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Bob Chapek and Abigail Disney

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  1. Mickey

    The board is a big part of the problem. They were the ones that just gave Chapek a three year extension on his contract.

    1. TjValion

      She’s just as mental (woke) as the rest of them!

      1. Screw Bob

        Yep, they’re idiots who should be canned with him.

    2. Screw Bob

      Get Bob out, he hasn’t done his job for a single second he’s been at that company. All he’s ever done is be a negative piece of crap who complained about Bob Iger cause Iger clearly makes him look like the lover he is. Put Abigail Disney in Chepek’s place, at least long enough to find someone to be Ceo that is actually going to do the job right. He is losing money for the company, and screwing the name of Disney left and right.

    3. Screw Bob

      Get Bob out, he hasn’t done his job for a single second he’s been at that company. All he’s ever done is be a negative piece of crap who complained about Bob Iger cause Iger clearly makes him look like the LOSER he is. Put Abigail Disney in Chepek’s place, at least long enough to find someone to be Ceo that is actually going to do the job right. He is losing money for the company, and screwing the name of Disney left and right.

  2. No change

    She’s a loony leftist, it won’t be any different. The greedy board will run the show and she will alienate guests with her ramblings.

    1. Piper

      Yes. They both need to stay away from Disney. Our huge family & group of friends, as well as groups who have always traveled to DISNEY, have deserted our once beloved, “HAPPY PLACE”, favorite vacation destination, & the place of memories…old & new. We are ALL spending our money elsewhere. DISNEY hasn’t felt it yet, but just wait & watch. After a couple of years of their loyal fan base leaving & the destructive “one & done” groups taking over the parks – they will see (too late) what their agendas have cost the company. It will take years of reversal on Disney’s part, to try to gain the trust of America’s Families back, if it is even feasible.

      1. Monica

        AGREE! Loyal Disney parks visiting family since 1987. Have NO plans to return until changes are made that show us that corporate understands the importance of GUEST EXPERIENCE.

    2. George Van liew

      Anything is better then this ceo Disney needs to go back to a family park where everyone wants to go to.im so disgusted with my timeshare I’m thinking 🤔 of getting rid of it.if people can’t afford to go to Disney guess what Disney will start losing $$$.

      1. Not her

        That is absolutely not true with this woman. She is in every way worse than either Bob. She would be the end of Disney as a viable corporation.

      2. As a DVC member myself and feeling like you, might I suggest holding onto your membership for now? I was going to sell. But after thinking long and hard, decided I would either use the resorts for relaxing vacations, no shopping Disney anything or simply rent my points and use the cash to pay for other exciting vacations. I’m going to do a wait and see. The option to sell will always be a choice but I’d hate to act in haste and then regret it. It’s very sad that Disney does not listen or chooses to ignore that they have a real problem brewing. Time will tell.

  3. Jonny

    One of the most silly petitions (and articles) I’ve seen today. Fans can be so clueless.

    1. Upset dad


  4. William Zeisset

    I love Walt Disney World! My wife and I have made multiple trips to the complex with our Granddaughter and have plans to attend the 50th Anniversary Celebration in October of this year. We are not real happy with the direction the Organization is headed. Politics and gay liberals have no place in the management of a once family friendly vacation destination. Walt would be appalled if he could see his beloved Disney Land and Disney World being desecrated in this way.

    1. connormcleod1988@gmail.com

      If they continue to support teaching toddlers about sexual matters and taking parents rights away, it doesn’t matter who is in charge. They will continue to lose money and fans.

  5. Deidra Connor

    Michael Eisner, while ruthless, catapulted WDW into the fan favorite everyone came to know & love. He oversaw the production of some of the best Disney animation Disney will ever produce. The very best times to visit the parks were back in the late 80’s and 90’s. Only to be cheapened by his predecessor, Bob Iger with the onslaught of cash grab sequels that no one liked. Not to mention the continual dereliction of the attractions in the parks. I honestly didn’t think WDW could get any worse. Bob Chapek, said Hold my Beer. I’m not afraid of technology, but no one wants to spend upwards of $7000 for a family vaca only to spend it standing in the sun, staring at and refreshing your phone for 6 hours. So you know what? Abigail Disney is the fuel this dumpster fire needs. Everyone grab your Figment popcorn bucket. This is going to be good!

  6. Cindy

    Anyone but her. She has her own agenda and I don’t agree with it.

    My heart hurts because I am a former passholder. I used to earn gift cards that would pay for my pass and my husband’s pass. I would spend thousands of dollars (again, I earned many Disney gift cards at my work) monthly just going to dinner or walking around helping people take pictures of themselves with their cameras. It was my happy place. But all this political crap has ruined a beautiful place to go. Bob Chapek must go and Abigail is NOT entitled to replace him. Adding 50% gay characters was a stupid thing to promise since real life is NOT 50% Alpha Soup.

    I’m appalled at Disney. It is no longer family friendly. And the fights that break out – Disney itself no longer encourages respect from their guests – since Disney doesn’t respect their guests …

    1. Nunya

      “It was my happy place.”

