Comments for All Eight ‘Harry Potter’ Movies to Be Pulled From Streaming Service

Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. Cassy

    Of course. Rowling is a genius. People need to grow up

    1. chris

      Rowing wrote a few children novels that did well with the mainstream – but she is not really going to get the Nobel prize for literature any time soon – so no no Genius there just a lot of $$

      1. Mieka31

        This is why DVDs need to never go away. Permanence matters. And having what you buy for as long as you want it is the best value. Learn this lesson, Gen Z.

        1. DG

          Agree, very glad I have my Blurays, of all the movies with behind the scene stuff too!

        2. Karen

          I buy DVDs as much I can when movies get released to it. 👍🏾😁 No matter what I will always buy them. I hate steaming I get excited when a movie comes out and we say oh man gotta get that on DVD then get to the store all excited about. And it’s mine to keep. Lol thank you DVDs 👍🏾😁👍🏾😁👍🏾😁

          1. Standing ovation

            How are those VHS tapes and mp3 players doing lol, dvds and blue rays soon to follow

            1. S1

              DVDs and blu ray are never going away. In fact they will be the law one day.

        3. Judy

          My thoughts exactly 👍

        4. S1

          Physical media will never go away, ever. Steaming however will not only go away, but be outlawed one day. To paraphrase George Wallace: “Physical media today, physical media tomorrow, physical media forever.”

        5. CFG

          Exactly. You need HARD COPIES of movies, books and money to survive whatever catastrophe is surely to come, the way the world is headed.

        6. Lyndsey

          For real though! At this point theres way too many services to subscribe too anyways. If you wanna watch Show A sub to HBO if you wanna watch Show B sub to Paramount+ Man cable was so much simpler when i could pay a set price for what channels I wanted or go to the store and buy the DVD/Bluray I want. At this point with all the choices and differencesplus netflix charging outside of your home who can stream nah I think Id rather go back to Physical if theyre gonna do this I already hated Netflix for always changing their lineup now HBO too! And more Netflix price gouging nice guys I pay to watch my shows why even bother and youre shocked people pirate all your lame crap!

        7. Drew

          As a Gen Z, you should get with the times. It’s the 21st century, not the 90’s

          1. S

            No it’s not the 21st century. There will never be a 21st century. It’s the 20th century again. Gen Z is also known as the Worst Generation. All generations need to be like the WWII Generation. They’re the Greatest Generation for a reason.

            1. Safe


        8. Bitty

          If anyone believes in this kind of magic is sad, but these movies help people to rewind. I see nothing in these movies

        9. Susan

          I will tell my friends and family to get rid of all HBO. These woke trends and CENSORSHIP must stop because they are leading all of us to a very bad place

          1. Bret

            That’s right. The time when someone doesn’t like something/someone and all he’ll breaks loose because someone pointing fingers doesn’t like it……well I say too damn bad. I don’t care if someone likes appendages sewn on, inflated, lopped off, or whatever freak stuff so.eone wants to do, but don’t keep shoving it down my pie hole because I WILL avoid creatures like that. I will stop doing business with those that push it. Censorship MUST stop!

            1. David

              Read the article again. Thomas Hitchens tries to make this about JK Rowling’s “polarizing” views but at the bottom of the article he goes on to state the franchise is going to another streaming service, which he says is very common. So the problem here is Hitchens is trying to whip up controversy when there is none. Gotta love the media. Anything for clicks and eyeballs, and without shame.

          2. R.j.

            It’s not censorship, they’re switching platforms. It’s a rights issue and has nothing to do with Rowling’s transphobia.

        10. I’m a teen and I can say that I’ve been buying blu-rays and dvds for the past year because of this. I wish more people my age realized how harmful streaming is to ownership.

          1. Ella

            Literally everyone I know have their favorite stuff on DVDs 😅 Don’t get why this discussion had to get into a generation discussion, it’s tiresome. A generation doesn’t define anyone.

        11. Sarah

          And somehow Gen Z is being blamed for this decision?

          1. Ella

            Apparently, we usually are for some reason. We’re all the same, it seem

        12. Paul W

          Um, you can buy permanent online copies to keep on a constant cloud/streaming service like Vudu, which also allows you to download when you need to (like for watching on an airplane later).

