Comments for Disney Princess Spills Secrets, Says Disney Made Her Lose Weight For Role

voyage of the little mermaid

Credit: Disney


  1. Walt

    Who cares! Next the fats will be out rioting because there’s not enough fat diversity at Disney.

    1. Party

      Go away troll. You are probably 68 years old, sitting in a trailer house surrounded by cats, filth,and wearing your torn underwear.

  2. Pmngmery

    How horrible for a 22 year to be put into a mold, get her hopes hope and then tell her she doesn’t quite fit!

  3. stephen

    115lbs doesn’t sound like a fat girl by any means. But face characters are always going to have different standards than the fur suits.

  4. Mark L Sheldon

    How dose tone up your stumic mean eat less or lose waigh how stupid 🙄 work out flatten your tummy and yull add muscle and waight durp durp sounds like she has issues not disney

    1. Cyndi

      Mr. Sheldon, You’re not understanding the point

    2. Michele

      Well Mark, at least you could spell “stupid” correctly. I guess that sums it up right there 🙂

  5. JD

    Jfc, go cry some more! This is the way it is. There are certain expectations that go along with face characters at Disney just like casting a role for a play or movie.

  6. Ava

    I wonder if she would have just rather not gotten the part then? A majority of character cast members are female. Of course body image is something a face character needs to adhere to. She could have played Winnie the Pooh instead

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