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“Disneyland Forever” at Disneyland Park, Disney Fireworks

Credit: Disney


  1. Walt

    The people complaining about it don’t even have the money to visit the parks, Disneyland in Anaheim is surrounded by low class, poor neighborhoods and has been for years. Just drive a few blocks in any direction away from the resort and you’ll see for yourself.

    Who cares what these people think, nobody forced them to take over the neighborhoods in the first place and Disneyland has been there much longer than they have.

  2. Marc P

    Times like this make me wish Disney could seize all the surrounding property by eminent domain and just turn them into a green belt. Can’t complain about noise pollution if you don’t live there anymore….

  3. Steve

    Which was there first?

    You know what? Let the CaliNIMBY crowd screw Disney over. They deserve it.

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