        13. Ella

          Surprise, Gen Z have plenty of DVD’s too. At least everyone I know have of their favorite stuff, even if it’s almost always out there somewhere online to watch in at least english.

      2. Sean McGuire

        Chris, do you have any idea how hard it to write a book and get it to succeed? I would gather you have no clue.

      3. Free to be me

        Get a cold bowl of milk and chill. Meow.

      4. Renea

        Not everyone should have nor needs to have the same views or opinions. Just because all of us are not queer supporters does not make us phobic, it makes us decent, conservative God fearing people. Queers are not normal, natural, or moral – some of us don’t mind saying so either. Rowling’s is entitled to her views and opinions.

        1. Robert Craig

          Boy, are you in for a shock when you get to the other side! I’d rather love my God, than fear him. You sound so old testament, the type that will go out and sacrifice their first born, thinking it will lead to their salvation

          1. Lisa

            I am Old Testament, and I have never thought like some of these people!! Being a queer Christian, there is nothing at all wrong in being who I am!!

        2. Keep in mind, that human beings are not able to change their gender from the one they were born as, either.

        3. Azulee

          You hold some homophobic views for someone who claims not to be “phobic”

        4. Micha

          What is your view of “Normal” you homophobic creep!! It makes me so sick to the stomach when people claim to be religious, but are just judgemental & hypocritical!! The only one who should judge anyone is GOD and you are not God!!! Judge not lest ye be judged!!!!!

          1. Kar

            As far as I know it’s got nothing to do with religion. We are just sick and tired of hearing how they want to be treated special because they share how they like to get off! Trannys aren some new previously undescoveted race

        5. Bailey

          Literally everything you said was phobic. Either you support basic human rights or you don’t. There is no middle ground and there is literally nothing “not natural” about lgbt+ people, with hundreds of studies proving it.

          1. James

            I believe in LSMFT: Lucky Strikes Means Fine Tobacco.

        6. Unbelievable

          Lol, “not everyone has to have the same opinions” as you go into your Magat mega-Karen holier than thou Rant. Not everyone has to have the same opinions, but yours is the only one that matters huh? Typical Magat.

        7. Rose

          You do know the Bible says Love Thy Neighbor, right? No exceptions.

      5. Spencer

        Rolings views are only controversial to a smal minority of people. The rest of us that believe in biology as well as common sense know that a transformation is a biological man.

      6. Jewel

        I agree. Not great writing after the first novel. I hated how Harry had to live in a closet under the stairs and his mail was withheld from him early on.

      7. Jay

        She made billions off of her genius, so don’t act like you can take anything away from here, troglodyte.

      8. Joe

        Wrote a few? I doubt anyone expects a nobel prize, this is so ridiculous don’t hurt feelings guys, I mean girls I mean I’m sorry did I offend anyone

    2. Taschara

      In what way is she a literary genius? There are people that have done what she has done, but better. The books are a chore to get through.

      1. Jack

        Oh look more revisionist history from the Twitter freaks. Now her books are a “chore to get through.”

      2. Jason

        You are a complete tard…lol

        1. Sean McGuire

          Says the voice of experience?

      3. Kris

        Not really since I own all of them on DVD. You can also purchase them on Amazon Prime Video if you don’t like DVD’s.

        1. Lex

          Having physical copies insures that you get the the original movie how it was intended, with digital they can be altered at any time,plus you don’t own digital copies look up the TOS on Amazon it’s says you dont

      4. Free to be me

        I don’t have enough milk for all of you

    3. Deborah

      This is ridiculous who cares. We just want to watch Harry potter and Johnny Depp. What anyone does in their private lives is no one’s business. If we were perfect we would be Angeles. Stop worrying about everything. Some people just like to to complain.

      1. Jon

        As a kid lord of the rings gave me a whole different perspective on how complex magic could be. Harry Potter just felt like a whimsical fanfiction

    4. Diane

      Agree 100%

    5. ChasUGC

      I agree with both of your statements, plain and simple.

    6. Kate

      Agree! Bunch of babies
      It’s just stupid and bad business to cancel the series. She’s entitled to her opinion as we all are.

    7. Doll

      No because is written in the holy scriptures that God doesn’t like magic voodoo witchcraft so good that’s is off.

