Disney Reportedly Approves Sequel For Beloved Pixar Movie

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Another Disney Pixar sequel is in the works, according to reports.

Disney Pixar has established itself as one of the leading animation studios in the world because of its blockbuster films that have become icons for Disney fans everywhere, including Toy Story (1995), Monsters Inc. (2001), Cars (2006), Ratatouille (2007), Up (2009), The Incredibles (2004), Finding Nemo (2003),  A Bug’s Life (1998), WALL-E (2008), and many more.

Toy Story 2
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Pixar Studios just recently released Lightyear (2022), which was a prequel to tell the story of the real-life man who inspired the toy Buzz Lightyear. The movie was not well-received at the box office and it has led many publications to indicate that Pixar might be bound to releases on Disney+,  which is what we saw with Turning Red (2022), Luca (2021), Soul(2020), and Onward (2020).

However, there is hope that a popular sequel could potentially bring the studio back to the top of the box office.

Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear
Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

According to reports from Meaww, Disney has greenlighted a sequel for the beloved film Inside Out (2015).

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The report indicates that every voice actor from the original will return for the film, as well as many new ones. The reported cast includes Amy Poehler (Joy), Phyllis Smith (Sadness), Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Bill Hader (Fear), Lewis Black (Anger), Ty Burrell (Sherlock Boredom), Adam Katz (Dr. Tranquility), Eric Idle (Trust), Tony Hale (Pride), Kristen Wiig (Lust), Alison Brie (Laughter), Jonah Hill (Surprise), AJ Styles (Joy’s Cousin), Rowan Atkins (Crazy), Chris Pratt (Courage), Jen Willson (Kindness), Will Arnett (Hex), Nicolas Cage will give Brain a voice and Jim Carry will voice Vladik.

“The second installment will be more about Riley in her teenage years. Riley is now 15 and plunged into the hormonal hell of puberty. Adolescence is known as the time your emotions go haywire and so expect pure havoc, drama, moments of betrayal, and every bit of hormonal change that a teenage kid goes through in the sequel. Strap yourselves for a roller coaster ride of a lifetime!”

Inside Out
Credit: Pixar

At this point, it should be noted that Disney has not confirmed the sequel but this report is a good indication that a sequel (hopefully) is set to begin production soon.

What Disney movie would you like to a sequel be produced for? Let us know in the comments!

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