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Credit: Andy Moore


  1. Scott

    The few need to stop screwing it up for the many.

    1. Jane

      parents don’t watch their kids anymore and expect everyone else to, then when something happens they sue because their kid dies or gets hurt, what a wonderful world we live in.

      1. Sam

        The theme park should punish the child. Businesses are regulated, parents are not.

        1. Ryan

          How? How do you propose they punish him? Restrict him from going again?

      2. Sen

        So true on that..

  2. Barbara

    This is not a story about Disney World but people are led to believe it is by the title and that is a disservice to Disney

    1. Arthur

      “Boy Nearly Crushed By Theme Park Attraction After Jumping Fence”……… What’s the problem??


    The parents are completely resposible, they should of been more attentive to their child. Lucky for them someone had the gutts to save the youngin.

  4. Debrah

    The boy and the parents should have been removed from the park. The parents were 100% responsible for this incident.

  5. Sen

    Kid and parents fault.. goin into a restricted area that’s on them.. luckily no one was injured, and if so, like I said that’s on them.. own up idiots and try not to blame others or the theme parks bcoz something happened to idiot you bcoz you didn’t want to follow the rules.. fences, walls, gates, rope offs, other barriers, restricted signs, do not enter signs, employees only, etc are there for a reason. SMH.. idiots and attention seekers always ruining things for park guests that follow the rules.

  6. Marcus the Reasonable

    Stay tuned for the lawsuit from the parents of this little monster because the theme park did not prevent him from getting into the restricted area.

  7. Michael Faussett

    I say it once and I will say again you parents need to watch your goddammit kid at all times when you’re at places like this tose rides will hurt are kill you and then they want the rides ripped out because of stupidity and I don’t think that should happen. The parents just need to do their damn job just are don’t I am not a parents just person ho cares about children.

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