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john stamos with cinderella castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Ann

    A drink? He’s not pissed about genie+ or park reservations? That means he doesn’t need them nor does he know what they are for the rest of us. No drink for you John.

    1. Sandra

      I suggest he meant it as a joke.

    2. Mason

      Like most celebrities John Stamos is loaded meaning paying for rides with Genie+ plus and paying for park reservations has little effect on his life.

  2. Patrick

    He sounds like he has a good sense of humor in this world of drama.

    1. It’s is my favorite fan of you

  3. Steph

    Lol sounds like he has a good sense of humor. The article needs to be titled better

  4. Mason

    Well that was a was of time. My sister spotted him once and took a picture with him. While I haven’t. Besides I hate full house because the theme song gets on my nerves.

    1. Gia

      How Rude!

  5. T

    He’d call it “Johnny’s Sparkling Water of Love”?

    I think he answered his own question about why doesn’t have his own drink.

  6. Dm

    I do not care for him!

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