      1. Joe

        Are u serious because God made man and woman unless what I have been preached to is a big fat lie….oh my I can’t belive this

    8. NC

      Jk Rowling got children and families reading again all over the world. This is magic in itself. I don’t believe for a moment that Rowling is transphobic. I believe that her comments were wilfully misunderstood by a community who has genuinely suffered and is now taking it out on anyone they perceive to be anti. This is no way to redress social ills.

    9. Trish

      Not for nothing when you’re reading you feel like you’re with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these books and movies

  2. Gale Petersen

    I’m really disappointed, this is just sad. As a parent of children who grew up loving The books as much as my children did, the movies bringing to life a whole world teaching my children as I did that sometimes you have to choose between what is right or what is easy. Our society is so focused on whose doing what with whom in the bedroom instead of being focused on the real issue of our right to free will being taken away from us and better still our economy. This is just another in a long line of distractions from the real issues.

    1. Andrew

      They’re literally just moving streaming services because they’re contracted to do so. It says so in the article

    2. I agree with you I love the Harry Potter movies and books so do my kids grandkids and great grandkids people need to stop being so nosy and paranoid they need to look in their own closet

    3. PG

      I don’t pay for HBO so it doesn’t matter to me.

      1. Drew

        You should. Game of thrones and now House of the dragon

    4. Free to be me

      So true

  3. Bea

    IF we knew what every author thinks and feels about every issues known to is how many books and films would be left? Everyone has something someone dislikes. So- how Long before the next bookburning?

    1. Bob

      This article didn’t bother to mention the blatant racism found in her books, not only for POC but for groups such as the Irish and Jews

      1. Mike W

        Coming from an Irish person, stfu Bob

      2. David

        Coming from a Jew, stfu, Bob.


        Where exactly?

      4. Free to be me

        Blah. Blah. Blah.
        At least one example maybe to not come across how you did.

      5. Joe

        Racism has been around before the USofA cry a river great books,grab a page and wipe your nose with it 👍

    2. Andrew

      They’re moving streaming services because they’re contracted to do so. It says that in the article. Nobody is being cancelled.

      1. Wow

        You can’t explain that to Magat Karens, Andrew. They can’t get up in the morning without tripping.

  4. Tom

    No, I’m not disappointed that the Harry Potter (HP) movies are no longer available on HBO MAX. They aren’t gone, they’ve just moved.

    I understand how streaming services work. There are licensing issues, actor’s residuals, and production costs. When you consider these elements to streaming movies and TV shows, you know they won’t be on a specific service forever. That’s the nature of streaming.

    In the case of HP movies, one can always purchase the DVDs if it’s that important to be able to watch them on demand anytime.

  5. Doc Martin

    Dear Potterites, all are available free of charge at your local library, in DVD and book formats. 🙏

    1. Brandon

      That involves getting a library membership, gas money, having to leave the house at least twice, and being charged a possible late fee though… Unless libraries have changed the way they operate completely since the last time I’ve been.

      1. Dan

        Soooo you’re saying…it involves being somewhat responsible? Basically all you have to do is NOT be a complete piece of sh*t?

        1. YourWifesBull

          Thats like saying owning a vehicle is less responsible than riding a horse everywhere simply because its faster and more convenient, libraries are antiquated and outdated. Go yell at clouds old fart

          1. S1

            Shut your ageist mouth boy. And do not speak unless you’re spoken to. NOTHING is outdated and if you were my kid I’d drag you to the library and make you rent movies from them against your will. Streaming will go away one day and nobody will miss it.

        2. dar

          There are some people who don’t drive ,& live out of town such as myself due to not being able to see very well out of my right eye. I love that Harry Potter is out there on other streaming areas on our roku . Were so lucky for what we have today in our modern technological society. I am older and trying to appreciate things that our children all 4 do as well as my husband.

          1. S1

            That’s your problem. Steaming will be banned one day and physical media will be the only legal way to see movies again at home. If that means some never see a movie again or have to wait for it to air on TV like The Wizard of Oz, so be it. My children are strictly forbidden to stream movies and are only allowed to see first release movies in theaters.

            1. Vic Henry

              You work for the theaters? That’s nonsense. There needs to be competition to keep megalomaniacs away.

