Comments for Universal Teases Possible ‘Stranger Things’ Attraction In Cryptic Message

Universal and Stranger Things

Credit: Universal Orlando (left), Netflix (right)


  1. Brooke

    Universal Studios appreciates their annual passholders and ticket holders. They care about providing us with new attractions, quality food, merch and affordable hotels – what a concept! Don’t bankrupt your customers! Wow. I’ve never been more of a fan of Universal after Chapek killed the magic and our wallets at Disney.

    1. Park fan

      Universal just raised annual pass prices for the second time this year. Hotels have doubled in price, especially the premium hotels, with very little discounts for AP holders any more. Food prices are constantly increasing. US side is a giant construction zone this summer. So pay more, get less right now. Yup. You’re right.

      1. Jarvis

        Focus your complaints on the imposter in chief in the white house. Dems are doing everything they can to tank the economy and cause runaway inflation.

    2. Zara

      Another Disney fan moaning for moanings sake…this is NOT about Disney

  2. Adam M.

    Universal has not doubled their hotel prices. Far from it. Mid tier hotels at Disney can be as much as double the price. Premier hotels can be triple Universal’s prices. Universal also gives unlimited express passes to premier guests. As far as annual pass increases, those increases are only for out-of-state passes. Universal wants locals. Disney doesn’t even sell annual passes except the weekday only pass. They don’t want locals at all.

    1. Douglas Moss

      While I share your Universal enthusiasm, as an out of state annual passholders I’m not sure why they are only raising prices on us and why they would preferentially want locals. We have to pay more to visit than you do because we need hotel rooms, and we are able to go less often as well. So even at the same price point you would think out-of-state passholders are paying more per day already than in-state. Seems backwards to raise prices only on people who are already paying more per day and have to make more of an effort to be customers as is, no?

  3. Chris Kinney

    Love how NONE of these comments answer the question asked in the article!

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