Comments for Universal Updates Security After Guests Hurl Items at Riders

Credit: Universal

Credit: Universal


  1. Winston

    You just can’t take some people anywhere. Ban them for life.

  2. Winston

    You just can’t take some people anywhere. Bam them for life and then some. Make sure they can’t come back as ghosts either.

  3. The Commander's Wife

    As a very frequent visitor to the park, I’ve seen some pretty ignorant people doing despicable things. PLEASE make the punishment so odious that it shows “guests” that you care about the ones who are victims of these idiots. Put the consequences of bad behavior on every map so they CAN’T claim ignorance (we already know they’re stupid) and, in this case, isn’t that assault??? Mount cameras, catch them and have them arrested.

    1. Rachel Potter

      It is assault.

    2. Astro

      Before kicking them out, issuing a lifelong ban from the park (and all other related ones) and fining them, they should make them stand on a stage wearing a dunce hat and invite the other visitors to gather and boo at them. Also their mugshot should be added to a “wall of idiots” that is viewable both at the entrance and online for everyone to see.

    3. SJ

      Anyone who would do something like throw something at a rider, deserves to have their life ruined. They could blind someone, cause them brain damage etc., yes put up barriers and cameras. Even if nothing makes contact with a rider, if someone tosses something at someone, they need to be banned for life, and charged with a crime.

  4. Elmo

    Did anyone think of putting up netting or other types of barricades to prevent thrown items from reaching the riders? Cameras are an reactive solution. This type of problem needs a proactive one.

    1. Jim Trebowski

      Came here to suggest netting. Great minds think alike!

      1. Sheree

        Visiting in June 2022 from U.K. for first time since my kids were kids they are now 37 and 42 and they are here with us and sons spouse and our 6 year old granddaughter …got to admit that our visits to Disney have been for me a serious disappointment in respect of people’s behavior and sadly the lack of enthusiasm from the “cast ” members we are doing universal on Tuesday and Wednesday and I so hope to find some magic when we visit….so sad that people feel the need to bring aggression and attitude into these iconic places

        1. Curious

          Let us know which you preferred on here sheree.

    2. billnyenotascienceguy

      Universal has already put netting up as you cross the bridge because of previous shenanigans. Teens were throwing change as the coaster went by. It seems they have found a new area to do this nonsense or this is an old article.

  5. The nets and acrylic plastic barriers will happen as soon as someone gets seriously injured and there is a lawsuit. We’re sadly a reactive society instead of a proactive one

  6. Nicole

    This is reactive. What good does punishing someone for throwing something after a rider is seriously injured? Universal needs to be proactive about the issue unless their primary concern is preventing being sued.

    1. Jonathan

      The ride looks amazing without a bunch of extra netting and other terrible aesthetic nonsense.. we shouldn’t have to detract from the brilliance of the attraction because of idiots that want to harm others. Prosecute them not the people enjoying the attraction.

  7. Hello

    Real prison time for adults and try teenagers as adults when the law allows. Dueling Dragons already got ruined by inconsiderate patrons. Enough is enough.

  8. Kenny

    Sounds like a melanin issue.

    1. TruthSeeker

      Oh you pink skins do this too

    2. LastOphelia05

      Woo hoo Kenny! Are you feeling happy now that you’ve said something racist?

  9. Craig Wallace

    Ban the morons for life and have them arrested for potential grevious body harm. Just because you haven’t got the brain to enjoy yourself don’t ruin it for people that can.🇦🇺

  10. F

    Put up all that plexiglass they uselessly used for the plandemic. People could see and everything including spit would be stopped. Instead of ugly nets. At least the plexiglass would finally find a use that ACTUALLY works.

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