              1. S1

                No it’s not nonsense. And I am working to help beak up the media giants and bring back the old Studio System of the Golden Age of Hollywood during the Great Depression and WWII where all movie stars are under contract to one studio at a time again and the greatest studio of all time, MGM returns to its former glory as the great Louis B. Mayer’s dream factory with “more stars than there are in the heavens.” MGM once had gods and goddesses including Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Lana Turner, Mickey Rooney, Joan Crawford, Ava Gardner, Gene Kelly, and the most beloved of them all: Judy Garland. The Hollywood that churned out classics like The Wizard of Oz and other classics will return.

                1. Iceberg

                  That ship has long since sailed. Seriously, in what world do you see
                  the talent agreeing to go back to a time when they were essentially property that was owned & traded by the movie studios?

                  Hollywood is heavily unionized & SAG, the academy, IATSE, et al, will very rightfully NEVER let that happen.

                  Also, what exactly do you think is going to precipitate this banning of streaming & how are you trying to facilitate it?

                  1. S1

                    “That ship has long since sailed.” No it hasn’t. It’s been lassoed and being slowly pulled back into port and into dry dock keeping it frozen in place. There is nothing wrong with stars being contracted to the studios. It guaranteed them roles. It’s the same as athletes under contract to their teams. Signing with MGM is like signing with the Yankees. It will happen. Hollywood put out a much better product in the 1930s and 40s and will go back to those times. In 2039 it will be 1939 all over in Hollywood again. 1939 is the greatest year in Hollywood history.

            2. Buc

              On what information are you basing this idiot theory? Asking because I am studying Digital media storage, and I haven’t seen any indication that it’s being phased out now or ever. So site a source or stfu.

              1. S1

                I have political connections in my family and there are plans in Congress to break up both big tech and the media giants. You’d be shocked that there are some who know the future. I am also proud to be a luddite like many politicians. Digital media storage won’t exist in the future either so why don’t you stfu? Nobody will miss streaming. I was able to get it banned in my neck of America.

        3. drew

          You can get a LOT of stuff digitally from the library these days. Even my the one in my small town offers the ability to send things right to my kindle like magazines and books. You should give it a try you might like it. Personally I haven’t set foot in a branch for a few years but still read a ton for free.

      2. AMB

        Libraries have changed policies atleast here in San Diego No more late fees!!!

  6. John Schubert

    I have all Harry Potter movies on my VUDU. But, it’s unfortunate that some of the younger fans will not be able see these iconic films. As far as the controversy with JK Rowling she has a right to her opinion even if I disagree, which I do. There are plenty of individuals that I don’t agree with their values, including in my own family, but my over all opinion and respect for those individuals is not damaged.

  7. Debby Rusovick

    No, I don’t have HBO Max. There is a channel that runs Harry Potter weekends so if I want to watch them, that’s where I watch. Of course, there are a ton of commercials, but that’s what happens when you can’t afford to purchase premium streaming services.

  8. William

    I think they don’t need to stop streaming all of the Harry Potter movies and the Reunion because me and my nephew watch them all the time!! If they do me and my nephew going to be mad?

  9. Jarvis

    Saying the fact a man is a man and a woman is a woman is controversial?

    Woke libtards go away.

    1. Lol

      Miser@bIe MAGATS like you wouldn’t comprehend that everyone should be treated equally. Being a Donald Dumptard is not something to be proud of.

  10. Nigel R

    “Over recent years, the franchise has indeed taken multiple blows, not least due to the polarizing views of Rowling”

    99 people agree with Rowling for every 1 humourless wokey-puke who doesn’t. That ratio hardly qualifies as “polarizing”…

  11. Monique Henning

    I can’t afford all the DVD for the Harry Potter series. Me and my great grandkids love watching them all the time. Now I wish I could buy all of them. They will be heartbroken.

    1. Art

      All done by by HBO .

  12. David

    Rowling isn’t a transphobe and the last movie didn’t do well because it was a poorly written woke script in addition to Depp being prematurely fired.

  13. In this time when your voice can only be heard if it agrees with whatever the popular opinions are at that moment is absurd. Plus every network is holding us all hostage with all the streaming services and they’re making it impossible to afford to watch your favorite shows.

  14. Jamie Coughlin

    Hmmm, library cards are generally free, many libraries have mail options for those who are housebound or out in the boonies and pretty much everyone has to buy gas and go to work and buy supplies which can easily include a quick trip to the library and as for late fees DON’T RETURN THEM LATE, the due date is literally on the slip when you get them. Jeesh! Or heck if that is too much for you go buy the books and DVDs off amazon, they will bring them to your door.

