s just a fairytale because that implies and shows me that as long as it’s fairytale and not real it’s doesn’t matter it absolutely matters)

  27. Jayden

    Y’all act like kids don’t grow and be coke teenagers and young adults what wrong with that? that’s life it’s gonna happen I genuinely don’t understand what the problem is with that.

  28. John De La Hoz

    Would love to see Moana 2

  29. jenny

    A website can publish anything and people will apparently believe it smh. Y’all, “meaww” is not a trustworthy site! Be careful taking things at face value ❤️

  30. Brandon

    How about the fact that Jim Carrey has retired? This movie is definitely not real unless this was the reason he retired.

  31. Sarah

    Who the f is Rowan “Atkins”?? Lol

  32. Jean

    I would love another Toy Story where they all run into Woody and Bo Peep.
    Also, I think it is a crime there is no celebration on Walt Disney’s birthday at the parks. After all he did for us, a yearly celebration should be manditory. Spread the love!!!

  33. Mason

    Can I guess what happens? That boy from Riley’s first date/the end of inside out is teenage Riley’s boyfriend who ends up getting Riley pregnant and Riley must decide on whether she should get an abortion or
    Teenage Riley is struggling on what gender she should be with help with her gay friend at school and her non-binary emotions.

  34. Tricia-Lyn Smith

    I would love to see this sequel! Honestly its a great for kids of all ages it allows them to relate to the emotions and see something concrete. My favorite part in the first one was when joy and sadness are tryimg to get back to control room and she realizes that she had to let riley be sad about everything she had to let riley express her hurt. We all forget at times in our own lives that its ok to bust out into tears and not know why. Sometimes our mind and body work behind the scenes for us. Let yourself feel just dont wallow in it. Process what you need to take time to understand and keep movin forward

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