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  1. Sad to say but the way this it was a Disney Ride. That was not a Disney Ride. You might say that in your article but for people that just glance. It really looks like it says it happened in the Magic and to me that means Disney.

    1. Sharon

      The boy who died in Orlando was 100 pounds overweight. The fault was with the ride operator who allowed the overweight boy to ride. It DEFINITLY wasn’t the ride.

    2. Tim

      What the hell? You need to learn how to explain yourself because whatever that was you posted made no damn since.

      1. Ken

        Gotta think outside the box Tim LOL! It’s what is called broken English I think. Not trying to be rude but could you please hold off on the swear words? Thank you and your comment is appreciated.

        1. Andy

          What’s the point trying to articulate your point if it’s written in broken English or any other language. Clarity on this platform is key for the readers. Here here, Tim I’m with you!

        2. Renée

          Those are “swear words”?!? Hurry…someone grab the bar of soap!
          Ken, you are absolutely trying to be rude. I understood exactly what he meant and strangely enough, what the lady he was replying to meant.
          Outside of that ol proverbial box & comprehension skills too!

    3. Barb mulle

      I was thinking that they shouldn’t have even put their name in that

    4. Andy

      You been eating the fairy dust in the magic kingdom? This makes no sense darl! But cheers anyway and buckle up next time you ride!!

    5. Kendall

      Why y’all so mad in these replies 🤣

  2. Michael Faussett

    This a very sad thing to hear about rides breaking on people but if you think about it you have a better chance of getting killed on the highway then at the parks it’s self. I feel safer on carnival rides then I do on our roads and highways. Think as the ride as a car you have to maintenance throw out the years of the rides lifetime in the park if you don’t this may happen but you can have good maintenance and parts will still brake from a thing called metal Boutique it’s a very small crack that you can’t see in the middle and over time boom it brakes and all he’ll comes lose that what I think is what happened but I wasn’t there but the investigation will tell.

    1. Wanda garrett

      I hope and pray the child will be ok.if a finger is going to be pointed it should be at the folks who made the rides .they are not safe. Period.any of them.with that being said ,its a game of chance.rushian ruliet if you will. For the parents for the child all involved.kinda like getting on an airplane or behind the wheel of a car,the list is long .but you get it..the only for sure safeness is not to ride .not to fly keep your feet on the ground. Speedy recovery child..God speed..

  3. Steve Bales

    My question is: where were the parents? Why were they not supervising their child? If I was on a ride and my child was also there I would have held on to them as their life depended on the protection of a parent. It’s not the ride its self it’s the parent’s responsibility to secure their child.

    1. Michael Faussett

      I been on rides by myself all the time even with my parents right next to the ride and lucky anything happens but if it did what in the hell are the parents going to do its a ride malfunction so it’s not the parents fault thing happened it’s life and it’s sad but I been on a ride like this at Kings Island and boy it was so much fun I loved it.

      1. Andy

        (Michael F) Dude your sentences need to come up for some air!!

    2. Patches

      Depending on the ride, some kids may have already ridden multiple times with parents, enough for the parents to feel their child can follow all safety guidelines. If it’s a matter of a restraint failure, which cause hasn’t been determined, then it not a situation a parent can easily resolve.

      1. Tim

        What the hell? whoever you are you need to learn how to explain yourself because whatever that was you posted made no damn since.

        1. Tim

          Sorry my comment went to the wrong post.

    3. Lucy

      This was not the parents fault! You depend on parks to be safe and restrain your child properly. What are you supposed to do ride every single ride with a child?? What about single seats where you are behind your child??

    4. CES

      So many rides also have maximum heights. Parents are absolutely responsible for their kids but they can’t literally be there every single moment of every single day. It’s just not humanly possible. Good lord.

    5. Bridgett

      Parents are not allowed to strap their kids in unless they are riding too….

  4. Eric

    I’m not surprised, I’ve been on this ride in years past and other than a bar that goes over the car it’s held with a literal rope that is secured between two rubber stoppers. Minimum height is listed at 42″, and parks like Kings Dominion and Cedar point have more modern versions of this ride with better restraints. The park is nice but sketchy at times too.

  5. CJ

    Although I’m sorry to see anyone get injured at a Theme Park (especially if it results in death), this definitely wasn’t at a major Theme Park (more like a carnival) and I’d like more information on the ride itself (sounds very familiar to what you would find at Six Flags or Cedar point, only this descriptions make me feel that it’s not well maintained).

  6. Jewelz

    This child may have been to small to ride this particular ride and or the safety restraints failed or the child come out of the safety restraints…huge lawsuit is going to take place!

  7. Marie Hawley

    I rode this ride last month they do have height restrictions and I feel the park employees are well trained. The ride does not have seatbelts just a lapbar with a rope that keeps the bar down. I did feel safe on it having ridden it numerous times but I do wonder how the bar stays in place by just a rope

  8. Bridgett

    My point exactly!!! All I’m seeing is who to point the blame at…

  9. Lala

    The problem is the with the parents …when the ride operator says No, your kid is to fat or to short then they get slammed for that. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t. We all have to walk on eggshells these days as to not insult someone else’s “delicate feelings “

  10. Ice

    If you live in the past you will miss the present. And you will miss the future. This includes the dark ages as. Old people call it.

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