    1. YourWifesBull

      The same reasons blockbuster went out of bussiness, did you know at one point they had the opportunity to purchase Netflix and didnt because they genuinely thought people enjoyed doing what you stated… Where are they now lol

      1. S1

        Blockbuster is alive and well biding its time in the form of speakeasies much like prohibition. Gotta know the passwords to get into them and the best of all, rental there is cheap. Netflix will be gone in 15 years and Blockbuster will rise again like a phoenix from the ashes.

  15. Dan

    Obviously everyone in the comments section has a computer or smart phone with internet. Why does anyone care what streaming service is playing what? Spend 10 mins doing a little research & digging & you’ll find a way to watch whatever movie or tv show you want, whenever you want, without ANY SUBSCRIPTION. I have at least 12 apps that allow me to watch new to theater releases from the comfort of my home.

  16. Molly E.

    As someone who has been a member of the fandom from the start I’m heart broken by the way things have gone with Rowling and the extended series. There are no excuses for the socio-political issues which have arisen and I find myself questioning everything I thought I understood. While. Sad that it won’t be available to stream, I understand. We need to move in a new direction with our media. In that light, I also believe there is a lot of content that deserves to be removed more.

  17. Glenda

    I am happy to be able to see all of Harry Potter I like them all why are you pulling them they the best it’s good to lay my eyes on them please don’t remove them .they are all my favorite moves so please don’t remove them .they àre like part of my family so I need to see them thank you.

  18. Gina

    I never had HBO but I have all the books and I have all DVD movies. There is a potter marathon on TV almost once a month. I’m good whenever I want a Potter fix.

  19. Kari

    I bought all the dvd’s so it’s not really a problem for me . It’s easier to buy the dvd’s of movies you want . You don’t have to keep streaming to find something to watch .

  20. B H

    Since I can’t afford the extra streaming services, I don’t have this one, and the Harry Potter Series leaving HBO doesn’t affect me at all. Now, if I find that it can’t be rented or viewed anywhere…well, we still have the DVD sets, don’t we?

  21. S1

    The anti-trans bigot should have her book destroyed and her movies burned. Hate has no place in this world.

    Repeat after me, trans hate from m** and w****n have no place in the world.

    1. Susan

      You should follow your own advice

    2. Tia

      You’re showing hate as well. Can we ban you too?

  22. Tim

    We own all eight movies on blu-Ray and digital so it doesn’t affect us; however, I feel bad for those who depend on HBOMax to watch them

    1. Tim

      As a side note, I get why the movies are being pulled and also feel that there is no place for bigotry in today’s society

      1. Bigoted against her opinion. How do you resolve yourself with yourself?

  23. Bob

    Just download them from pirate bay. F**k them.

  24. CFG

    Of course, more FAUX WOKENESS to drive yet another talent into the dark reaches of the world to access. HBO is trash for this and trust me, it’s the constant barrage of PRO-TRANS advocates that are making this happen. They have their hands on every level of power and behaving like a FASCIST seems to come with abuse of power these days.

  25. Chris

    I’m not trying to see them go I own all seven books and all eight movies so I can visit the world whenever I want.

  26. Mort

    She isn’t transphobic. The disagreement, over which both she and lgbt+ activists need to shut up, is really a matter of semantics. I’m not sure anyone could be a stronger advocate for a better world, a truly egalitarian world than J K Rowling. Everyone needs to learn to be a little more generous and kind.

  27. Susan

    I own them all on blu ray. I wish people would grow up and quit with the “phobic” crap.

  28. Fer

    I don’t care, I have all eight DVDs at home…

  29. Harry

    So Roman Polanski,Kevin Spacey,and Bill Cosby’s movies are a ok ,but we are going to pull the Harry Potter movies because she thinks woman are female that’s 2022 for ya

    1. Sondra

      Love your comment

    2. TonyBmore

      JkRowling is masterful in her imaginings. I absolutely love the Harry Potter series and thoroughly enjoy Fantastic Beasts… hope they’ll be many more to come…. I’ve great ideas myself.
      When works of art start to be removed due to cancelation culture, I’ll leave HBO, Disney, Netflix (Dave Chappelle) when they succumb to morons. Being a gay man, I understand what many transgender people are fighting for, and it’s not this nonsense about silencing personal thought when there’s disagreement. They know they’re not natural women, and never can be. That is a fact, no matter if that hurts anyones sensibilities… it remains factful. What’s distressing is there’s another motivation for this moronic nonsense …. and that’s censorship of art & artists from one’s own beliefs. Neither has anything to do with the other, and I’ll fight to my dying breath protecting individual freedoms …to think and speak one’s mind without persecution.

