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Hand Sanitizer

Credit: ITM Reporter Bailee Abell


  1. Notabigdeal

    Let’s go to a place that sees 57,382,000 DAILY and freak out about germs, lol! Disney is NOT the place for people like that. Bring your own sanitizer and mask if you feel unsafe, or maybe don’t go. Pick a vacation option with less people that make you feel safer. It’s not the world’s job to tiptoe around people’s individual insecurities. That’s like saying you don’t want to get stung by jellyfish and planning a trip to the ocean.

    1. Turtle

      Not to mention people’s overuse of sanitizer probably isn’t good for them. Humans weren’t meant to live in a bubble that is free of germs or viruses. We have an immune system that works pretty well because of this. Let it do its job and you’ll be healthier for it.

  2. Annoyed

    They’ve been disappearing over the past few months at DLR too.

  3. The hand sanitizer also made your hands sticky. I used my own. Cleaning fell off the cliff. They don’t keep public areas or counter service restaurants clean. Standards are lower than it has been in decades.

  4. Hysteria

    COVID hysteria is over. You’re going to have to deal with the flu.

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