Comments for Disney Guests Watch Entire Movie During Broken Down Attraction, Still Find Themselves Stuck

Spaceship Earth

Credit: Disney


  1. Yoda

    The guests were not “stuck”, they chose to wait in line for the ride to reopen after technical issues. They were free to leave at any point.

    1. Chris

      Thank you, I’m getting tired of the in lazy writing.

  2. mike

    Plus, writers who may never have been to Epcot at all! Look at the ride sequence they list of other rides to do if Ratatouille doesn’t work out for you. They send you back & forth across the length & width of Epcot enough times to give you a stroke lol’

  3. Ryan

    Disney just renewed the contact for the current failure of Disney Current ceo. Rides have never had these problems until Disney hired this new ceo. They should be ashamed for keeping this crook around. Disney is hurting themselves by keeping him.

    1. I go to Florida every winter for 4 months for the last 9 yrs. We attend Disney every Sunday plus a handful of Saturdays. Since the pandemic there seems to be so many rides down. This didn’t happen in the past years. I know they get a lot of guests but you have to wonder if they are using cheap parts to build these things. That’s scary!

  4. Erwim

    Its the 4th of July, you should not be riding rides you should be watching the fireworks/ listening to music with your friends and family!

  5. Mike

    Cool story bro

  6. Karen

    This is BS. When this ride breaks down completely they have everyone get out of line. They even stand at the entrance to the area and tell people it is not working at the time.
    Just had this happen a couple of weeks ago when we were there.
    You can choose to stay in the area and wait for it to open back up if you want to but not in line.

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