  30. Maria Lora

    I’m crying right now. If the Harry Potter movies vanished I’m gonna die.

    1. Tia

      Not vanishing. Read the article, they’re moving to another streaming app.

  31. There is a vast difference between removed and killed. Avada Kadavra (as in cadaver) mean “Die”, while removed merely becomes unavailable on the streaming service. Please choose your words more carefully, as it diminishes the content of the article, while showing your ignorance of the series.

    1. Why I’m I paying so much for HBO when they keep taking movies away? Please just leave them alone.

  32. Tia

    This is the main reason why I got HBO Max. Guess I’ll have to buy the DVD’s and cancel my subscription. That bites.

  33. Vic Henry

    Stream services will remain. Competition is good. It keeps all contestants on their toes.

  34. Tom Foolery

    This isn’t about wokeism or cancel-culture.

    HBO didn’t buy the rights to the franchise in perpetuity and the contract is up. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Buy a good VPN and learn how torrents work. Problem solved.

  35. Roger

    I actually couldn’t care less, i got Amazon Prime Video which includes all 8 movies!

    1. Moniamor

      That’s right!! We have to outsmart these fricking studios.

  36. Bob

    “…due to the polarizing views of Rowling, whom many deem transphobic in light of her continued comments and stance on transgender politics….”

    Yeah, NO!

    .02% of the population are mentally ill and don’t belong in women’s bathrooms, lockerrooms or sports.

    She said NOTHING wrong.
    What she did is stand against the Insanity that is today’s Politics.

    Ema Watson and the rest should be ashamed of themselves!

  37. Laura

    Absolutely ridiculous to remove entertainment over hurt feelings somewhere… Sad that the world has gotten so sensitive to where everyone needs to tiptoe around everyone….

  38. Total Drama Disney

    Oh well. I still have the blu-rays, and I’m not wasting my money on HBOMax, so it’s no skin off my back.

  39. Mark

    I haven’t supported Hollywood for a long time. Don’t watch television or any new movies. Hollywood has shown me they are perverts and weirdo’s with more than questionable morals. They support turning children into sex objects. They lost me years ago. It’s very sick… seriously. Don’t miss it either, have lots to do.

  40. Carlos

    I am saddened to hear that She’s transphobic people should be more enlightened especially someone with such great talent her series are all great why tarnish them with such backward thinking

  41. Sylvia

    My son watches Harry Potter on HBO Max every night before bed, it’s sad really that their taking it off . The reasoning is just insane to me .

  42. Tim

    Signed up with HBOMax for the 20th Anniversary show, kept it for the Harry Potter franchise. I’ll probably be canceling by subscription now.

  43. Chris

    Well I may not agree with what’s going on. I think that’s a load of malarkey to take it off.

  44. Terrie

    We should not have to have multiple streaming channels to enjoy family friendly or personal favorite films. The author’s political opinions should not effect our viewing abilities; after all it’s not the 1950s, McCarthy was wrong.

  45. Bill

    Her views aren’t polarizing, they are what once was considered common sense, none of this pronoun nonsense crap. Never saw even one movie but she has a right to her opinion.

  46. Sam

    Yeah we canceled all streaming apps and just download what we want to plex….were done paying for 100 different apps to watch 1 thing on each app

  47. Al Carvajal

    Rowling’s position is not polarizing at all, but to less than .01% of total population. Even some transgenders agree with her that SEX is real and you can’t become a woman by wishes. You got to get cramps and bleed for most of your life…

  48. John

    I have no idea it was on HBO max and I have a subscription. I have all of them on my personal media server and can watch as often as I like. I have zero plans to get any other streaming services. I currently have access to HBO max, Netflix, you tube tv and Disney. That’s it. I can get anything I need from the other services on my own. They are killing them selves by siloing so many classics.

