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  1. Mary

    The new Disney is like new Coke…it leaves a bad taste in your mouth

  2. Carol

    It just reinforces why I wont go. There is no value to my money in going there.

  3. Joe

    Until the CEO is replaced and the magic is returned I have no desire to spend my hard earned money there. We actually enjoyed Universal better than Disney when we went in January of this year.

    1. Heather

      There are no more perks or magic but Disney doesn’t care since they are still packing them in everyday.

  4. M

    Too much whining about changes.

    The Park can do whatever it wants so until customers vote with their feet, nothing changes or gets worse.

    1. Bruce

      Whining? Not sure I agree with that. Frustrated, upset, even angry but whining?

  5. Joan

    I have been to Disney 23 years in a row. Yes, it was like that back in 2015, and if the people these days knew what it was like back then and what they aren’t getting now, they would be shocked. It was so totally different. There is no incentive for me to go again with the way everything is priced now and as long as they get it, they will continue to take things away. Just jack the prices up more. No thanks. I will go elsewhere. So sad. It was my favorite place for years. You used to feel welcomed. Lets see, smaller portions, lets keep your waistline slimmer? When did they decide what a vacation is to be. It will be smaller, can’t afford the food anyway.

  6. D whit

    Disney has always been my happy place, we bought our children here and camped in Fort Wilderness. When we finally moved to Florida the first thing we did was buy Disney passes. Then we were so excited to bring our grandchildren here. We bought them annual passes.
    Now, I’m very sorry to say that the pass I renewed in March will be my last. Unfortunately for me the Magic has gone.

  7. Maria

    People that I know now are going for 4 days and only go into one park and Disney Springs. They say it’s cheaper to fly out Tuesday, it’s less crowded and more relaxing. It’s cheaper for them because they have no children.

    1. Bob

      With park attendance continuously high there is no need for the “perks” to increase attendance. If you don’t like it don’t go.

      1. Intangible

        It won’t be high for long with a collapsing economy and Disney’s reputation in the gutter. Many of these trips will be final trips. Then, Disney will have a tough job of getting them back.

  8. B

    Pedo World Sucks Little Kids A$$! So does Everyone who pays them to do it!

  9. I have many friends who aren’t going to Disney World due to the current price. It would cost approximately 10 thousand dollars and they rather spend that kind of money on going to a Caribbean Island or Europe.
    The commercial is historical because everything mentioned is no longer free. It cost additional money. So i feel they no longer appreciate their guest. People are attending because they haven’t been on a vacation in a few years. But Disney will soon see their attendance drop.😊😊

  10. Michelle

    The value is gone for families. That was part of the magic. It was so special, a trip that made you feel magical. But the cost with none of the old charm & perks makes you feel sad.

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