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wheel of fortune puzzle

Credit: Screenshot via ABC


  1. Ryan

    Yo, check the dates there next time…

    1. Coral

      Did you notice the Christmas decorations too? Lol

    2. Pat

      Yes, a lot of people stumble on the words snd finally get there. The prize should not be a consideration in determining a winner.

  2. Rich Duda

    She should have been given the car because that needed word was said without anything else added, so Wheel of Fortune needs to correct that wrong.

    1. Don

      What time is Wheel on?

  3. Debra Crawford

    If you replay it, the buzzer did not go off until after she said the word word. Therefore, she should have been awarded the prize.

  4. drew

    If you put “wheel of fortune audi” into your favorite search engine you will find stories from January 20, 2022 saying that Audi ended up giving this lady a brand new car anyway. Why ITM can’t seem to have added that part considering these tweets and this story is six months old is beyond me.

    I would add a link or two but that always catches my reply for moderation and they never get approved.

    1. Char

      Thank you for your comment! Glad she got the car!

    2. Jenny

      I am tired of this kind of reporting. You are correct. It happened in December of 2021 and Audi did give her the car.

    3. Teddiegrl

      WOW so you stopped watching over 30 years ago. 👍🏾

  5. Hugh Litzer

    Article states: “quickly came back with a second guess, saying “choosing the right word,”

    Conveniently leaves out that she PAUSED. What she actually said was “choosing the right … … word”

    1. Coral

      Yeah, I somewhat agree with the show. She technically did not say the phrase. She said most of it and then stopped. Then all she said was the one word. I mean, I hate it for her, but she did say it wrong.

    2. Cindy

      I didn’t see this, but on previous shows, I have heard Sajak tell “contestants” to talk it out (loud). If she got the right answer in allotted time, there shouldn’t even have been an issue

  6. Math is hard

    You said millions of contestants but that can’t be right. 3 contestants a night, times 365 nights (they can’t possibly film that mush but for math sake) times 39 years is 42.705 contestants.

  7. Char

    Won’t be watching anymore. She said it correctly within the time frame. What is the problem?? So unfair to her. Is it worth losing so many fans & ratings over a lady that DID win the car?? Wheel can certainly afford it! Shame on them!!

  8. Esther

    I think she should get the car!!

  9. Barbara


  10. Dave

    Why do you people cut Pat and Vanna? They are good poeple

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