    1. Sondra

      Everyone has a right to their opinions.J. K. Rowling has a right to hers. I’m sick of these corporations and actors/actresses thinking we give a damn about their political and social opinions. It’s your job. Your profession. Nobody gives a crap what you think. You put your pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. What makes you think your opinions matter more than anyone else’s? Sick of this woke culture and this belief that if people don’t agree with you, then they are wrong. Find something more productive to do with your time. Time to WAKE up.


    Facts and scientific truths are only “polarizing” to demented leftists and Church of Liberalism.

  50. Kimberly Steward

    Really one of the only reasons that i have hbo max was for HP. Guess I’ll be switching.

  51. jeb

    Glad I found them all on DVD for $1 each at a yard sale the other day. I’m getting more and more physical copies of things after several years of relying on Netflix, etc to not yank things and constantly getting frustrated. I guess I’ll spend the $50 for the entire series of Star Trek so I don’t have to worry about it being taken away.

  52. Kenneth howard

    People needs to stop looking at things further than what it is?
    There just movies?
    I hate when people try to destroy and take away,
    What has already exists through out it’s time!
    I do believe That Jk Rowling ”
    Is a genius!
    Rather these movies are non-fiction,
    Real or Not?
    It’s Entertaining ☺️
    Grow up to those who are afraid
    Of greatness and success.
    And stop killing the love and happiness in this world!

  53. Sondra

    Everyone has a right to their opinions.J. K. Rowling has a right to hers. I’m sick of these corporations and actors/actresses thinking we give a damn about their political and social opinions. It’s your job. Your profession. Nobody gives a crap what you think. You put your pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. What makes you think your opinions matter more than anyone else’s? Sick of this woke culture and this belief that if people don’t agree with you, then they are wrong. Find something more productive to do with your time. Time to WAKE up.

  54. Sondra

    I love Succession and Game of Thrones. I have kept HBO because of these shows. As much as I love these shows, as a consumer, I have the right to pull my money from them. I know one person won’t make a difference, but we need to stand up for ourselves against these corporations. They think they have control, but consumers really have it. Goodbye HBO subscription. Hello to the $15 more in my pocket each month to use for something more practical.

  55. Jorge

    I have the Blue-Ray DVDs of all the HP movies, I can care less about what the streaming services do; I also have all the MCU BR movies, James Bond, Star Trek, all, and many more; I don’t need streaming if the are going to start playing games

  56. Will

    I’d never change my streaming services just to watch the Harry Potter series.
    Yes, there are also realists out there who are not really into these fantasy series.
    I know it’s a way to escape into a fantasy world for some but for the rest it is not wanted or needed.

  57. Nancystone

    I’m almost 60 y.o.a. and I love Harry Potter. I bought the books, movies, cards, everything. Everything is mint. I gave it to my son to give to my grandkids.
    I can read the books and watch the movies on my PC and kindles.
    Thank you so much for allowing us to love Harry and his pals. Ms.Rowling, you put a smile on my son’s face and mine for several years, it’s all in fun. If the haters can’t deal, tell them to kiss your bewitching butt.
    Thanks again for the laughs.

  58. Bayley

    As being in the gen z generation while loving old movies such as Harry Potter and Twilight I hate that they are doing this I really hope they never take away these movies because it will impact alot of fandoms, and other things.

  59. Rob Smith

    Her comments are what the average person feels like. I don’t no anyone who honestly thinks dressing like a woman magically makes a man a woman.

  60. GIGI

    Finally. Transphobes need to be left in the stone age. Good riddance.

  61. Tim Hohmann

    Why do you need to make it sound like the films were “pulled” and imply that it has to do with J. K. Rowlings’ “wrongthink” cultural views when in fact it appears to be just a routine matter of content switching from one platform to another?

  62. Kim

    No, I do not like this change.

  63. Mike Daniels

    Genius? Hahaha!!!!!

  64. Christopher

    You can delete or cancel Harry Potter from your listings and streamlines, however, you will never be able to remove or delete it from our minds and our lives. JK Rowlings and the actors gave us a legendary and everlasting world to disappear to whenever we are facing hard times or whatnot. Forever Harry Potter will be part of our being forever.


  66. Vomit

    Harry Potter and the Henderson’s
    His feets to big

  67. A

    Not liking the place where Rowling is coming from regarding transgender people. I don’t like the stance she’s taken, but yet writing in at least 1 {that we know of) or potentially more gay characters in the most beloved series of books & movies in cinematic history. To me that smacks of hypocrisy!

