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  1. Jeff

    We usually ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner offsite to save money. we always drove to Disney and stayed off property because we couldn’t afford to stay in the resorts. We would take a midafternoon break to rest and eat, then come back to the park a couple hours later. Really makes a difference both in money and being refreshed when we returned.

    1. Adam

      Hi Jeff, we do virtually the same routine. Unfortunately, WDW has increasingly become poor value for money.

      1. Jose

        That is ridiculous! Have they no shame? Borderline criminal.

      2. Jules

        Everything at Disney has become over
        Priced. You have to plan and take your own snacks and drink. To expensive for a family of four to eat more then one meal at the park.I believe people are attending the park due to the lock down last year. After 2022-2023 dinsy will suffer at decrease in attendance

    2. stephanie

      We always did that too but in the winter when the parks close early you cannot leave and come back. If you do you wouldn’t have time to get on all the rides you want.

  2. Save it

    Don’t go to Disney. They don’t deserve your money.

  3. Walt

    “Shut up and take my wallet” they said.

    1. Rache

      That’s rediculous! The food quality is just progressively getting worse. You can not justify how terrible it has been compared to 5 years ago.

  4. Mary

    We ate at Be Our Guest for the first time and the portion on my plate was so small I literally wanted to cry. The pork dinner was two small circles of pork loin about an inch thick and dry. The plate had some vegetables and sauces drizzled on it but wasn’t much bigger than an appetizer for $62. I’m very disappointed in Disney. We stayed in a Disney hotel every year while my kids were growing up but the Magic isn’t there anymore!

  5. Mary

    Aside from my comment above about the small portions at Be Our Guest, we also ate at Brown Derby which was expensive but an excellent meal, and at The Coral Reef which was as good as usual but the price has gone way up. We tried The Commissary for the first time for lunch and found their portions to be surprisingly large and the price average. We didn’t go to Tony’s because we read online that they had cut the portions and stopped serving bread. Sorry the restaurants are closed in the Moroccan Pavilion because we would have enjoyed that. We actually went to Disney in Dec. 2019 and stayed outside the park for only $55 a night. The hotel was clean and had an excellent buffet breakfast. We’ll do that again if we ever go back.

    1. Christine McCarthy can kiss my big fat butt. Don’t do me any favors by cutting my portion sizes. My husband and I usually had to split a meal to stay in budget as it was. Oh, and raising the prices at the same time really helps ‘tighten the belt’ as well.

      1. I bet the CEO when he and friends eat there their portions are no way near as small so he cannot understand the complaints !

  6. L. Jen

    They called all you Disney cult fans a bunch of fatties that need to lose weight anyways.

    1. Travis Weberling

      @ L.Jen, In a seriousness, NONE of the corporate suits at WDW should be making comments like that at their guests/customers, I mean some of them might actually be shareholders in the company.

      1. Kim

        You mean a shareholder like me that they’re pissing off???? Except I’m not overweight, and it’s none of Disney’s business of those who are.

        Disney is tanking, sadly, and it’s time to get out! I was at Disney World as a little girl the day they opened and always went as I don’t live that far away. I haven’t been there in 2 years! And won’t until Disney makes some major changes back to what they were. Mr. Walt is probably spinning in his grave!

    2. Are you the kettle calling the pot black!

  7. Sarah

    Just left Disney World today. We are at Boma, Sanaa Lounge, Ogas Cantina , Backlot express Port Orleans Riverside Quick Service, and The Mara (AKL quick service) As always, were stuffed to the gills at Boma ( best breakfast buffet for the price/quality) and all our ither restaurants were within reason fir the price. Big burgers, lots of fries, bread service at Sanaa lounge brought out extra servings of the naan. Prices are a bit higher but everything costs more right now anyway. Disney has never been “cheap” and with this economy, its certainly not going to be now.

    1. Greg

      The cost of Boma is super expensive. No way you are even close to getting your money’s worth on their buffets. Especially dinner price.

  8. I have zero sympathy for anyone that experiences this crap. Why do people continue to go here and give them their money? Disney is robbing people and they continue to let it happen. Blows my mind. We have gone since 1970 and stopped since the pandemic. It’s a complete joke

    1. Mark

      Where’s my +5 button? I thought Disney was expensive before the pandemic but now all my friends and family voting with our wallet. We’re not going back to Disney anytime soon until they change their ways.

    2. EMM

      You nailed it. We used to go every year for a 10-day stay at the resort. We rarely went off property. It’s been a gradual decline for the last 4-5!years but last year we had enough. We only stayed for 3 days because of the decline, and now we won’t even do that. As long as people go they will keep ripping them off. No Magic at all anymore.