      Careful, your narcissistic entitlement is showing…

      Really, it’s an absolute shame letting other people be happy is the thing that ruins your happiness. You must be secretly miserable, with a thin veneer of happiness, that once scratched exposes the fetid toxin below… stay outta the parks hater, ain’t nobody wanna see you there anyway

      1. You

        Tossing agendas in the faces of others just to upset them is the type of thing that only makes narcissists happy.

  7. Opus

    It seems like both the far left and the far right are peeved with Chapek. That probably means he is doing something right.

    1. Rya

      False. Nobody likes him, regardless of politics. Upsetting everyone means you’re doing, not just something wrong, you’re doing everything wrong. Bob Paycheck isn’t a politician, he’s the failed CEO of Disney. Fire Bob Paycheck!

      1. GetBobOut

        Finally someone who said something helpful instead of complaining about Disney being political while also throwing their own political view in it. Your comment is the best one. And Disney needs to have it posted all over the corporate office for Chapek to look at.

    2. Stay out of the center

      Typical centrist low-effort take. No investigation into the matter, no values guiding your opinion, just hurr-durr muh horseshoe.

      1. GetBobOut

        You’re the only one talking hurr-durr, do you Even know what’s happening behind the scenes of the company? If you worked for Chapek you would be demanding for him to go too. He has broken many workers laws and forced people to work 13 hour shifts just to get $0 in their paycheck because he took it all and claimed they had fees to pay.

  8. Mary Shearer

    Disneyland has always been my very favorite place to go and I am a Disneyland fanatic, but since they have gone woke and are pushing the lgbtq agenda, we are boycotting everything Disney!

  9. Phoebe L Ho

    Aside from the fact that he was a complete wash-out on Florida’s disgusting, hateful agenda, he doesn’t care about the parks, cast members or guests. At all. He wants to squeeze every cent out of the company and he is ruining it for everyone. This troll needs to leave.

    1. Stop groomers


      1. JT

        Do you think everyone is a groomer. Jesus Christ the term has lost all meaning because of idiots like you.

        1. Erik Jeffries

          Nope JT, just you pedos like Phoebe are the groomers. They’re is NOTHING hateful about the Parental Rights in Education Bill and literally 92% of Disney employees support that bill. What they don’t support is the ignorance, hate, and groomers like Phoebe sexualizing children.

          1. Nunya

            Nothing hateful except how it seems to liberate you to be hateful. “Oh the law isn’t hateful, but it makes it OK for me to be hateful. Therefore, by first order logic, because of hateful people like you, these laws breed hate and discrimination. Ya dunce

        2. Groomers

          No, I think anyone defending grooming children is a groomer.

    2. Drew

      Explain to me what the “disgusting, hateful, agenda” is please. What did Florida do that is so terrible? Put some thought into it, don’t repeat one liners from others.

  10. Sharon

    The entire Board should be replaced by people who care and have a clue how the Company should be tun. Bring back Michael Eisner! He had the Parks and Resorts running perfectly for all age and financial groups.

  11. BC

    She is much happier being an out of touch rich lefty who is embarassed that her family created a profitable business but she doesn’t want her ideology to impact her life of wealth and privilege. Abigail said this when asked why doesn’t she write a check when complaining about supposed lack of taxes for the wealthy. “It’s ridiculous to say that,” Disney responded. “My measly few hundred million dollars will do nothing to address the roads, infrastructure, schools, hospitals.” She has nothing to offer the company but mindless complaining.

  12. AH

    She would finish the destruction Iger started and Bob is carrying the torch on.

  13. Steve

    The next CEO should ask him/her self everyday, every decision. What would Walt do and then do it.

    1. Ugh


  14. Michael Faussett

    I used too go to Disney World every year because I leaved 80 miles from the parks but with the price keeping on increasing I just can’t afford it and it’s just me buying a one year annual pass that want from $300.-$1,300 for the pass with no black out dates it’s a shame I willy love Disney myself sadly never got to vacation there my oh life living in Florida. Yes let’s get rid of those ceo Bob Chapek I never did like the guy in the first place. Put Disney back how it was 8 years ago.

    1. NomoreBoBs.

      Well, despite everyone having different views on the whole Gay community thing, there is one thing we all agree on from what I’ve read down this whole page. We all hate Chapek, so let’s just focus on boycotting Disney till they replace him, then cross the next bridge after. Everyone refuse to get a ticket, refuse to pay for Genie Plus, refuse to go to Down Town Disney and shop this Christmas. Eventually the Board and Stock Holders will say, “Okay Bob, where over all this, you leave we need our fans back.”

  15. Joe Foss

    The problem is the board. The SOLUTION is to buy stock, and vote to oust the board. We simply do not have a Roy Disney Jr. to lead a revolution like he did (and they are rare). The difference, of course, is that so many of us love Disney and its ideals and feel betrayed. Anyway, buy stock! Vote them out!

  16. sundogg

    Instead of ranting and raving maybe it is time for those of us who disagree with Disney’s (Chapek and the board) policies and politics to simply take our money elsewhere. It is clear by their pricing and agenda they are trying to create an elitist vacation venue. Besides, that is the only language they understand, revenue.

  17. Jim

    Have you seen the Board of Directors? They look like a casting call for Hannah Montana!

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