  68. Juan Clinton

    It seems this polarized out look simply depends on one’s view of children and what they’re roll with said children. side A. k thru 3rd NO conversations about sex. Side B. Confuse and Groom children to think they’re trans.

  69. JB

    Oh in the name of utopia, those who think their doing the most good oftentimes bring to this earth the most hell on earth. Silencing free speech to keep from offending others. Now where have I heard that before?

  70. Nikki

    I find it a very sad state of affairs when films that promote goodness inclusion and tolerance are pulled in this way because of the creators views. In fact the streamers have become like the Pure Bloods in suppressing freedom of speech and opinion. The whole situation is utterly ludicrous

  71. Jizabell

    I’m so tired of this woke agenda, I’ll be cancelling HBO. You guys really messed up with this one.

  72. M I Goodknight

    I guess I won’t be watching Hatty Potter any more. I won’t be down loading paramount. It’s stupid to have to keep buying new streaming services and canceling others to have the movies one wants to watch. To much trouble! So I say sadly, good by to Harry. Hope to see you again on a bigger better streaming service

  73. Mr White

    This is what the queer o sexuals want to erase our history and media :(. There can be no record of normal straight family gun, only the deviant queer o sexuals

  74. Me

    No it’s not that JK Rowlings comments “have been deemed transphobic” JK Rowling is against transgender people and
    their very existence and self declares herself as a TERF. She IS transphobic and proud of it which is why people hate her. She is disgusting and a hateful person.

  75. TonyBmore

    JkRowling is masterful in her imaginings. I absolutely love the Harry Potter series and thoroughly enjoy Fantastic Beasts… hope they’ll be many more to come…. I’ve great ideas myself.
    When works of art start to be removed due to cancelation culture, I’ll leave HBO, Disney, Netflix (Dave Chappelle) when they succumb to morons. Being a gay man, I understand what many transgender people are fighting for, and it’s not this nonsense about silencing personal thought when there’s disagreement. They know they’re not natural women, and never can be. That is a fact, no matter if that hurts anyones sensibilities… it remains factful. What’s distressing is there’s another motivation for this moronic nonsense …. and that’s censorship of art & artists from one’s own beliefs. Neither has anything to do with the other, and I’ll fight to my dying breath protecting individual freedoms …to think and speak one’s mind without persecution.

    1. Jan

      Absolutely. Cultural Marxism has permeated every facet of our lives and soon will on a political scale not seen since the Red Terror. These absolute morons have no idea what’s coming for them

    2. Stephanie Kennedy

      I agree with your comment. I do want to say that ppl act like no one is allowed to have their own opinions and think that if it goes against what they believe is right then that said person is in the wrong. It’s been this way for hundreds and thousands of years. Yes hurtful things said or thought of can be hurtful to those they are about. It doesn’t change the fact that this should be about just movies and all that’s happening here is ppl are turning into so much more over one person’s personal opinion. It’s truly sad for this world. Thats all there is in this world is ppl judging and acting like they must force everything in this world to fit them, compromise should be at work in most things. Most ppl in the world are doing nothing but showing more arrogance. Truly disgusted with the world we live in with all the hate. Truly hope they don’t remove the movies for those of us that enjoy the streaming services instead of buying the DVDs.

  76. Anne

    Great. Cultural Marxism at its finest. People, stop supporting these totalitarian neanderthals or everything you love will eventually be pulled from any service you love. The purpose of communism, cultural or political, is to steal any joy in existence.you can have no opinion or base it in critical thinking or you’ll be ostracized. To think so many people support this ideology is why our world is in the economical and spiritual state it’s in.

  77. Elsie b

    I don’t want to see the Harry Potter movies be taken off because I do like to watch them they’re nice shows and families on movie nights and and whenever they want to watch I hope that they do get to stay on the screen that way we can continue to watch those beautiful movies thank you

  78. Stephanie Kennedy

    Not everybody wants to buy the DVDs. And go buy a DVD player. It’s nice for our family to be able to stream the movies anytime. So it saves us money than having to keep buying new DVDs every so often due to tech difficulties of DVD player or the DVDs themselves. If u wish to buy the DVDs then cool but why take it from others that like it being on streaming services. My young children can watch the movies without damaging them on streaming. On DVDs they would most likely have more damages.

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