    3. Kim

      I’ve been going since I was a little girl, the day they opened. I wanted to see the anniversary year so badly, but like you, I haven’t been since the plandemic and Disney decided to become stupid.

  9. Chris

    My wife and I took our 3 daughters to Disney for New Years Eve in 2018 and I couldn’t believe how expensive the food was. The buffet meals were the worst because not only did it cost over $300 each time but the food quality was terrible. We actually ate at Denny’s one day for lunch and for a fraction of the price we got food that tasted significantly better. The one exception was the buffet in Norway at Epcot, I don’t remember the name of the place but the food there was amazing.

  10. Scam

    Everything Disney is a woke scam. Smart people stay away.

    1. Danny

      lol, this is an article about overpriced, lacklustre food… but apparently “wokeness” is the problem. You kind of people are a joke.

      1. Woke

        Wokester can’t understand English. Sad.

        1. Jon

          What kind of sad, pathetic, hate-filled person so you have to be to spend your time reading Disney blogs so you can comment about how much you hate Disney?

          I feel sorry for you. Your life has obviously taken a bad turn.

          1. Walt

            Jon are you describing yourself? Somebody made a comment about wokeness, how is that Disney hate?

            Also, how is it hateful when somebody speaks up about the foul and greedy nature of Disney?

            Go crawl back under your rock where you belong.

      2. Walt

        Yet we’re all laughing at you Danny, go figure huh.

  11. Greg

    Supply issue?! Next thing you know they will start blaming Putin too!

  12. Glasseyes

    We got to where we take in sandwich fixings and drinks to make our own lunch.

  13. Paula

    My friend and I ate at Sanaa last Thursday. The food was amazing and the portions were good. I left full.

  14. Jose

    That is ridiculous! Have they no shame? Borderline criminal.

  15. Turtle

    Went to Disney in Dec 2019 for the first time and I think the food was the worst part. Maybe I was eating at the wrong places, but there was little to rave about. From what I can remember this is how I would rate the places I visited.
    O’hana breakfast – meh
    Chef Mickey’s breakfast – ok
    Akershus princess meal – ok at best
    Hoop Dee Doo – mediocre
    Some quick serve in the African section of Animal Kingdom, not good and forgettable
    Liberty Square – same
    Cosmic Rays – not good
    Cape May Cafe – pretty good
    Prime Time Cafe – ok
    Canada Pavilion – only got the poutine but it was good.
    Skipper Canteen – best meal of the week. The only place I would go of my way visit again.
    Had reservations for Be Our Guest, Crystal Palace, and some sit down in Animal Kingdom that I don’t regret missing. Overall I just don’t think the food is very good, and definitely not worth it for the price.

  16. Frank

    Had lunch(dinner) at Be Our Guest in June, I had to really take my time eating my appetizer because of the small portion (seafood app) the rest of the meal was ok for a “lunch”, but ! when checking the bill found the charged us and extra meal at $62. so make sure you check the bill before you pay !

  17. As long as Bob is in charge it’s just going get worse! Food for last few years is terrible and declining in taste! Nothing with supply issues. That’s the excuses they using! GREED is the main reason!

  18. Rick

    Did CFO McCarthy just fat-shame Disney guests with her concerns about our waistlines? When you raise prices and cut portions, your patrons will go elsewhere to get the dollar value they deserve. Eating at Springs and in the parks is one of my favorite things to do, so it is not like I’ve never heard “we are all out of that.” If the food gets smaller in portions and my wallet gets lighter in greenbacks, then it will be time to just enjoy the Disney atmosphere and eat somewhere else. Oh yeah, Cast Members have nothing to donwith portions. Ask to speak with a manager or chef. The more they have to explain portions, the more they will push back on portion shrinkage.

  19. Virginia

    I have been a former cast member as well as having stayed as a guest I have seen food being wasted by guests I have always been happy with the food and usually have to have a to go container so I personally have no issue with the food

  20. Brooke

    McCarthy is a member of the Cheapskate regime. Chapek fired all of Iger’s team once he stole the CEO position. If you’re not all about charging more, and offering less quality and quantity, then Chapek will promote you. I recently saw vlogs on YouTube of the Bengal BBQ at Disneyland – they ALWAYS gave you 2 skewers of veggies, chicken and beef. Now it’s ONE skewer, and it costs MORE. And his BS about staffing shortages – Chapek caused those shortages by laying off thousands of Cast Members. Those half empty restaurants at Dland and DCA with new, reduced menus and reduced quantities are all due to Chapek laying off staff, reducing food purchases. Chapek is all about charging more, and offering less – which increases his bonus check. Everyone needs to start voting him out with their wallets. So far the outlet stores are swelling with current merchandise. I hardly ever see anyone carrying shopping bags in the parks anymore. Stop using the app too – speak to the Cast Members at the parks, restaurants, shops and hotels. Don’t make life cheap and easy for Bob.

