Disney Quickly Hides Broken Animatronic on Popular Ride

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Rise of the Resistance attraction at Disneyland Park

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Few attractions truly compare to what Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance offers Guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Located on the fictional planet of Batuu in the Galaxy’s Edge section of the Park, Guests will not only find this attraction but several incredible shopping and dining experiences as well not to mention a ride where you get to pilot the Millennium Falcon.

Rey and Chewbacca at 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge
Credit: Disney

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But the crown jewel of this land is the previously mentioned Rise of the Resistance, a ride where Guests can “Join the Resistance in an epic battle against the First Order on this exciting ride.” The ride features jaw-dropping scenery, thrilling set pieces, and an incredibly-immersive experience that will leave you thinking you actually are in space.

Unfortunately, due to how complex this ride is, we see problems arise quite frequently. Whether the ride is completely shut down or specific sections arent working, seeing the ride experience “technical difficulties” is anything but a rare sight. Recently, Guests got a very interesting “preshow” when an animatronic stopped working and was hidden.

The malfunction can be seen in a post shared on Reddit, a popular social media website. You can check it out below:

Lieutenant Beck?

Lieutenant Beck? from Disneyland

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As you can see, the Lieutenant Beck animatronic figure, which is usually right next to Guests on their transport ship, was hidden behind a wall. We do not know what causes this to happen but we see similar treatments for the Kylo Ren animatronic if he is not working as well.

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An Attraction on a Scale That Is Impressive, Most Impressive

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is a massive attraction with multiple ride systems that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced at the Disneyland Resort… or anywhere else in the galaxy!

Accept a Mission from the Resistance

The Resistance needs your help! Hidden in the forest outside Black Spire Outpost, the Resistance is gathering recruits for a secret mission.

With the First Order desperate to extinguish the spark of the Resistance, the mission is bound to have unexpected twists and turns. When your transport is captured by an imposing First Order Star Destroyer filled with legions of stormtroopers—and even Kylo Ren!—you’re going to need all the help you can get. Fortunately, a covert team of Resistance fighters—including Rey and BB-8—is at the ready to give you a fighting chance to escape… and a chance for the Resistance to rise.

Prepare for a thrilling, first-of-its-kind adventure!

What’s the weirdest Disney malfunction you’ve ever seen?

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