  21. Nancy

    I know that cutting portion size is a big complaint. But the cost of supplies, ingredients, shipping etc. is very high across the board not just at Disney. For a reference the lobster roll picture that is on the ‘menu’ is very large for a price if $16.99. Last year here on Long Island a similar sized lobster roll was selling for $25.00-30.00. (I can’t remember when I was able to get a lobster roll of that size for $16.99!) This year the same size is routinely selling at a much higher cost both here in Long Island and all over New England. (Lobster rolls selling for $40-50.00 or more are not unheard of.) Remember if you are paying more for gas, diesel, ingredients etc. so are the suppliers, farmers, fishermen, lobster men, restaurant owners etc. They are not making a higher profit they are just trying to cover their costs the same as everyone else.

    1. If you sincerely believe they aren’t making a higher profit, your delusional!! They are making money hand over fist!

  22. We were there in May,2022….No complaints from us on food and /or portion size….

  23. phillysub

    As a guest, you are in control, not Disney. Minimize the number of meals at Disney and eat off-property.

  24. Mason

    Hey on the bright side you won’t gain a lot of weight going to Disneyland/World. But this is actually quite satisfying since this is what Disney executives and a majority of its employees get for voting for Joe Biden. A supply chain shortage. No wait Putin caused it not Biden. Since somehow a man running another country caused it. Hey ever since 2020 Disney Parks haven’t been the same.

    1. Sir, politics has nothing to do with this, its GREED from the CEO

  25. Bren

    LOL, supply chain issues. Why don’t they just admit they are being cheap and greedy? Just be freaking truthful. Been pulling this for years. This is not a new thing. Anyone remember the fixing bars a few years back, and how things kept disappearing from them? Supply chain issue back then? Pandemic? Nope, just Cheakpeck was in charge of the parks back then. Now as CEO he can ensure it is now company wide. Quit with the stupid phrase of “woke” blaming. This has been going on for over five damn years. Bunch of nonsense, and then some nonsense spewing idiots chiming in with their propoganda fox mess. Keep on spewing. Those who have been to Disney, go to Disney all know of how things have been chaning for years, year after year. Thanks for the laugh though!

  26. I had lunch at Be Our Guest this past October realizing it is now a character venue.
    The price was $70.00. The beast barely poked his head in. Those sitting with their back to the door would have missed it entirely.
    The food was tasty but NOT at all filling. The best part was the edible white chocolate, chip cup.
    Disney has certainly taken away the magic that I grew up with.

  27. Priscilla

    We just came back from there and had a wonderful time but it costed us way, way more this year than in years past to have the same level of vacation.

    We enjoyed the food everywhere except Be Our Guest. This was a huge disappointment since that used to be my favorite.

    Our bill was like $350 for 4 people and we had to go eat at Pinocchio’s after.

    I wish I took pics but it was so dark in the west wing room I couldn’t get good ones.

    The octopus appetizer was like 4 little piles of octopus salad spaced out on this huge plate. It was fishy and rubbery.

    My son got the filet mignon which was a small but decent portion over some vegetables. I asked for it cooked medium and it was well done and dry.

    I got the pork which was 4 little circles of pork with like 4 pieces of vegetables spaced out on a huge plate. One of the pieces of pork was all fat too.

    My husband got this small piece of chicken and just kept staring at me and shaking his head through the whole thing lol!

    My other son at least got a very large portion of Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes…. for $70…

    The best part of this meal was the bread and the cookies for dessert.

    The waiter never asked us how anything was because he knew it was bad.

    Never again! So disappointing!

    The quick services were better meals than this!

    We did the character lunch at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom and that was fantastic. Not cheap but at least the food is good and plentiful and you get to see a bunch of characters.

    Also breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno at the Boardwalk was very worth it. I got a huge portion of very good Steak and Eggs for $21.

    The trip was great in general but we spent a fortune and will not be returning anytime soon even though we used to go every other year. We need to financially recover from this trip for a few years before we would go back.

  28. Mickeymouse3

    A nickel here…a dime there….less of this and even less of that. It’s Penny-pinching Paycheck’s way. But hey, a big thanks to the board who extended this yahoo’s contract, even tho he’s terrible. Guess the shareholders are ok with the current board too. They’re dividends will tank even deeper soon enough.

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